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  1. Triple A


    ah, 3rd March, must have missed that bit my apologies - thanks
  2. Triple A


    still can't see Cotton Reboot on (PS5 version of) Japanese PS Store... have gone specifically into the PS4 games section and no dice. ?
  3. Triple A


    nice! I have the original teacup (a pickup from ECTS many moons ago), but alas without the box.
  4. Triple A


    It is amazing. And that Sakimoto OST! Not far out of my top 5 shmups. Ahead of its time visually, a HD port would do it wonders.
  5. Triple A


    At the risk of turning this into a list thread, my 5 are; 1. Garegga 2. Ketsui 3. Mushi (I prefer the original - I know I know) 4. ESP Ra.De 5. Batrider
  6. Triple A


    I can get behind that list in the main
  7. So the arranged album for this is out and my god and as expected, it's absolutely glorious. Check out this amazing shit;
  8. Yeah Apple Watch helped me score a PS5 - was having a wee when the ping arrived, which then turned into the quickest wee ever (how not even a drop didn’t go rogue is beyond me lol) and I still just managed to get the console! I thought I would have missed out! Who knew Sony made a Wii console?
  9. Triple A


    nah man Darius is awesome. I love its otherworldlyness and sheer idon'tcarewhatyouthinkness from the developers. it's creepy, cool, well-crafted and artistic and omg the music.
  10. My read is that: - If you have the non PS Plus version of the PS4 game, you can upgrade to the PS5 version for free (PS5 version being that including the better graphics, QOL improvements etc.), and you need to then buy the new episode featuring Yuffie that is playable with the PS5 version only - If you get the PS Plus version of the PS4 game, you are not eligible for the free upgrade to the PS5 version - FF7R Intergrade on PS5, is a bundle of both the PS5 version of the game (to recap, that has the better graphics and QOL improvements etc.), as well as the new episode fe
  11. The news for me here is that they only made about 200 of the things
  12. Triple A


    Yeah the new G-Darius port is great and I think I prefer the OG version for Da Scanlinez
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