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  1. Muse have committed many sins but are almost forgiven for how much Stockholm Syndrome ...i don't want to say rocks because that's cheesy. I don't want to say slays or kills either. It's my favourite Muse track i think. Actually, probably by far.
  2. sorry i wasn't asking, it's Second Peng. Feel free to offer 2nd, 3rd, 4th greatest etc.
  3. I love Falling Down, don't get me wrong, I've watched it so many times I'm close to ruining it but it always struck me as opening in a really cinematic way then gradually ending up more like a tv drama. If you reach the end and think back to the beginning with him trapped in his car in a traffic jam, the way the camera drifts and magnifies all the little sounds that combine for maximum irritation, the heavy close ups, it's pretty dreamlike and perfectly captures the searing heat...it's like a different film. It is seamless with it, and I'm not sure how else it could have developed because all
  4. Cavalcade Of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms by Venetian Snares is another i thought, think is perfect. I'm more into the sound of Winter In The Belly Of A Snake now and i like that there's 16 tracks, it suits it. Cavalcade is 10, 48 minutes. Similar sequencing, a settler in Donut where Swindon by comparison is more beautiful and intense, then Pwntendo which is just full on intense, XIII's Dub almost ambient for Venetian Snares, then back to the sound exploding out of the speakers highly compressed loudness of Vache which i still haven't found anything that matches it, into Plunging H
  5. Always thought Portishead's Third was perfect. Also loved Animal Collective's Centipede Hz, an album which fans of the band weren't taken with which i think had as much to do with an attachment to Merriweather and it's more hypnotic vibe than the over saturated pop of Hz. For me it's their peak in terms of the intense emotional force of it which i respond to more than the meandering natural improvisations of earlier AC like Sung Tongs. And Merriweather isn't all completely brilliant to me. I think that they've slowed down since Hz kind of shows they expended so much energy into the album.
  6. I think Dollars And Cents is the most underated Radiohead track. That isn't a reply to anything, I'm just saying.
  7. I'd be amazed if i came across anyone in the uk who hasn't seen a Pixar film. Every age group watches them. When i went to see Up it was the only time at the cinema where there were a couple of older women sat beside me who were chuckling along throughout, as well as kids laughing at the front. Every seat was taken, it was the most memorable cinema experience because it showed how Pixar connected to every generation. And also because i couldn't stop laughing at the rope joke and i became worried I'd hit one of those laughing spirals i wouldn't be able to get out of. Having read Mar
  8. Soaps aren't generally world renowned though, Meryl Streep films, Pixar, Cronenberg are. When a film or an actor or a director wins an oscar it's broadcast and reported around the world. There are loads of daytime and evening soaps, how many actresses are there who have had a 5 decade film career so good they've been nominated for an Oscar 20+ times? Streep is the biggest actress in the world. That doesn't mean someone could have seen all her films (even though the guy had seen 3) but the producers clearly thought that was a reasonable question given how famous and prominent she is for people
  9. Sounds like Extras Does Hardy really strike anyone as desperate enough to say that? Come on, he's not a cartoon character. I thought he was sort of cool but apparently he's this tragic laughable figure whose acting has plunged to the pitiful depths of the widely acclaimed Oscar nominated role in Oscar winning The Revenant and who goes around telling everyone the SAS have recruited him. So chameleon-like a lot of people who watch The Revenant don't realise he's in it. Of course any relatively long posts in defence of someone means you have a real attach
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