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  1. Quite gutted to have missed out on that True Romance set, it seems sold out now. If anyone sees it for a reasonable price please shout!
  2. No longer on Zavvi - anywhere else stocking this?? EDIT: The Entertainment Store on eBay has it or at least so they say
  3. Espgaluda II gameplay video of Switch version
  4. No way! Get that paper, good for her. It's Disney that's looking bad here imo, their response has been appalling.
  5. Yes I think that at-will-employment has a lot to answer for here
  6. Disinfect it all with something quite acidic, then burn it all down, then put what’s left in those barrels from Breaking Bad, then fire the barrels into a black hole.
  7. Ooh how do you activate that? And just think of the score increase, when you get confident enough to burn thru lives during that and really get the multiplier going?! (assuming they keep coming after you die?)
  8. I have the UB9000 player but I think the remote and UI are the same (as is most of the tech lol…) - assuming this is the case: - play a disc you know supports HDR - press Picture Setting on the remote while the movie is playing - select Optimum HDR Adjustment in the Picture Settings - switch HDR Optimiser to On Don’t fiddle with any of the other picture settings as they’re already optimal. In the Sound Settings, switch High Clarity Sound to On (if you have that option available). If you have a HDR Settings button on your remote too, keep that setting on Standard (as your TV ought to be setup properly to begin with).
  9. The clips they had in Gogglebox were enough to put me way off.
  10. and the rest, in conjunction with PR and HR
  11. Good. Overpaid exec and entrant in Epstein’s black book, Bobby Kotick, made a statement recently - or rather, his law firm, HR team and PR team did. I’m still unconvinced. Drain The Swamp.
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