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  1. Die Hard With A Vengeance is on 59% so it's in good company.
  2. what city? yeah but foden did this
  3. oooh oooh 29 year old ex spurs player younger than some of the players he's managing Ryan Mason doing in his first game what Mourinho couldn't achieve all season.
  4. Fuck him. Good riddance. Spends all those years at Man United doing nothing then only when he leaves his boyhood club to join West Ham on loan does he start scoring all the time. I don't pretend to be a good person so I'm free to wish the worst comes to Ed Woodward, he might have been following orders but I'm spiteful and hold his incompetence against him.
  5. That Henry guy sure is assured in front of the camera, i wonder if he did any acting in his youth.
  6. is there supposed to be 2 numbers there?
  7. I'm finding the reaction to this on 5 live and espn a bit nauseating, like we've won. Pat Nevin overjoyed. A mistake he said. Do mistakes you make usually expose how you truly feel about the world and your place in it? Say when you forget to leave the bins out? As well as all the spiel about how 'football is for the fans' as though everything is perfect as it is and only now with the super league is that being jeopardized. We've won everyone. We've won still extortionate ticket prices, ridiculous shirt prices, late kick off times on a day that is convenient for the tv broadcasters. Fucking
  8. Hopefully the Sunday after so we get 2 weeks out of it, I'm enjoying the podcasts. I've never thought it would go ahead.
  9. Perez might have done better, if his aim was for people to take him seriously and believe everything he says, to not state that 'we never asked Bayern or PSG to join'. As though anyone would believe that. And it's been proved otherwise, but it didn't even need to be. A break away league without last season's finalists and current winners being asked, without representation from two big leagues. yeah, ok. Already people are saying it undermines it; 'it's not much of a European super league without the biggest club in Germany and France there'. The only surprising thing in all of th
  10. Why would they want more games? Besides more match revenue. Managers of top clubs complain enough about the busy schedule as it is. What's the point of more games between top sides if the overplayed best players we want to see are injured and absent? There should be a decided maximum number of games a club and players can potentially play in a season. I thought we were at the limit already. I like the champions league as it is, the group stage, 2 leg knockout, that teams that finish 4th, 3rd in their league earn the chance. Only thing i don't like is the away goal rule. I know the
  11. Unlikely any new additions to this thread coming from this new Simpsons episode... ...but if it annoys Morrissey then that's funny. I'd put Morrissey among the worst people in history to take criticism. I haven't really thought about who else is, it's probably a load of kings and paranoid rulers isn't it, but he'd be up there.
  12. Yeah, not one person in this thread believes this kind of myopic view of things, so it's a bit wasted in here. It wasn't a dig, i just found the revolutionary vibe of your post surprising, given 2015-2019 in the uk was about which side are people on, the side of the establishment and the ruling class, or the side of the ones challenging them. And it became clear quickly which side people were on.
  13. The dictionary definition isn't that descriptive really intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. "mercenaries who had allowed greed to overtake their principles" I think people use greed to mean excess. Richest clubs in the world want more. Richest clubs in the world also in debt. I just mean we shouldn't obsess over behaviour while overlooking the culture and economic system in which they occur. This is the culmination of 40 years of globalisation and growth. It's a bit late to plead with owners to have a social conscience when
  14. Sorry i just find this funny. The use of Founding Clubs evoking too much Founding Fathers, that they need to replace Uefa for European football because it's not run well and only they can do it properly, citing the financial imperative which is because they're actually so badly run most of them are in severe debt. The website with the club crests that eternally switch from one Founding Club to another, like the new guardians of football, here to rescue us all. The exploitative use of the women's game to suggest they’re progressives and insisting that 'one of the core commitments of
  15. So the manager hired to specifically win a trophy who has not since been sacked after a final was pencilled into the calendar because the club has been hanging on to him possibly winning it despite sliding down the table has just been let go a week before playing the final. I can't stand Mourinho so it's quite funny, but that said, like everyone else i was thinking; well could he? We were all curious. Now we will never know. That Levy sure is a genius. But wait! you might add, he hired Pochettino, the most impressive young overseas manager in years no one could possibly miss, and
  16. Messi's team mates queing up to take their photo with him.
  17. 10 years feels like so long ago in football. Talk in this thread at the beginning; AVB going to Chelsea, which i actually forgot, Sanchez going to Barcelona, which i forget too, Stuart Pearce managing some England youth which i can't recall either. Maybe it's more my memory is bad. I think it’s because there's matches every day, press conferences, interviews, analysis, so you see a lot of a player or manager at a club, in the moment things feel so substantial and comprehensive. Sanchez being a mixture of Hazard and Aguero at Arsenal feels like a lifetime ago now he's dropped off a cliff and no
  18. Messi scoring a wonder goal from the half way line against Bilbao in the copa del ray final again, with a little help from his friends this time.
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