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  1. I remember the first time I played it. It was at the Hereford May Fair (an annual event where the main streets are closed and turned into a giant funfair) and I would have been 8 or 9. I was so disorientated and in awe of what I'd just played that, walking out of the temporary arcade, I stepped right into a pile of fresh human vomit that was lying on the floor There, that's my memory!
  2. I can use my wired 360 controller just fine. Wonder why the elite doesnt work for you..
  3. There are quite a few games I've had that, if you visit the play store on a pc web browser, will allow you to select your shield as an install target (even if they don't appear when you search on the native play store on the shield). Some of them even give proper banners on the homescreen too. Sideloading the apkpure app (which just mirrors the apks that are on google play) is a good bet for others though. That will happily let you install unmodified apks so you can still link to google play services and get your save-games/progress/achievements etc working. Going via more dodgy stores like aptoide often gets you modded apks instead...
  4. Yep, nothing else. Our cable provider (ComHem, I live in Sweden) has an app that you can install on it and stream all live channels (and catch up services). They gave us a tivo box too but i've never actually plugged it in to the telly as I didn't see any reason to. Plus there are apps for netflix/spotify/iplayer etc etc for all other telly and music stuff. The Shield has enough grunt that all the apps are nice and snappy to use, unlike the lag-fest of using most apps natively installed on smart tellies. I sold my xbox a while ago and just stream my PC games to the telly via the Shield now (either from my local PC in the spare room on Gamestream, or cloud streaming on GeForce Now). The controller's actually really nice for gaming. It looks like a nightmare but is pretty good. But you can use ps4/xb1 pads wirelessly on it too if you prefer.
  5. I love me my Shield. It's the only box under our telly now.
  6. Nvidia Shield for me, since it does so much more than emulation too. It has your Netflix/iPlayer etc, plus local PC game streaming on Gamestream and remote PC streaming on GeForce Now, and all kinds of dodgy video streaming on Kodi/Morpheus/Plex etc. And Android gaming if you want it
  7. I bet that if they'd ditched the music then they could have had it running a bit faster!
  8. The 2015 (but not the 2017 updated version) of the gamepad controller (i.e. the joypad, not the remote control) is WiFi-Direct. All the other controllers are Bluetooth.
  9. Wow, so nice! Even has the music, from what I can hear I shall give this a go!
  10. Ah, beta fix available if you sign up here https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1090943/shield-tv/shield-experience-7-2-2-test-images/
  11. Sounds like PS3 controller support is temporarily borked (page 2 of this thread) https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1004150/shield-tv/ps3-controller-support/2/
  12. Anyone played it? The bad spectrum conversion of Kung Fu Master was so disappointing to me in my youth! I remember reading the bad review in Crash (56% if I remember!) trying to convince myself that maybe it was still worth a purchase. It wasn't. Sooooo slow in comparison to the arcade!
  13. Made this today; it was pretty good! https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/parsnip-mushroom-barley-wreath
  14. My Shield TV is my main emulation box of choice too! (Well, it's actually the only box I have under our TV now; netflix, iplayer, nvidia gamestream / geforce now, kodi, plex etc).
  15. We have an Nvidia Shield TV under our telly in the lounge. It does everything for us! *Netflix/BBC/Movie rentals etc *Spotify/Music for the lounge *Emulation (good for everything up to and including GC/Dreamcast era. Struggles beyond that.) *Basic android gaming for my daughter (Lego games and stuff) *Gamestream from my PC in the study onto the telly. Pretty flawless. *Bits of web browsing on Chrome And it's just a tiny wee box with both a nice controller (for gaming) and a remote control that my family are happy to use for the telly/movie stuff.
  16. Yeah, agreed about Burnham. She's a potentially interesting character but they haven't done much interesting with her yet. More criminal though is the underuse of most of the bridge crew. We've gotten through a whole season and I don't even know the name of red-head-lady-with-borg-bit-on-side-of-face and daft-punk-robot-motorcycle-helmet-head-guy, never mind knowing something about their characters. Oh, and what actually happened with clem fandango? Did they take the klingon and cut him up to look like a human, or did they add in his human organs, or is he just a mash-up of the two of them, or is he the human body with a klingon katra thing inserted? No bloody idea.
  17. I quite liked both halves. It was almost like two completely different shows though. The first half was soooo serious and went around like it had a stick up its arse. Then the second half was a cheesy, campy thing. Both mildly enjoyable though. Certainly not terrible.
  18. Well, you can certainly see where the accusations they got fired for blowing most of the season budget in the first few episodes came from. Looks close to blockbuster movie quality at times in that trailer for Season 2.
  19. Taking a look at these ones at the moment... https://new-star-soccer.en.uptodown.com/android/old Edit- 1.19 (go for the one with the legit green checkmark) on here seems good so far! https://new-star-soccer.en.aptoide.com/versions
  20. Anyone recall when NSS became the microtransaction hell? I fancy downloading an old apk and reliving the good ol' days edit trawled back through the thread. Looks like Nov 2013 when it became crappy
  21. It's a 16gb cartridge, not 8gb. Total install size is 23gb. You can play the first half of the game without downloading anything.
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