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  1. Is this going to become a thing now. Expensive tempting digital version released before the disk? Same as Dying Light. Hopefully not.

    I don't think so. The game was originally digital only and the release date was set for that. Europe added retail disc versions later (America isn't doing the disc versions) and these take extra time to manufacture. I guess they didn't want to move the release for the whole game just to accommodate the European discs.
  2. Yeah, it's a shame that Final Frontier ended up so cheap looking. Paramount shafted Bill. They cut budget repeatedly. All of the other films got ILM for the special effects, he got some jokers dropping blobs of ink into a water-tank.

  3. That's why you've been playing for two years.

    Haha :) Nah, there's not an 'end' to the game that I'm grinding towards. It's MMO-like community game. Group events and so on. Troop vs Troop. You just keep on playing. I'm in a troop of 25 players and it's a nice community. We're doing pretty well in the current event.

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