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  1. Is it really though, is it. Basically held up to the highest of highest cinematic works of the most authenticity, integrity and artistic purity because 'greatest living director' Scorsese directed it. It's a fun film where we get to enjoy Di Caprio get increasingly stressed out and say things like 'the guy murderd someone, he fucking murdered someone, what are you waiting for, do you want him to chop me up and feed me to the poor?' I'll take trash over supposed worthiness any day tbh.
  2. Did you offer to pay? I'd probably go if someone paid and I could sneak in a small portable pillow under my coat. Did you also offer to sneak in a small portable pillow? And if I had a tub of sweets, pre put in fridge beforehand. Any offer of sweets? Or ice cream? Did you even try Treble, did you???!! I really wish to enjoy this film, I really do, I just can't deal with boredom and now I've realised it's the earnestness that's doing it I can't overlook it. How can you, it's there in every scene. That's all written like..It's not out yet, just a trailer, who knows. Cameron said this film 'has more emotion and relationships in it, there wasn't much of that in the first one'. I mean I dunno. there was wasn't there. I think this film will polarise hard, will sit on 50% on rotten (not like it matters), those who yearn to go scuba diving off the coast of an island in the pacific will adore it, those wanting mechas will be left wanting I think. But that's a lot of run time for strong staring back and forth deep emotion I guess. The last Pirates film, the fifth one that happened but no one recalls it made $800m. Overseas love this stuff, in China alone how much increase in general cinema ticket sales has there been since 2009 I wonder. My frequency of posting is at severe tiresome level so I'll stop there. erm some more. I loved Valerian, all the human amphibian idyllic stuff, it just was quick in how it changed things up constantly and inventively whuch is the key for me. Avatar is 10 minutes longer than The Departed, a long film no one thinks of as long. Avatar feels like a 3 hour film, The Departed a 2 hour film. Seems to always get a kicking but it obviously just is what it is, fun at least, the way it's edited always interests me, the title appearing 20 minutes in, the constant use of music (though not different for Scorsese sure), voices before visuals constantly, think how quick the first date is with Matt Damon and Vera Farmiga, the energy of it. I always loved the editing of Oceans Eleven, the introductions of each character, then them coming together. Their genres and vibe allow for them to do montages and use music to create flow, I guess Cameron feels more stuck, but given the opening of Titanic I doubt he's in tune with how necessary it is. “I don’t want anybody whining about length when they sit and binge-watch [television] for eight hours,” Cameron said. “I can almost write this part of the review. ‘The agonizingly long three-hour movie…’ It’s like, give me a fucking break. I’ve watched my kids sit and do five one-hour episodes in a row. Here’s the big social paradigm shift that has to happen: it’s okay to get up and go pee.” But I mean..it's not entirely that is it, it's pacing, editing, tone, a three hour film is not the same as three 60 minute episodes of a tv show. I could have watched another hour of Barbarian recently. The Black Phone on the other hand felt an hour too long. It has nothing to do with needing to go to the toilet.
  3. I'm just going through my letterboxd searched by horror...how about that new Idris Elba film Beast, about the killer lion, it's not particularly good (but watchable, also about a father's bond with his daughters so there's that too) but it's not scary or a horror film really, more a survival thriller but obviously there are parts where they're trapped and the lion is out to get them. ...okay it's rated R apparently. But there's little blood and no swearing. That isn't warranted. Or how about the recent M Night film Old. Bit of horror to that but mostly it's funny. Searching by most recent...the film Run about the girl in a wheelchair suspicious of her mother. A bit of Misery in there, but I mean...a bit. Freaky with the body swap. The first Escape Room is fun. Maybe these are so tame I don't know. Stuff like A Quiet Place? Train To Busan? The recent The Invisible Man? Cloverfield Lane? Life? (Alien lite and bland). Red Eye? The Village? The Haunting? (the late 90s one. I liked it at the time, watched it at the cinema when I would have been 13). Final Destination? The Witches? Housebound? Back Country? Crawl? Underwater? Disturbia?
  4. I saw the other day that The Truman Show made more than a quarter of a billion worldwide and was surprised. With a budget of $60m. I don't think about the money a lot of films make but really so many more make more than I expect. Obviously nothing like a billion because you'd know about it but then just adding a handful up you reach a billion made quite easily. I watched a film called Pandorum the other day, or tried to. It was recommended to me, I thought there was some sci fi twist, maybe there is. It's set in space and 25 minutes in I decided I just can't watch films set in space anymore because they're so limited in what they can do. The same scenes re done in a slightly different way, I mean thrillers that lean on the survival aspect of being in space. I watched Outland with Connery and the recent Stowaway in the last few years which I liked because they're about things other than crawling through small spaces or something else has gone wrong we have to fix it quick. I also hated Gravity. But maybe Gravity is a good comparison, I thought it was an empty and boring rollercoaster ride but a lot of people seemed to be thrilled by fancy camerawork in space as though they've never seen space before or fancy camerawork. It's all a bit like babies transfixed by the visual stimulation of bright colours. I don't get the obsession with visual fidelity as the primary pull. I think if the re release was successful this will be too, but it's become even more pointless if it has to make that much to even break even. All the Pirates films and Transformers film make $600m to a billion. People aren't that discerning are they, affection for Avatar doesn't come into it, it's a bright cgi fest on the big screen. I stopped watching Pandorum and put on Dog instead which was better than I expected. Why did I not watch this earlier, I like dogs, I like Channing Tatum, I like road trip films. Straight away with it showing pictures of the dog and its owner it was just..some life, personality again. I've never thought about military dogs, let's look them up.
  5. I honestly think this will be very good. Strong classy cinematography is always a good sign of at least care and that Mangold quote sounds right.
  6. Yes! I watched that film recently and recommend it. It seems almost entirely forgotten despite having Bacon and Sean Astin in it. Probably because the name is so bland. I keep remembering it as White Water Camping, which isn't less forgettable but sums up how unwieldy it is. Also might be forgotten because others don't rate it, didn't realise until now it has 25% on rotten (whaat). I genuinely think it's a good film because I think the question it poses can be talked about, the performances are believable and it's genuinely well written. The music didn't fit but it's 80s so I guess they can't help themselves.
  7. At least Andreas didn't score. wait how long is left?
  8. I actually can't find fault with that squad, i guess some injuries allowed favourites like Trent and Maddison to get in, it's so front loaded with attacking players but then if any don't go it seems like why bother. The biggest surprise must be Conor Gallagher, but midfield is weak so it makes sense. It must be gutting for Bowen to think after last season he'd be be on course to squeeze his way in, only to start the season lamely along with his club. Or Sancho, who i've forgot all about this season, and everyone else seems to. On form he was never going to go, but just in terms of him looking ahead years prior to things like this and his career predictably stagnating at Man United. All United's Brazilian players get in their national squads...the English players are more polarising. I think many players like Maddison realise minutes will be limited but it doesn't matter for them. For a player who has been consistently outperforming a few other attacking players who have been a part of England for years but who has never been involved, i'm happy he's got to go.
  9. I don't think you have to even be a kid growing up now to be unfamiliar with the type of humour and style of comedy The Young Ones is to adjust to it. I watched Blazing Saddles the other week for the first time having never seen any of it and thought it was terrible, real yeah I'm going to need to sit opposite a fan watching this and ask questions because I don't believe anyone finds this funny. humour is subjective etc sure I grew up with Bottom rather than The Young Ones, I always considered a lot of those Bottom episodes as classics, like the gasman and the Christmas episode but I've not watched them properly since the 90s. I love the idea of punk coming through comedy as it did with The Young Ones, I didn't see it be first broadcast but saw bits afterwards when it still held its radical freshness. Vivian losing his head is still amazing to me.
  10. Opting for Hojberg instead of Almiron hasn't gone very well for me. Especially as I got in Kane at the same time and bringing in two players for one team didn't work with Leeds or Brighton. And Spurs are in their shit phase. Tbf Hojberg got me 5 points last week and the game vs Liverpool still has a way to go, and he scored in mid week so is in form at least. I think there's been more options this season and looking at peoples teams a lot of us have avoided them, not wanting to lose players bought at low price (Martinelli) or just not managing how to get more in (I've stuck with 3-4-4 but probably should have ditched to 3-5-2 a few weeks ago).
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