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  1. I found the difficulty really variable. No probs until Mojo King Bee who stumped me for a day or so. Then moved on and for some reason found the shark quite easy (well, it only took me a few goes), but I find the defense bit easier than the attack bits. Then found it pretty easy until the Cathedral level, which stumped me for days. Kira was no probs, and then the final confrontation was okay until i got to the Final which blasted me, and I ended up having to randomly stab the circle button to get through the last attack. Cannot beat level 2 of master. Actually... gonna have another go at it now
  2. "WAHHHHHHHH!" Toad's knocked-out sound from Mario Kart 64 And most annoying sound effect ever; how about; "Where did you learn to fly?" - plays every blummin time you collide with the floor on CyberMorph on the Jaguar. SHUT UP! SHUT UPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I bought Gitaroo Man recently and it's the only game I've played recently that I've loved. I just love it when you get to the Stadium confrontation and it all gets a bit too Bill and Ted (in the future 27th century bit) in music and atmosphere. I just expected U1 to turn round and say 'Be Excellent to each other'. Wow, it's just such a fun game! Was just hoping there'd be some more unlocks or something. As I want more game! And Master Mode is just way too hard! I can't beat level 2 on it yet!
  4. Wow, component video on an NES! Hehe. Next you'll be asking how to get HDTV Progressive Scan out of your Master System
  5. Oooh! I've just searched. Roms available at last!!! A Konami game. Yep, based on Mystic Heroes harware. Very very fun! Here's some info if anyone's interested. Looking at the screenshots, just remembered about that end-of-level baddy demon/train conductor... "Tickets please!!! Heeheehee!!!"
  6. Arrghhhhh!!!! How you taunt me!!!! Want to play... Violent Storm!! Don't suppose it's anywhere near Oxfordshire is it? I could even consider a small pilgrimage...
  7. What was that battery-powered console they did a few years ago by Systema? The Super TV-Boy? About 100 emulated Atari2600 games. You could get them in Argos. Just plug the aerial cable into your telly and away you go! A much better solution than the official Atari jobby you're talking about. I've got one in my collection somewhere. Along with a Mega-Joy! Same thing, but about 60 NES games in a console the shape of an N64 joypad. Totally unofficial and only found it in a dodgy toy shop selling imported rip-offs of licensed toys ('Larry Grotter' and 'The Lord and the Rings' action figures. That kind of stuff).
  8. Arghhhh! Violent Storm! Violent Storm; a sideways scrolling beatemup from mid-90s. Why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why can't someone do a MAME Rom for it? Please... if anyone knows a way of getting an emulated version of this could they let me know. Thankyou
  9. How about... Lotus Esprit by Durell on the speccy? Miami Vice by Ocean on the speccy? Maybe some of those chaps could come out of retirement and sue Rockstar too?
  10. Well, he's a busy chap. And e-mails can be ignored. Phone calls on the other hand
  11. I've got to speak to the QA manager tomorrow. I can see what stage they're up to with filling the positions if you fancy? (PM me)
  12. Follow up with a reply to the recruitment chappy, Rob Lowe (robl@codemasters.com). Just ask him what's up with the application.
  13. Quick! Buy it! It'll be worth a fortune in years to come!
  14. Yup, and it's lookiong very nice indeed too
  15. Yep it's all about the reproduction, baby So true.. so true.... If I see one more bug report that has the following line.... Reproduction rate = random There's no such thing! GAHHHHH!!!!!
  16. Who was that? I used to work at Ocean QA years back, and I know quite a few of the guys who fled over to Creations QA when Infogrames brought the axe down on the Castle Street QA. I hear that Acclaim have moved into that building now... evil swines that they are.
  17. Good luck Sausage. You seem to have at least half a brain, which will put you far above some of the people I've seen hired as QA temps. Come across as intelligent, articulate and willing to work hard and the job's probably as good as yours. The fact that you're even thinking about what to put on your CV stands you in good stead. But don't hang around; get that application in quickly or you'll probably lose the position to some schmuck who doesn't know his ass from his elbow and I'll be getting godawful bug reports about features that are debug QA-assist functions
  18. Yup, the American EA QA departments are a really sharp bunch. Once you've been through CQC you know your game is solid as a rock! And all their testers have the funniest names in the world (Dwayne Schultz Jr III and such like), which helps you through the long hours EA Europe are okay, but not really much better than most other publishing QA.
  19. "I was playing the game and it crashed." oh. I see. Well, we'll fix that one 'eh? HOW did it crash? WHAT were you doing? Can you reproduce it? How have you narrowed it down to determine what caused it to crash? Gah! Hey, Penguin, remember that EIDOS one; "The ball continued to bounce forever, until it stopped". Sega Europe QA were lots of fun too 'eh?
  20. In that situation, don't head for the main game. Just scour the front end, there are always the most bugs in front-end menus (unless it's a very simple one for an arcadey game). Just look at the memory card screens and pull controllers out of sockets here and there, checking for warning messages. That kind of stuff is always dodgy until a game's nearly finished. Nice easy finds. It is evil expecing people to find bugs within 5 minutes. Normally takes a day or so for a tester to become familiar enough with a game to determine what's normal behaviour and what's a bug.
  21. It does vary a lot. In some smaller dev companies you're the only tester on the game (until the external publisher QA kicks in); you work within the dev team from Prototype through to final submission, so you'll have a valid understanding about why things work the way they do and will be able to make valid gameplay comments. In fact you'll often be relied upon to do so. I can see what Jon Pickford's saying though. It's damn annoying when sometimes testers think that they understand how to make the game play better than the programmer who's actually written the game in the first place. Coders aren't soulless machines who have no concept of playability (well.. not all of them ), but sometimes testers seem to think that they know best. At codies, don't be under any illusions that as a temp you'll be working with the dev team and tweaking the game to perfection. Each dev studio has a Design Team that do that in conjunction with the programmers. QA is a huge department, in a separate building well away from the dev teams. Rows and rows of people testing away. Test the game and report where the crashes and bugs are, that's the job Personally I'm leaning towards J Pickford's viewpoint right now though! We're due to be going into Sony for a submission any day and I'm getting a little tired of the Class D Suggestions that are still being entered into the QA report. Gah! I want some sleep again!
  22. I work at Codies. I'm in dev, not QA, but spend a lot of time with the QA guys. Just say that you're willing to work hard. Offer that you're willing to work overtime. Lots of overtime. They'll love you! Knowledge of games is important, but don't get carried away saying how much you love playing games. It might give the impression you think the job involves sitting around playing different games all day! It's not! "I'd like to get across the fact that I have a good knowledge of games, and am not a twat who basically thinks that a games testers job is basically about having fun all day playing games...I know fully well it is hard work, and I intend to stay commited to the job if I get it. But I can't just put that in my CV, now can I?" Absolutely do say that! It's common to stick a 'Personal Profile" at the start of a CV now, and that's a single paragraph (or two) about who you are and why you'd be good for the position. As a tester you'll be testing the same game every day for weeks, probably months. And you're not playing, you're testing. You won't be looked at to offer loads of insight into gameplay balancing, there are full-time games designers employed for that. You'll be working to a strict testing plan; you might have to continuously test a single screen of a football management game for a few days. Or sit there pulling a memory card in and out of a PS2 on different screens of am front-end for hours on end! I'm not trying to put you off it, I'm just trying to give you an insight into what testings about. Other tips; you'll need a very good command of written english. You'll be expected to write logical, well-structured details of how to reproduce a bug for the development team to look at. No spelling mistakes! Show good verbal communication skills too, so that you can explain details about a bug. CV Stuff? ; A ) Hard working; Show other jobs you've had B ) Exam results; English and Maths are probably the most important C ) PC literate; 1) You'll need to be able to use bug-tracking databases 2) Being able to encode AVIs of bugs you've caught on video is part of the job (but you'd get training). 3) Good keyboard-skills. You'll be typing up your bug reports. D) Games knowledge. E) Foreign languages - you'll be testing the foreign-language versions too, so any basic knowledge of other languages is a help. It's a big ol' QA department, but there's a good atmosphere there! Hope that's helpful. Good luck! Nifta
  23. Thats what they have planned. I was lucky enough to go down the pub with John Twiddy when I did some testing work on Street Wars (sequel to Constructor) about five years back. System3 (or Studio3 as they're calling themselves) were working on a Last Ninja sequel back then. I think that was already the second effort at a 32-bit version. Wouldn't really hold yer breath about seeing a 128-bit version now. Actually, go back and play the Last Ninja games again now. When I did, I found it was definitely a case of rose-tinted spectacles; a real case of style over substance. Looked beatiful, but really didn't play that well. So slooooow. But the music.... oh the music... so good! And the best box-art of all time
  24. Microsoft aren't reknowned for the strictness of their final QA. They're certainly a lot more 'relaxed' than Sony. They'll even pass Xbox games with known crashes in them from what I've heard. I guess this is 'cos they use an external QA department (rather than Sony's internal one at Liverpool), so this means that for every game that they fail (for crashes, bugs etc) they'll have to pay their external company loads more wonga to check the game over again when it comes to resubmitting a version with the bugs fixed.
  25. MFAudio is a good little PC utility that lets you rip the common PS2 audio-formats from CD/DVD and convert them to wavs. Not sure it'd work with Frequency though as I guess all of the bass/drums/synths etc will be as separate audio streams though...
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