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  1. Yeah, agreed completely. A near-faultless finale soured slightly by a very silly epilogue. It doesn't even make sense if you think about it for more than five seconds either.
  2. I guessed (correctly, obv) at the £64,000 question but would have had to bail out at half a million, unless my phone a friend came up trumps.
  3. Yeah, there are a few occasions where it's either unclear that you can interact with a specific object, or you think you should be able to interact with something but can't (occasionally because you need to do something else first). At least the hints prevent you from being stuck for too long, and I think it gains a lot from being in VR. I hope it does well enough that they consider making another one.
  4. I had more difficulty with that bit than any other part of the game, but still found it easier than the original's toughest parts. The big problem (at least for me) is that the boost/burrow ability feels a bit woolly and imprecise in a pursuit that gives you much less margin for error than the other chase sequences. It's also one of very few areas I experienced any technical issues.
  5. Yeah, you need to use her profile and she'll arrive on your island.
  6. Yep, that was much more like it. A really good end to the series.
  7. I thought the Simpsons short was quite bad. And a bit weird. A group of kids were sat behind us and one said "this is a bit cringe" and I found myself nodding in agreement. I enjoyed Onward, though. It starts slow, but gets better and better. There's a tremendously entertaining mid-film chase and the final half-hour is really something - someone likened it to Back To The Future in the way everything comes together, and while it's not on that level, it's clever and affecting and probably Pixar's best ending since Toy Story 3.
  8. Yeah, using a voiceover to spend a minute or so explaining how it works is not great storytelling, and the DID thing has been done more than once before. I'd almost have preferred it as a Talking Heads-style thing without the twist, though obviously they were always going to be connected in some way. I just wish it had been something else. Funny that after the discussion the other week about Shearsmith being too broad, it was Pemberton that was the weak link this week. I thought everyone else was great - the girl playing the YouTuber was annoying, yes, but authentically so. Peake was typically excellent, but that was the weakest of this run so far.
  9. Portrait of a Lady on Fire More than lives up to the hype. Immaculately shot, scripted and performed - it's a period drama that feels thrillingly contemporary and achingly relevant, and its central romance is just captivating. You'll believe a two-digit number can make you cry. 5/5
  10. I think that was a deliberate choice to show how he'd changed since becoming a showman. In the early scenes he does play it pretty straight while Pemberton is broader.
  11. I thought this week's was pretty decent, actually - for once, we got an extended action set-piece that didn't just feel like a remix of one they've done several times before. It's all relative, obviously, but as someone who's stuck with TWD mostly out of habit, I found it gripping and even genuinely suspenseful in parts. I dare say I'm quite enjoying the fish-out-of-water stuff with Negan, too.
  12. Yeah, that was brilliant - beautifully constructed.
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