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  1. I think this is my last tour too. Just playing over and over in the hope of randomly being given a Frenzy seems the only "tactic" required to do well in cups.


    No new items from my pulls in either Paris or Winter tours, and just one new (silver) item available in the shop that whole time too.


    It's ending for me with the usual empty feeling that I finally quit all f2p games with.

  2. I'm entirely sure now that even the avatars you race against are faked. 15 minutes into the new tour unlocking and so far every race I've been in has had at least one driver using one of the new tour karts or drivers. I knew they weren't real ghosts but I thought perhaps the player appearances were at least real. But they're just adverts to show off the items you havent bought yet.

  3. I'm in the same situation.


    What confuses meet is that the streams I watch have really bad subtitles of the English lines that seem to have gone back and forth in google translate five times and only vaguely resemble the actually spoken line. But then drop all subtitles for the French lines completely?

  4. Anyone else seeing nothing of interest to buy in the actual shop with coins this Tour so far? I've already had

    all of the items you can buy each day (for me).


    I've a load of unspent gems (55) and I'm waiting to see what to do with them.


    My strategy had been to spend gems on gold rush to get items I want.


    If nothing good appears in the shop (convert gems to coins in a Gold Rush) I guess I'll do some pipe pulls when part 2 of the tour starts..


    Wonder if there's some algorithm saying "don't give him good stuff to buy as we want him to throw away those gems into the pipes"

  5. Anyone seen this PowKiddy X18 (wow, what a name!)



    It seems like a slightly lower specced GPD XD but a bit cheaper at about £99 (compared to £150 of the GPD XD)


    Personally I cant get over the "xtreme-gaming PC" red-highlights of the physical case but it may suit some people :) I'm just a snob!


    Slightly larger screen than the GPD XD is nice!



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