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  1. I don't think I can take another shot from a United player at 25 yards that as soon as it leaves their boot flies into the stands. About 1 in a 50 is on target, 1 in 100 goes in. Didn't think I'd see Martial in a United shirt again..
  2. I captained him last week and made a new rule of 'don't captain any player who plays for a bottom 5 team, regardless of dgw and who the opposition is'. I captained Foden..interestingly, the no.1 ranked player in the world captained Foden too this week so I'm hoping that bodes well for me..Nearly all of the people below him captained Dennis or King. All the top ranked players last week brought in Fernandes and captained him, Gangsters Alladyce at no.1 had something like a 35 point lead but swapped Son and Antonio for Trossard and Ronaldo and captained Ronaldo and his lead dropped to just 1. I've been following Fpl focal too because he was once no 1. Last gw he took what I thought was the odd choice of captaining De Gea. He still got 16 from it so not disastrous. I've had Dennis and King for ages and benched King this gw so still might be punished...
  3. not sure how a ref running is managing to be so funny also fucking hell I guess when someone exhibits clear anger issues when watching football it probably means...he has clear anger issues. It's not 'passion', it's unhealthy. A very long 9 minutes...
  4. His touch and balance are good, no? Just his decision making and final pass. Conte has worked wonders before with players, I wouldn’t be surprised if by next season he's one of the best fullbacks in the league.
  5. Makes me think what Stephen Merchant dancing looks like when Karl Pilkington describes it as like 'weird art'.
  6. Somehow. Somehow worse than a previously confessed crime in the film folder of having not seen Commando. #neverforget #howisthatevenpossible
  7. I do like that Rangnick is honest when talking to the media. I was listening to espn and one was like 'it shows how inexperienced he is to admit that Pogba will want to perform to gain interest from clubs, he doesn't need to say that'. He doesn’t but I don't want someone just saying bland nothingness all the time. that. ronaldo moment again, van de beek's hands clenching in the cold, eyes peeking out of his tight coat hood. I read a funny take on twitter which was 'Ronaldo on: 2-0 Ronaldo taken off:1-1 It’s clear on who’s the problem and the reason why United aren’t able to control the game. Cristiano Ronaldo can never be the problem'. I'm not sure how United move on from being a jekyll and hyde team. Maybe they can't. It's just always weird how natural and fluid the combinations can be when they're so rare. You'd think McTominay dinking the ball over to Ronaldo who chests it for Fernandes to run on to in behind the defence was a pattern of play they do regularly such was the speed at Ronaldo and Fernandes recognising what the move is, and then Greenwood covering ground to be an option. You look at that goal and think Fernandes and Ronaldo can link well together where they both excel. In moments they score some of the best counter attack goals of any team. Or goals of the highest technical skill. Surrounded by rubbish.
  8. Or just post the video so everyone can see Can't see any reason for Xhaka stalling there except wanting a yellow card, after two players became available. Who wastes time 3 goals up with 5 minutes to go. But who knows what thoughts regularly float through his mind though.
  9. We should just bring him on for the last 20 minutes then..
  10. United are shit until they're not. never going to score ever agai...oh 4, 5 nil looks on.
  11. The image of Ronaldo getting pissed about being subbed off, just losing 20 minutes of play, in front of Mata and Van De Beek sitting glum on the bench.
  12. It's still tight between 4th and 7th with 4 points separating West Ham and Man United (with not all having play the same amount of games, sure). It's not ideal to drop points but I don't see why it'd be that damaging. For me it's more about form in comparison to Arsenal, Spurs and West Ham than points difference as they've all got going whereas United haven't. For the next 4 months that's more meaningful to me than points dropped now. There's not the same expectation of consistency for 4th. United finished 12 points behind City though?
  13. I thought some might take it like that. You know what I mean. Every game is important and necessary but when the Champions league game against Atletico or the derby comes around, they'll be rightly described as big games as the possibility of conceding is higher and a humiliation is a likely thing. 4th isn't hanging on the result of this game, and the level of competition can never be a measure of where the team currently is. Brentford are a very decent solid team though, it should go without saying.
  14. The entertainment is just the opposition play and De Gea's saves. Really no idea how the big games will go. Can't we just fast forward to them.
  15. Fernandes seems more left. Telles had like 4, 5 Brentford players following his run there, a funny image of them all in a line with him nowhere to go.
  16. In the 'be shit and superman De Gea will bail you out' phase of the Man United cycle. I wonder how long before the transition to 'be inconsistent and largely crap but somehow finish second' or 'Martial becomes possessed and he and Rashford link up' or 'Fernandes wins every match alone with a penalty every 3 games to help'. Maybe there's some other phase of the Man United cycle we've yet to see. And we've lost one in the Martial being possessed, maybe its disappearance allowed for the superman De Gea to re emerge. Not certain two phases are allowed to co-exist. I really like this kit though. Maybe it's just because it reminds me of a la liga team's kit when they're outplaying us.
  17. I'm sure I used to watch football where it was just sort of assumed players could cross the ball from wide into the box, it wasn't considered a difficult thing. Now it seems like they're trying to guide a rugby ball into the box and you just can't count on where it will go. As professionals I do expect them as a minimum. Really, as a manager I'd watch a game and mark down every wayward cross and just be up front with the players; 'this shouldn't be hard for a professional, you can't call yourself a professional if you can't do them and every time I see you miss one in a game I'm going to ask you to spend 5 hours practising them in training'. I'm sure even De Bruyne lifts one over sometimes, but that was rubbish by Dalot. Also, long ago by the time it takes to complain about it.
  18. Yeah i was surprised by Shaw. Rangnick briefly mentions it here albeit before a good season and euros. He's got pace, stamina and physical strength, I don't know what else he needs to be deemed 'good enough'. He loses concentration but which fullback doesn't, Evra did. Walker is one of the most impressive fullbacks around and has been important for City, his qualities aren't that different from Shaw's.
  19. I did laugh at that. It was earned and well delivered. Not really a comedy highlight though. I was sort of shocked afterwards I laughed, like what happened there.
  20. I'm pretty uncomfortable with this idea like hate watching is sad and why not just watch something else, I can be sad independently of procrastinating on rllmuk. It's just the show is so bad it's like an experiment. When Gary Linekar tweets is he really comfortable with the amount of cunts Ricky flings around every ten minutes or is he cringing. Stopped after episode 4. Is that after the cafe scene where a man sat at a table behind Ricky is making sounds to entertain his baby and Ricky can't tolerate it so starts swearing loudly then blows into the stomach of his mate as though he's a baby? How am I suppose to watch that when there's a thread sat right here and just ignore it like it never happened. Or the subplot where he's effortlessly great at ping pong, tennis and squash and hammers his boss who says 'it's ridiculous, just look at you, you look like Maradona...late Maradona, dead Maradona, post death Maradona'. 'Okay don't get nasty' Ricky/Tony says. Ricky telling someone else to not get nasty. Armchair psychology...he's written seemingly pointless, comedy-less scenes where's just fantastic at sport and there's...no self-aggrandizement... Ricky has built up enough restaurant, cafe and pub scenes in his career where he despises other people or staff for someone to build an hour long montage out of it. On one hand the show as a background watch has a nice tone about it but the writing quality of an early 00s evening soap opera. The scenes of the other characters are so painful. It has the pace of a tractor. You forget during Tony's irredeemable horribleness that his boss is the brother of his dead wife*, he's probably suffering and mourning as well. Ricky has no awareness at all. Should I really have a big dog I pet as I mope in my house, won't that image be cringey and lame. *or partner, can't remember
  21. Ok just watching this (Shot Caller) again on Netflix cos
  22. Ronaldo channelling Aphex Twin in a 90s TV interview also Rangnick has taken 8 games to ditch the 4-2-2-2, who knows where we'll be in another 8 games #exciting #whoknowswherewe'llbe #savedonny
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