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  1. on reflection of my list and that I'd consider REzero a solid 8/10 - the consistency and lineage through the series is really nice
  2. And done. Until I start all over again tomorrow! Been a while since doing that! Brilliant. My order for the series then: REmake (GC) > RE4 > RE7 VR > RE2make > RE2 > RE8 > RE7 > RE3make > RE > RECV > RE5 > REzero > RE3 >>>> RE6 (I still need to play Revelations sub-series)
  3. perhaps a very silly question - I've been hiding from media on this collection that I decided to be in on straight away - is this part of any EA games to be included from day 1 of release, on PC Game Pass Ultimate? I figure they would be mad to do that, but checking just in case
  4. Yes Majora's right here, one shot from standard pistol in the right direction, does the trick - so much quicker than the dafty running!
  5. Shoot them don’t push them (standard pistol is fine)
  6. Loving this still, now in the factory. One thing bugs me a little in a game that's so graphically rich - the lack of shadows for enemies' contact with the ground. When everything else is so lush it's a nigglesome immersion breaker.
  7. Those pesky trailers! I am a bit narked at how much I knew of this game before starting. So much surprise has been taken away. I didn’t stay away from trailers as much as I normally do, and I played the demos too - but even without those things you couldn’t move for seeing stuff about the setting and enemies etc. I get that they have to sell the game of course!
  8. Just defeated Lord 3. Loving this, Resi is just sooo good (6 aside). Gonna go back and finish Revelations after this I reckon
  9. Thoroughly enjoying this so far, savouring like a fine whisky, maybe halfway through the castle. Visuals are out of this world! The photogrammetry combined with the lip synching and skin shaders etc., all in 4K HDR 120fps (PC version), are blowing me away.
  10. Ok so I tried the demo again with the quality number set to 1. Ran great! Solid 4K 120fps with all bells and whistles on. Was able to clear both demo sections another time, so twice each in the end, within the hour lol. Roll on Friday!
  11. This *could* be special. Fingers crossed.
  12. Would love if they dropped a Demitri reference in there somewhere.
  13. PC version players! Turns out that that quality slider is re sub/supersampling. I had it set to 2, which is why I had the framerate issues when running in "4K" (in reality more like 8K).
  14. Ping me when they add Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey
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