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  1. You can use MFaudio (freebie download) to rip the Vice City soundtrack from the PS2 DVD. Works a treat
  2. Nifta


    Just bought a copy of Camembert Electrique today and must say that I rather like it Wanting to find more good albums by Gong, but where to turn next? At the risk of sounding a sissy I do prefer the more melodic tracks (Fohat Digs Holes in Space, Tried So Hard) and less of the more 'experimental' ones (Dynamite), if that helps you gimme a recommendation. In terms of other vaguley similar stuff that 'floats my boat' I like Zappa and Barret, but really can't get on with Captain Beefheart... So... which Radio Gnome to visit next? Ta
  3. You'll... never... LIVE... like common.. PEOPLE ! Oh yus. Shatner is a god. The perfect male role model, a real hero! Forget namby-pamby liberal lefty new-age codswallop... Shatner is a MAN! Seriously! As men are supposed to be, not the emasculated wimps we've been advertised into becoming by marketing-men! He's someone to admire, and aspire to being.
  4. To me the comedy comes from the suureal sight of Blake & Co turning up at a motorway service station, ordering fish and chips and playing arcade machines. The concept itself is the comedy. Well, I laughed.
  5. Oh come on. It was by Raymond Briggs, known only for his children's books (such as Fungus the Bogeyman, Father Christmas and The Snowman) and starred the characters from one of his previous kid's books (Gentleman Jim). Who do you think was going to end up seeing it? Yes, it had a deeper message, but it was mis-targeted by most adults as being 'for kids'. We had the book of it in our primary school library. Made me very upset.
  6. Nearly all Wurzels songs are about the old in-out My Threshing Machine: "Now Rosie were pretty, and just seventeen, when I showed her the works of me threshing machine" Market Gardner: " But when she grabbed me radishes, she howled out with delight 'I'd like to take a sample of your cucumber tonight' " Drink up thy zyder George
  7. You would though, wouldn't you?
  8. "Shall we crawl back into our paper bags dear?"
  9. Starring Mackenzie Crook, Martin Freeman, Johnny Vegas & Mark Heap. Written by Tim Plester and directed by Ben Gregor. Screening at the Edinburgh Film Festival August 2004. Basically, Blake and his motley bunch of renegades teleport into a motorway service station... buy some grub from the overpriced cafe, and play on the arcade machines Link to trailer here! MacKenzie Crook as Servalan is deeply, deeply disturbing.... Photo gallery here! You've got to love the caption on the last photo "Vila (Martin Freeman) gets some fish and chips. Orac holds the tray." I want to see the full film! And if anyone has figured a way to grab the cache of the download, please let me know! It's cunningly avoiding my 'temp internet files' folder... grrrr...
  10. Some British drama would be quite nice. It's sad, but the only channel I can think of that makes good quality drama these days is ITV for goodness' sake! Wots up with that?!
  11. That surprises me! Whilst I worship the ground he walks on, I assumed he'd be kinda distant, and rather dismissive of fans (In the Shatner-esque 'Get a Life!' way). Well, that's rather nice
  12. Now, everything that friends told me about this made me think I'd like it. I bought it, and all the way through watching it it was getting ticks in all the right boxes, but I was thinking 'I should be liking this'... but I didn't. Why? Well, I'm afraid we'll have to ask Arthur C Clarke...
  13. Yeah, yeah, yeah... we all say "eff off, I'm not buying that!" in public... but we'll all buy it anyway 'cos we're hopeless fanboys...
  14. Naughty download version? Is that the one for SeanR where she spends time admiring her naked adult form in the mirror?
  15. Bring back Dark Skies! The only skiffy show in recent years that I've really really enjoyed. Bah! Your phrase of... ... summarises things rather fantastically well though Channel 4... "it's a lifestyle thing"
  16. Yeah, fair point. I didn't mean Location Location Location. I was thinking of one of their other 'selling your house' progs.. Wossit called.. y'know, the one where people can't sell their house, so they get someone in to redecorate it to make it all like nice and pretty... Ah! House Doctor! That's the bunny. Changing rooms, but with a trendy soundtrack.
  17. My thoughts exactly. I mean, I could see 1812 fancying her. No way near 30.
  18. Make your way down to HMV today and buy 'Manhattan'. You'll thank yourself
  19. Oh I dunno about funding. Their programs are getting slicker, and none are complete without a selection of trendy tunes as backing music (taken from albums that hip 20-somethings listen to as they drive around in their Golfs) that must cost a packet in licensing-fees. As for the Channel 5 documentaries, the point is that Channel 4 show the same subjects; they simply dress them up to appear more serious.. Mutant Animals - would be supposedly about the lasting-effects of Chernobyl on the wildlife found near those Russian towns, now in economic decline. Interspersed with shots of an old Russian grandma looking blankly into the middle distance, accompanied by 'Roads' by Portishead. And then lots of shots of disfigured animals looking forlorn. But really it's still "LoOK aT teH Fr3aky SheEp with FiVE l3Gs and too HEds!!!!1!!"... Closing with a message of "This is the true legacy of soviet russia..." Pirahnas? Yeah I can see 4 doing this. But they'd send some long curly-haired fop of into the Amazon in search of them. All accompanied by a Morcheeba soundtrack.
  20. How So? Anyways, agreed about 'This Life' mkaing me want to spit - it was the ultimate 'lifestyle accessory' tv programme. Back in the late 90s, you weren't allowed to be a member of the middle classes unless you watched that show. Owning a Portishead album got you part way to forgiveness, but admitting to not watching it gave you a good chance of having your head ending up on a spike though. Ahhh... coffee-table TV programmes. 'Teachers' anyone? Or albums by Zero 7, Travis or Morcheeba?
  21. So.. I remember when you could turn on Channel 4 and catch some interesting shows, good documentaries, quality drama, great comedy.. Now it seems to have degenerated into utter pap, of the kind you'd expect to find on Bravo or Channel 5 of old. So called 'serious documentaries' about sex changes, midgets, perverts, odd obsessions, people with disfigurements. So say a serious psychological insight into the effects these things have on people. In fact they may as well call them "World's freakiest freaks". But they give them a serious title and 'serious' presentation style so the middle-classes don't feel as though they're watching the a freakshow ("Yes, I'm watching this because I'm deeply interested in this serious investigation"). And then the we have the middle-class versions of all the BBC1 prime-time crap... Location location location (Changing Rooms) A place in France (another house makeover show) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (clothes and house makeover show) How Clean is Your House (house makeover show) What Not To Wear (makeover show) Wife Swap And then the rest of the schedule is taken up by Friends. Lord, even Channel 5 has a more challenging line-up these days... What happened?
  22. Maybe Pegg's true colours came out in the first series' Housewarming Party episode, when he had a rant about 'The Timewarp'. "I hate The Timewarp. It's sanitised perversion for bl**dy students who watch Betty Blue, The Blues Brother and The Big Blue sitting in their blue bl**dy bedrooms." Or some such quote..
  23. I dunno, I saw Simon Pegg in the Oxford Road HMV in London. He was dressed pretty much like Tim and looking through the sci-fi DVDs. Yes I know it's obviously targetting geeks by offering a sense of 'belonging' (in the same way Morrissey targets loners to buy his records by offering empathy), yes I know it's painfully feelgood and designed to appeal as a lifestyle accessory, but I like the warm-bath feeling of security it gives... I know what it is, but I am Spaced junky... come feed me with more nice TV. It serves a purpose.
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