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  1. More votes for the Beach Boys, but this time; Don't Worry Baby A little schmaltzy, but makes me well-up each time
  2. everything's rated out of 100 actually. Things are just simplified graphically. Yeah, there are just 10 notches marked onto the scale, but the slider bars can occupy any position between the 10 divisions, so you get a better idea than just the 10% increments. We felt it's easier to quickly scan down and compare lists of bar-lengths rather than lists of numbers.
  3. The lack of Dizzy is down to an ongoing feud/argument between the Oliver Twins and the the Darling brothers over royalties from the original Dizzy games. They've had talks in the last few years, but never resolved them. Not really a secret, the info's been all over the net. I know the Olivers are really keen to bring him back though. But then again Blitz are a little desperate right now from what I hear. As are most UK small-medium sized developers. At least they have a few signed games, unlike lots of others.
  4. I work at Codies. Yeah, the interview system isn't that 'standard'. The IQ test makes sense though wouldn't you agree? Probably better a sign of intelligence than a degree gives. The drawing tests are only for artists, but to me make less sense. I know plenty of good artists who are great with a tablet or mouse, but can't hold a pencil to save their life. Racing cars are just one of the drawing tests. You're lucky you didn't get the 'farmyard animals' one. Hehe. Not too bad to work for. Much more structured and regimented than other companies I'd worked for. But that's not a bad thing considering the absolute shambles and disorganisation of some places I've worked. Sitting around doodling and letting genius take it's time ain't all it's cracked up to be... especially when your game doesn't meet it's deadlines, so your company doesn't get paid by the publisher and you go out of business and lose your job... It's most like a corporate IT company of all places I've worked at. But has all the corporate perks associated with it. Great support services, software and devkits when you need them, a cracking subsidised full-on canteen which does hot breakfasts all day.... And the overtime is the easiest of any place I've worked. 7:30 is the normal between beta and submission. An absolute crunch-time night rarely goes past nine. Which is refreshing.
  5. Aye, that's a top example of what the designers wanted players to do; Want players to make their judgements and decisions based on what they see on the pitch and what they're told by staff (not by looking at lists of stats etc.). Glad it seems to work Try playing as Gretna They're a team that caused us loads of problems with an evil commentary bug during dev. They're a relatively tiny team (Scots 3rd Div), but we had to fix the bug of course (had to get Gary Lineker to re-record their name during the sessions he did for England International Football), and so they've become a bit of an in-joke on the team
  6. I've two ones. I went into Scream expecting nothing. And came out really buzzing as I'd just seen a type of film I'd not seen before. Of course horror parodies became two-a-penny immediately afterwards. Event Horizon also surprised. Mostly 'cos it scared the shit out of my girlfriend and became highly memorable 'cos of that.
  7. Have you tried working with Sony's online code (or rather, lack of online code)? 18 months is totally understandable. Complete lack of developer-support by Sony for implementing on-line features. SCE-RT my ass. SHI-TE more like it. It's no surprise Microsoft are winning the online battle with Live. They give you everythig you need to get your game online. Sorry, going through a lot of probs right now trying to get our game on-line for PS2....
  8. Nah, I like bordered games too. It means I can stretch the image to fill the image on my Widescreen telly without losing any useful HUD/OSD info. Only the black border bit disappears off screen y'see
  9. Most of the Codies marketing effort will be going on our the official England Team game around that time (England International Football 2004) I think. (Basically it's Club Football with Xbox Live online play plus a few other new features and AI updates if ya don't know. I didn't work on that one by the way! ).
  10. So, who are you Disciple? Obviously another of the many "ex-SD now Awesome" people by the way you're pimping Pool Paradise over on another thread Jeb? Gareth T? Dave Spence? Ade? Can't believe you're Nina *EDIT* - Sorted, cheers for the PM
  11. Yeah, you can apply for jobs in another league at any time (mid-season manager job-changes are new in this version). Worth a rental? Buy it! Muahaha! Come on, help us knock James Bond off number one (we've been stuck at number 2 for three weeks now).
  12. All of the leagues in six countries (Eng, Scot, Fra, Ger, Spa, Italy) are run fully at the same time. The other countries (of the 787 clubs) are run in a simpler way. If they weren't the game would run at a snail's pace on current consoles. There are actually many more attributes, including normal ones like adaptability, plus more obscure ones like 'prefered clubs' and 'friendships' that are hidden. They're the kind of things a manager wouldn't be able to see with numbers, and you need your skills to identify them, so we keep 'em hidden. Yeah, this is the way we want to go more-and-more with LMA. We want you to react to things you can see or be told, not just by looking at numbers in lists! Glad you're enjoying it.
  13. Yes, I make a cracking cuppa But we have to get tea from the staff canteen as we're not allowed kettles in the dev rooms. Seriously But I also wrote boring schedules and attended endless licensing meetings. And ordered the pizza in the evenings
  14. More games are coming out that aren't Live but use the Communicator anyway. They use it for speech recognition to issue commands (in a kind of SOCOM way). SWAT from Argonaut is gonna use it, LMA Manager 2004 uses it (to shout commands at your team! GET FORWAAARD!!). So it's not a wasted purchase even if you don't keep Live.
  15. That's the idea behind the series; an actual football management game! Erm, as if you hadn't guessed by now I worked on it Just kind of hijacked the thread when I saw it. Sorry!! Proud of seeing it hold onto number 2 in the All-Formats chart for a second week, even beating the new EA Bond game in the X-box chart
  16. Yay! S'not bad is it? What bits are you enjoying?
  17. I did this kind of the thing on the first few games I worked on, but now I just can't bring myself to work 14 hour days every day + weekends. The novelty and 'coolness' of working on games dissipates once you've nearly brought yourself to a nervous breakdown throuh overwork.
  18. I've some friends who've just been lured over to work at EA Vancouver on their last recruitment drive and they're not really enjoying it much. Overtime is expected (although not strictly demanded) throughout the whole project (not just at crunch time). The expectation is you'll work until about 11 every night, and if you're seen leaving before 9:00 then there are uncomfortable stares and tutting sounds from your line manager under their breath. Nice. I went down to have a look and see them when they were in London over Xmas, had a long chat with Pat Yorke (their HR manager) and was really sold by their corporate videos, pictures of the staff gyms and so on on their 'campus'. It did look lovely. Moving to Canada just wasn't possible in their timescales though (they put loads of pressure on to make a decision in 24 hours). Feedback from those who went suggests it was probably a blessing in disguise though.
  19. We'll find out if we get a reply on Monday morning when he gets back to work Anyway, just doing his job. Spreading the word and answering questions. Quite nice that they actually do give feedback to the dev teams.
  20. Not much has changed?! All new stuff for 2004; Totally new 3D match engine Completely redesigned interface. There's NONE of the graphics from 2003. It's not just a simple re-skin. Individual tactics for player focus and position Individual player training regimes South American leagues for the first time Xbox Communicator! SHOUTING commands to your players on the pitch! Cool! Totally new scouting system, including scouting of countries and regions The stats are all the stats you actually need! Loads of the ones in CM are auto-generated as well, rather than researched. I just like the way you're supposed to rely on what you see as a manager; you can *see* how good your players are in the match. You have to rely on reports from your scouts and trainers and assistants. Real managers can't look at loads of stats when making decisions. LMA tries to make it a more hands-on experience. I really like the control interface, it's perfectly designed for use with joypads, rather than just ported from a mouse+keyboard interface. Anyway, I like it lots
  21. I've worked on football games for 6 years now. Including two job changes. And I'm still landed with football. Can't esacpe. I've been type-cast!
  22. Yup, it's very very good
  23. Are you a Community Liason Officer for codemasters?
  24. You'd be better off asking this in the 'Development' forum... There might be a few people there who work in development
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