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  1. You've sent me down a rabbit hole of trying to get Droplitz on my phone now. Thanks.
  2. Felt the finale was a bit of a mixed bag. Not really sure if I'll be there if there's a season 2.
  3. They should bring back the Mario 128 tech as a Fall Guys-esque game.
  4. I cannot remember what to do with this but please please please stick with Moss. It would be such a shame if the story wasn't continued.
  5. A PS4 lifecycle's worth of free PS+ games would be enormous. Surely they should also offer a 10TB edition?
  6. I was exactly the same and ended up being more invested in it than my wife. We're both making our way through the book now.
  7. I ended up playing Rez VR and just saving Area X for about a year. It was worth the wait.
  8. Thanks to all who took part! We both loved visiting other islands and discussing the benefits of each island, a very well deserved win for Mrs Skittles too! Thanks Jamie for organising it all too
  9. Okay! We’ve visited everyone and Cherry Bomb is now open for visits on HMX49.
  10. Hey all, We’re online and ready to visit bimbam, mrpranny, Uncle Mike or James. Happy to open for Mrs Skittles and mrpranny as well.
  11. Okay, Cherry Bomb is open and we'll endeavour to be for most of the day. Dodo is DXL5R
  12. Good morning / evening, My wife's island is open again for anyone interested in visiting. Her friend code is in the post above and her current Dodo code is: HP7DR We're fine to open again tomorrow for all the other visits. @skittles is 10 - 11am okay for you?
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