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  1. I did it! I finally did it! I beat the tt lap record! The real life one, not the game one which is something ridiculous like 14mins 19 seconds. In your face actual person Peter Hickman who faced death on an actual motorbike. Marvel at the whole mountain section taken so tentatively it probably ruins the whole run but after hundreds of crashes and my hands seizing up can you blame me. I just couldn't take another passive lack of commitment to a corner only to hit the grass verge and topple over, or smack my head on those fucking pegs. I am shit at the mountain. This is going down a
  2. Yeah I didn't know about this, I just found out looking at their wikipedia and spent 5 minutes laughing. probably manically.
  3. The Fernandes first time pass for the Rashford inside own half goal was amazing. Not even the vision but the execution, I don't think I could even do that. Also, Lineker mentioning that Rashford is the first second half hat trick scorer since Ole for United made me look up the Hernandez hat trick vs Villa I'm sure he got. (2nd goal taken away as own goal, but all this time I've remembered it as a 2nd half hat trick)
  4. That was great. Same again against Arsenal then.
  5. Definitely see a difference in energy levels, VDB and Greenwood covering a lot of ground. Not a lot of chances created but playing well I think. Leipzig haven't been anywhere near as deadly as I expected given they're top of Bundesliga.
  6. Well United are getting bodies into the box like I wanted and even Fred is up for shooting! Then Shaw bursting in !
  7. Bt sport has the formation as 4-3-3, VDB left, Martial centre, Greenwood right.
  8. This thread has gone a lot better than i thought it would.
  9. I don't think I'm ever going to get around the tt without falling off. My concentration levels won't allow it. They refuse to engage with the apex and instead just see hedges ahead. Too many hedges and I break down and smash into a wall. Especially that right bending wall half way through that gets me every time. Or that little concrete block also half way through on a right bend that gets everyone. All I wanted to do was beat Peter Hickman's all time lap record. Is that asking for much really? I've got 17:29 with about 5 crashes. You fall off once then more quickly fo
  10. Oh. Yes. I've just actually tried to go to Mark Kermode's Twitter and he's blocked me. what did you say it must have been something really bad I don't know I've not commented on there for like 3 weeks and the last time I looked was about 2 weeks ago. Unless he read this thread. Okay, actually I took a screen grab of my comment. In terms of criticising Kermode's review of Where to Invade Next I thought I slipped it in okay, but I took a photo so obviously I wasn't sure. So Kermode I think tweeted a comment/link to a review of Capit
  11. I think he'll start vs Leipzig but they're top of Bundesliga and it seems like Ole only trusts Fernandes so I'm less sure. It's not like VDB comes in and suddenly he's unbelievable, obviously but it bothers me how little support there is in attack in the final third. Bayern and Liverpool (with a highline, sure) always commit 4 into the box so any rebounded shot can he scooped up. Leeds commit 4 in attack. As much as I like Fred and McTominay against big teams, when vs teams like Newcastle (united didn't look like scoring for 30 minutes of 2nd half so it's fair criticis
  12. Have people read about actors being used or like most just thinking it? The film is confusing with it. he said he turned it down at first but then he wondered why he was so repulsed by it and realised that people like that really exist. I knew he's big now but he's bigger than I expected..I wondered whether he put on weight for the part.
  13. My favourite bit is 'Keira knightley and Orlando Bloom are so wooden it's like watching two chairs mating'. That was the first Kermode review I heard i think. I listened to the podcast from maybe 2008, then skipped it when I got tired of the radio rambling and just catch up n YouTube reviews now. Tbh recently -apart from his dismissal of Where To Invade Next which I will never forgive (and will never stop mentioning) - it's his overwhelming praise for Dead Presidents that i almost can't overlook, somehow it's worse if a critic is so effusive about a film with such laug
  14. I found this a horrendous headache and baffling, the way it mixes absurdity in its characters and plot with real life without any sense of the setup, it always edits situations down. The only thing in the film I am sure of being real is Rudy Giuliani reacting to what he thought was a a journalist. Everyone else I'm thinking; is that an actor. Is that a real person who agreed to act. Is that a real person who agreed to go along with this strange scenario. I don't understand what I'm missing here, you can only truly do a gotcha when the person is unsuspecting. Many real people in reality tv show
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