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  1. Been playing this solidly over the last week after having shelved it for so long. (PC version) Man it’s sooooo good. Balancing the various resources creates a great tension, the platforming is great, gunplay is awesome and the level design re finding the secrets in particular kicks arse. And omg the visuals. Am playing maxed out 4K 120fps on a big OLED and it’s stunning - everything is just so solid and polished.
  2. The screen image aspect ratio looks wonky to me? Could be wrong
  3. Almost. The new Zodiac Age version is a further enhanced version of the International Zodiac Job System version of the game, which came out only in Japan about a year after the original FF12 hit the US (itself about a year after it hit Japan). (Main diff with IZJS and Zodiac Age versions like you mention, is that they push players into having more defined character class archetypes for the characters, so, there’s arguably a greater emphasis on actual role-playing and party forming.)
  4. My copy of The Thing arrived and we watched it tonight. Cracking image quality! Creature effects hold up too
  5. Yeah that’s my favourite on the R4 OST. One of my favourites by King Yuzo:
  6. Still waiting for my copy of The Thing - hoping it tips up today
  7. Triple A


    That Shinorubi looks interesting - 4K res at 120fps offers loads of potential for the genre's development, if it were the default of course...!
  8. Finished work early today and caught an afternoon showing. It was alright? I think I just need movies to do more to surprise me these days.
  9. Heartbroken. One of my heroes and a real inspiration. RIP.
  10. is a terrific Christmas game. Get snacks, hunker down and get involved
  11. So Retroarch is now on Steam. Great for a) the upcoming Steam Deck of course, great that (I presume) b) save states can be in the cloud, and potentially great that c) the app will stay updated. re c), would saves be lost on updates being made to the app? and is it true that save states will be sent to Steam cloud. I figured I could google these things but retroarch probs needs more chat here anyway.
  12. Yeah I just gotta get that one too, thanks for the reminder! Nice list of yours.
  13. I'm most excited about working through my backlog, and finally getting emulation working properly on my PC. Other than that, Forza Horizon 5 looks good, and SMT V and Metroid are nailed on purchases. EDIT: oh and some of the shmups mentioned here too
  14. Are there any genuine Johnson quotes that might fit? I bet there’s loads, I just can’t think of any for now
  15. Yeah this is great, familiar stuff - far-fetched soapy bits and all - we just binged all four episodes currently available omg. The Beeb has a good formula now after Line of Duty and Bodyguard and I don’t blame them for sticking with it - though they need to commit more budget to CGI still, if they’re gonna try such opening sequences and sell the show well internationally.
  16. Thanks. Hoping there is an LOD fix via the .ini file - UE games generally have good flex for stuff like this
  17. Can anyone comment on how pop-in is on PC? I found it pretty distracting in the PS5 demo version.
  18. I think this sentiment largely arises from the character’s purpose not being clear enough, early enough. But her purpose came clear in the end, and I thought was plausible enough.
  19. The music is what I’m most looking forward to there
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