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  1. We have an Nvidia Shield TV under our telly in the lounge. It does everything for us!


    *Netflix/BBC/Movie rentals etc

    *Spotify/Music for the lounge 

    *Emulation (good for everything up to and including GC/Dreamcast era. Struggles beyond that.)

    *Basic android gaming for my daughter (Lego games and stuff)

    *Gamestream from my PC in the study onto the telly. Pretty flawless.

    *Bits of web browsing on Chrome


    And it's just a tiny wee box with both a nice controller (for gaming) and a remote control that my family are happy to use for the telly/movie stuff.




  2. Yeah, agreed about Burnham. She's a potentially interesting character but they haven't done much interesting with her yet.


    More criminal though is the underuse of most of the bridge crew. We've gotten through a whole season and I don't even know the name of red-head-lady-with-borg-bit-on-side-of-face and daft-punk-robot-motorcycle-helmet-head-guy, never mind knowing something about their characters.



    Oh, and what actually happened with clem fandango? Did they take the klingon and cut him up to look like a human, or did they add in his human organs, or is he just a mash-up of the two of them, or is he the human body with a klingon katra thing inserted? No bloody idea.

  3. I quite liked both halves. It was almost like two completely different shows though. The first half was soooo serious and went around like it had a stick up its arse. Then the second half was a cheesy, campy thing. Both mildly enjoyable though. Certainly not terrible. 

  4. Well,  you can certainly see where the accusations they got fired for blowing most of the season budget in the first few episodes came from. Looks close to blockbuster movie quality at times in that trailer for Season 2.

  5. PSA for any Shield TV owners out there.


    Nvidia have made their game streaming service free. https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/05/17/geforce-now-nvidia-shield-now-free/


    Not a huge library of games (https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shield/games/#library) but for absolutely free you can't grumble. Sounds like a temporary/intermediary thing while they finish up their new "stream your Steam collection but running on high spec pc's in our cloud centres" version of geforce now that's in Beta on PC and Mac. But, hey, it's free for now. I gave it a go last night (my crappy old pc cant play Ethan Carter in Ultra at 60fps, but this can!) and it works pretty well!



  6. The area 52 district has a lot of new areas before you get back to the train station. Venus Base starts in an area you didn't get to go to in the main campaign. Killing KKK on the streets of Roswell is quite unique! Maybe some others I haven't remembered.  And the 16th Ubercommander, who unlocks after you've killed the main 15, is in a completely new map.

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