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  1. I can't seem to get it to work with a controller - I've paired my DualSense and my Xbox controller with my iPad and it simply doesn't give me the option to use non-touch controls.
  2. Not sure how you can know you'll love a game before you buy it at full price, but then this is the man who invented a world where people don't know what lavender is, and where the protagonist tells a character his wife's name is Beth when he's got SARAH tattooed on his neck.
  3. About an hour or so in and it's been a pretty grim and joyless trudge so far. I can't remember the last time I played a game that took so long to say so little in its cutscenes. It feels like the story bits are running at half speed, and the controls don't feel nearly as precise as they need to be.
  4. No, just the seeding section. What comes before and after is more enjoyable.
  5. That was good fun. Still slightly too long, and the human bits were perfunctory at best, though there were a few amusing lines scattered around. But cracking fights, particularly the last one, and you could actually see what was going on. I still think Kong: Skull Island is the best of the lot, but this wasn't far behind.
  6. That's comfortably the weakest bit, in fairness.
  7. Rudderless

    Narita Boy

    The story's bad, yeah. I think it's a perfectly reasonable Metroid-like – with the different transformations and powers it mixes things up just enough – but it's definitely the art and score that carry it.
  8. Quest 2, and yeah, I got a refund.
  9. I imagine most people here are playing on console, but if you're on PC, M&K is definitely the way to go.
  10. Not happening. We're back up to 132 pages this month.
  11. Just popping in to warn everyone not to buy The Climb 2 (at least for the time being). I've tried deleting and reinstalling it five times and each time I get no further than the splash screen. A sound effect plays and then...nothing. Did some research and apparently lots of people have experienced the same issue and have had no response about a fix.
  12. Yep! Either that or the Resetera post which used this thread as a source. It doesn't bother me in the slightest if a forum poster makes a tiny mistake (and a 5 instead of a 6 is nothing, really). But you could probably get away with posting every score wrong next month and a few places would just report them anyway.
  13. P5S is a 6, not a 5. Hasn't stopped a number of sites already reporting it as fact, though.
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