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  1. It's my own impression - I didn't see or really look up any other feedback as yet
  2. Two hard crashes for me so far. One swinging through Spidey remastered, the other going through menu frontend mid DS. Biggest issue for me has been trying to get PS4 games onto an external SSD - just not having it. Drive is disconnected now while awaiting firmware update no niggles aside from this
  3. Don’t sleep on Sackboy either, it’s great! Then there’s the Plus collection stuff that gets a nice performance jump too. I feel a bit spoiled for what to play - really great launch lineup.
  4. Clicked the thread title thinking it was about Phil Harrison - would be a reasonable nickname for him!
  5. SHMUP players - The M2 games I have all work OK. (no improvements though which is to be expected) There's perhaps a tiny bit more input lag in the controls? Ketsui Battle Garegga Dangun Feveron Mahou Daisakusen
  6. OK thanks. I would be interested in using it for other purposes, though yeah you're right they surely have some firmware updates in the wings.
  7. what are some decent DACs that will work with PS5? am reading that only certain types will work so I want to be right before ordering anything. would prefer it to have some amplification built in as well if poss. budget no more than £1k thanks so much for any advice!
  8. Hmm. Death Stranding or Destiny 2 perhaps. (D2 doesn't have DLSS but looks awesome in 120fps HDR)
  9. Been playing all afternoon and I'm loving this thing. Favourite console launch ever for me - the balance of hardware innovation, added graphical oomph and new & good launch titles, is the best yet I think. Great job Sony!
  10. Until Dawn is almost a different game on PS5. Amazing, I'm happy more people will get to play this unsung gem in a much better quality now.
  11. GAME had mine sent by TNT if I recall. Def looks like the GAME/RM customers got the worst of it, perhaps aside from the Amazon customers who got scammed.
  12. I got it! Was tracking Amazon's website like a hawk this morning and finally got a timeslot for today. Downloaded the Amazon app as I heard that it pings you when the driver has X stops before you. Received the ping then tracked him down on the street lol - the Amazon tape hadn't been tampered with but I checked inside the box anyway, right on the street lolll. You could probably diagnose me with some condition now I reckon, but I got what I was after. Boo to Amazon!
  13. The status of my Amazon order has reverted from 'to be delivered by 9pm', to 'Was expected by 19 November'. This is a properly shady company! Bye bye Bezos I won't be seeing you again for a while.
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