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  1. With one episode left I have to say I've really enjoyed this so far. It's had it's moments of cheese but on the whole almost every event happening in the background of the main story has chilled me with it's possibility. Looking forward to how they wrap the series up.
  2. At the start (and at any time during the game) you can use the right stick to change tactics. Pressing down targets attackers (sorry was using the wrong term), start with this and you'll give as good as you get. When you get to the top 50 or have a breather shortly after you can change to KOs so you're targeting weaker players. This way you initially just defending your corner and then you're actively thinning the herd. I think the best tactic in terms of building is going for Tetrises (I have more of these than any other line clear type in my stats), and then when you can, build down to the junk open lines that are sent your way. Generally around the halfway mark if you can get to a junk opening quickly it'll continue to grow into a Tetris opening naturally as more are junk is sent your way.
  3. Had 3 wins so far with a number of top ten finishes within that. The best suggestion I took from the Reddit thread was to start off Targeting and then move to KO in the final 50. Seems to work well, and final 5 just seems to be a case of building quick and efficiently and breaking down when you can. You can usually a couple of Tetrises within the space of a few blocks which will shut opponents down.
  4. I might have missed this news but are the Weekend Challenges finished?
  5. Back in the UK and digging through some old stuff. Find my DS in a case with Ouendan 1 / 2. If you have this game somewhere dig it out and play it again. I challenge anyone not to smile like a loon on the final level of Ouendan 2. Possibly my favourite level of any game ever.
  6. Nintendo have decided to make a video Instruction Booklet for Smash.
  7. Well that was really, really fucking good. Agreed, not as cohesive as the original Avengers and a real shame that the story has to be left hanging, but... wow.
  8. Is there any way I can see these achievements and what they mean?
  9. letsbook

    Nintendo Switch

    Just pulled the trigger on an Odyssey Switch Bundle. Very very excited.
  10. letsbook

    Nintendo Switch

    Did anyone post this yet?
  11. Okay, here's a couple: EDIT: Spoilered those just in case...
  12. This comparison was pretty cool. Worship through power vs Fighting for power
  13. Would anyone know if there are high quality screens from that episode? Would love some new wallpapers.
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