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  1. Yeah I love Gynoug as well! Awesome game - I think I preferred it to Hellfire at the time, but Hellfire has aged better imo
  2. Not so sure about that. Yeah Bobby might go soon but so may a lot of other staff. I can see MSFT centralising a lot of publishing services in Redmond.
  3. Sony wouldn't want Tomb Raider though with them already having Uncharted. Sony will wait for MS to buy SQEX Western studios then swoop in for the Japanese side of the company.
  4. It's still terrific but it is definitely one of those movies that benefits from the big screen experience - the audio in particular.
  5. Cor wouldn't it be great if they got Bobby out for cause after the integration has completed. I wouldn't be surprised if that was part of the plan, they'd get a shitload of good PR off the back of it.
  6. Bungie now self-publish after getting out from Activision
  7. I loved Invader From Space! And Astro Wars. They’re probs still in my folks’ loft
  8. That’s good because Tomb Raider 2013, which Cory Barlog also worked on, was brilliant. I think there’s a lot to be said for quality and polished UX, which both games have in spades
  9. I have a fair amount of Square Enix games that are signed by the creators. I shall take some pics sometime and share there.
  10. Am about 30 mins into this - thanks for blowing my eyeballs off you lot!
  11. Good question - I'll be wondering about this a bit more and now no doubt swapping and switching controllers mid-playthrough. Thanks for giving me controller choice anxiety you horrible lot haha. For me it's between an Xbox Elite Series 2 and a Dualsense.
  12. It does indeed look great on PS5. The only slight negative I’ll give to the game’s visuals at this point is that lighting isn’t so accurate (so much is pre-baked), and the colour palette is a bit oversaturated (which tends to be a thing in a lot of games imo…). Gen9 games are starting to highlight these Gen8 games’ graphic limitations a little now. The PC version sorts this out to a degree with better shadows and ambient occlusion etc., but the base topics I mentioned remain. Graphics overall are still head and shoulders above most games however, largely (and perhaps sadly) a function of the no doubt massive production budget that the game will have got.
  13. Uncut Gems Second time viewing, this time on Criterion 4K UHD. Still sublime - a landmark character study that sucks you into New York. An easy 5. As Above, So Below A-Level quality writing and generally a bit shit, but a few nice ideas. Might have been an interesting Lara Croft story? 2.
  14. Ok for me too and yeah dualsense controller is just plug and play, it’s seamless
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