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  1. Nottingham 11th September part 1
  2. Manchester 4th September part 1
  3. London 28th August part 2
  4. For penalties i think Fernandes will want to please Ronaldo and Ole will be too in thrall to demand anything, will look to Fernandes who will just shrug, not wanting to but accepting. It's not just the rule change but no Martial, Rashford, James running at defenders. (I haven't checked but I'm sure Martial was the main provider of penalties, i think he'll be peripheral all season, Rashford not back for months, James gone). If Fernandes was getting like 9 penalties a season I'd expect maybe 3. I suppose there's Sancho with his direct dribbling. I asked on reddit how many people think Ronaldo will score this season because...I'm bored. I said 22 in 35 games. Zlatan got 17 in 28 and Cavani 10 in 26. 15-20 would be the average guess. Someone on there said 30+. I think that won't happen in a million years and I'm not going to compare him with all the players in the past who didn't score that many. It's a miraculous every single thing going right it was meant to be season to do that. James Horncastle on the totally football show was talking about Ronaldo's arrival like it was a death. 'People think he's purely a centre forward but he never played there at Juventus, he played out wide because that's where the space is'. 'Dybala would look to him and the chance would go'. Like he's such a big player everything revolves around him to the team's detriment. Are United a cohesive fluid team? I don't think they were going to win the league anyway so i don't think he jeopardizes that. There's loads of tricky fixtures coming up and it's hard to know. Ronaldo will have his goal scoring moment, we all can see it but it's just when and how. There's uncertainty if he'll start or not. I don’t think he will. There's a fantasy he'll hammer Newcastle but how often do Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, Cavani score braces? Rashford got his first hat trick against Leipzig on the counter, when the chances were clear cut. When teams give them space it's phenomenal how incisive they are compared to how inept they are against deep defences. It's all the final ball and no build up, no play. Is Ronaldo going to be making runs from Pogba through balls? Are the crosses going to be consistent enough and good enough for headers? Or will he do what Greenwood did vs Wolves and cut inside and score from essentially nothing? However he gets goals i don't think he's got the potential to score braces or goal and assist like other premiums do. 22 goals is still as many as Salah got last season if that's what he manages. Not captain material though i don't think if he doesn't have the potential to score more than one in a game. I took Fernandes out weeks ago as more options appeared and would take him out now too before price drops but many are taking -8 hits for Ronaldo which i think is silly. Lukaku has 6 in 8 against Villa but Chelsea lost to them in April and the previous 3 games were tight. I kind of thought Lukaku would get a brace and be the best captain choice for gw4 but i don't know because of that.
  5. Ah okay that makes sense. 12m then or same as Lukaku? Fantasy towers will be looking at the last two serie A seasons though where he scored 60 goals in 66 games, which neither Kane or Salah have managed that goals to game ratio.
  6. Too low or too high?? 12.5m is what i expected. It would be a bit insulting to price a 36 year old who hasn't played in the premier league for a decade over much younger peak players who have been performing in the league for consecutive seasons, i think, like Kane and Salah. And Ronaldo only got a few more goals in serie a over Lukaku who is 1m less (and Lukaku got more assists so points wise not dissimiliar)
  7. Yeah they traded a highly rated young Brazilian who fans would say could perform like Xavi with a chunk of time to get there with a much older midfielder who hasn't done anything that was entirely done for financial reasons even though it doesn't seem to make sense. Barcelona fans did care, care less now Pedri has been so good. Ilaix Moriba wants more money and Barcelona aren't willing to bend. Not dissimiliar when Pogba left. Well i removed 'Even though it was a joke' because i wasn't sure given it's not funny and decided it was more in line with united fans going on and on and on and on about signings.
  8. Another example of United fans casually thinking a top team, however financially crippled, are willing to hand over one of the most impressive young midfielders in the world they spent £77m on. Perhaps we can swap Lingard for the generational talent of Pedri who is the future of the club. It's not like Barcelona can't mess up, they let Arthur go, but as rated as he was, that's still a step below De Jong's potential. I think Kovacic would be more reasonable, even if he's in a team that i think will win the league and Tuchel won't want to let him go, he's still behind Jorginho and Kante and mostly back up/rotation and a £60m bid might have tested Chelsea. I'd like a midfielder mind but it's far too late now. I think Van De Beek can play deeper in midfield though not as a battling defensive minded midfielder fans seem obsessed with. Basically similar to Gundogan, moves the ball quickly, covers ground. His confidence is probably completely shot now and if he plays one game in this hyper individualistic United people expect him to be some wizard who has to assist or score to deserve his position rather than just link up the play like I expect him too.
  9. Seems to be €28m so £24m? Still fairly high. Interesting Bielsa wanted him before and has gone back. A humble willing runner and selfless player with pace, it'll be great to see him consistently for Leeds. He's not a superstar, he's a solid premier league player who will have his days where he gives a fullback a game to forget and does his bit for the team. I'd rather Lingard and Van De Beek left to play. Sure i read Van De Beek wants to fight for his place and Lingard seems to love Man United too much. Can still see Lingard going late tomorrow though. I don't expect Man United to bring in any midfielder in this late. Sancho's arrival after the transfer saga has been anticlimatic, for a player who is so individually impressive to be almost forgotten about after 3 games is disappointing.
  10. London 28th August part 1 was cloudy again, it's 10 hours on a bus, 10:30pm to 3am if not later on the way back so almost didn't want to go when i got up and saw it was cloudy after i thought it would be cloudy with sun. Will wait until Friday next time before i book, i want the sun. One last time. If it's not guaranteed, i won't go again.
  11. Lukaku being so back to goal concerns me a little. He's laying off the ball but i want him taking more shots and being on the end of chances. He used to score a brace then go missing for 3 games. He'll be influential in this Chelsea but for his price I'm not sure whether Chelsea will share the goals around for him to be worth it. He got more assists at Inter but for the price it's not enough. Ronaldo...fuck knows. Whether he takes penalties, whether he'll carry his Juventus scoring record over. He needs to be fed when united struggle against compact defences and looking at today the crossing was crap. He’s not running in behind but he can do what Greenwood did today. I own Wilson too so probably needs to be shipped out. United's fixtures though turn hard so it's hard to predict. I prefer to look at my overall rank of 982,541 as only 89 points off the number 1 player. I suppose by November it will be 500 points and I'll be saying...how did that happen. My mistakes this season were not deciding on a Chelsea defender and thinking Leicester and Leeds would start fast. West Ham...i don't think their form even makes much sense.
  12. I might have to try this formation on pro evo online.
  13. 101 goals in 3 seasons is pretty ridiculous. I'm not a fan of this Ronaldo but and i know it's a boring line used by pundits, his winning mentality will have an effect on the club. Cavani can score late headers but Ronaldo will do that leap and annoying leg out stretched pose and everyone will think anything is possible each time. Even if the reality is not winning the league like Juventus and getting knocked out by a dutch team in the Champions League. The discussion on fantasy football reddit is he will take penalties off Fernandes despite not being as good and free kicks despite being shite at them now.
  14. 80s footballers ageing badly have gone too far this time /offtopic
  15. It was just the 11 questions in a row... I'm positive about it as i was Cavani, even though i wasn't so much with Zlatan because i felt like it'd affect the game time of Rashford and Martial (they play wide anyway) but it's the knee jerk buying a star to score rather than developing young talent that irks me. It's different now in that Rashford is if anything overplayed and we've seen probably the best of Martial. The only young player it will affect is Greenwood who we just all say will learn from these players anyway. United had a good bench last season, now it will be in some games Ronaldo/Cavani, Rashford/ Greenwood, Sancho/Martial, Van de Beek/Pogba. Ronaldo won't do much if anything other than goal hang and score but Fernandes' desire to win has been massive (even if he does seem to throw his hands up a lot now) and more of that from Ronaldo will positively affect the team. (I know he moans too)
  16. Because Ronaldo is probably only going to stay for 2 years and he will have one season left by the time Haaland would arrive? If Real Madrid buy Mbappe which seems certain this season or next that seems more of a dent than Ronaldo's brief time at a club. Also Lukaku at Chelsea. And Lewandowski has probably 4-5 more years at Bayern.
  17. If CRonaldo will only stay for 2 years would that affect chasing Haaland? I wouldn't have thought so. I think it ends Chelsea getting him because Lukaku's stay will be longer and presumably successful in a way Werner's hasn't been that Chelsea won't be looking for a 3rd striker in 3 years (after letting Abraham go). Man United won't spend stupid amounts to entice a player to the club? They would wouldn't they? I don’t think United need a striker though, i think Greenwood up front, Martial, Rashford wide and as back ups, with Sancho out wide and Fernandes providing, United don’t lack goals. Not finishing, just creating sometimes...I'd try to nab Kovacic from Chelsea without them somehow noticing. You'd think if Madrid get Mbappe they won't get Haaland too. I think Bayern might end up being the likeliest and then Man City. If Juventus are thinking that having CRonaldo in their team is a disadvantage to them overall and they play better without him then i don't see how Guardiola will put up with his lack of pressing/defensive work/linking up. He gave Aguero enough shit over it. I don’t know how many times I've heard a journalist on a podcast say 'it's really simple guys why can't people understand that Kane has a contract and Levy doesn't need to sell no matter how much Kane wants to leave'. Nicky Baldani was the only one really to say; in any other profession you have some agency over what you want to do with your life. Or words to that effect, pls no one reply with 'well actually, in these jobs...' or fake pity for a guy paid handsomely. There's news Kane wants a wage increase, whether that's true. Why can't he merely run down his contract now and leave for free? Have his pick of club. I saw a reddit thread the other day, actually from a year ago i think that asked 'is Kane the best player to never win anything?' and most answers were like...er yeah he probably is. Aubameyang desperately wanted to move to Real Madrid, Lewandowski wanted the same, De Gea wanted it and got close, Zaha wanted a big move. All eventually resigned to thinking it will never happen. Don't know how bored spurs fans are of this but becoming the premier league's all time top scorer without winning anything would be pretty ridiculous. The top 2 with just one league between them. If Kane signs another contract extension even with a buy out clause there's no guarantee like the players above that another club will be interested enough to spend big given his age. He's in danger of never moving and it seems like he knows this point is pivotal in his career while at the same time being an idiot with contracts it seems. I thought Lewandowski to Man City, Kane to Bayern might have been possible after Lewandowski got upset over Bayern hinting at wanting Haaland. Maybe the future of football is all the top clubs swapping their strikers every 3 years.
  18. London 20th August part 2
  19. London 14th August part 4
  20. I hope the hearing issues aren't serious CS2x? What i know about CS2x is two fantastic electronic albums, really complex and organic and also he worked with Grace Jones. In terms of achievements of forum users working with Grace Jones would rank high. I mean didn't we knight someone because Steven Spielberg sent him an enthusiastic email? I don't know what success or failure means. I don't want to make money from any of my output, just live as low cost as possible and have the time and energy for it. And just be fulfilled and surprised by it. I have no imagination or any ideas so have been basically amazed thousands of times over 15 years, ending up with stuff that is way beyond anything i could have expected. That can't be arrogant can it? I said i have no ideas! I have a desire to feel something through art, imagery. People are obsessed with status but I'm only interested in the quality of something, not my capacity. Because i'm not trying to sell my services am I so it doesn't matter does it? Sometimes i feel like; in terms of what i do, that's the best i can do. So i have to stress that without being arrogant but people can't be remotely trusted to share the same feelings of apathy and to want something different. Art to me is an antidote to being bombared and surrounded by stuff, a purification. The issue for me because i don't do any art professionally is that it feels like living a double life. It gets worse and worse. I don't mind doing whatever repetitive manual job, i just can't bear being defined by it. I have an obscene amount of stuff that's just there and doesn't mean anything to anyone but which i'm really proud of. To me, art is just meant to be shown. Obviously i do it for myself, but it being seen is also a part of it. Autechre were asked this, and said because there's two of them they're never alone. They can get excited by what the other shows them. That sounds amazing to me, having someone who works on something half finished and twists and reveals new things in it. They also said if they put an album out and only one person gets it that's enough. Somehow, despite doing 3 separate types of art that fit into recognised things i've never been part of any community. I was on mojizu (a character design site) and had 2 comments that spoke of people seeing the slight difference but the site soon died, and that was long ago when i was doing mostly rubbish stuff. The closest i'm getting now is about 4 photographers on deviantart faving, commenting but one admitted it took him ages to get what i was doing. Also I tweeted a media teacher whose work was amazing but then he deleted his twitter and his instagram after many years. Hmm. I just want to be on one of those street photography sites with others, i want to be recognised. While at work i made the mistake of giving my deviantart link to an older woman i barely know. Well next time she saw me she said; 'are you alright?' with far too much concern, I'm sure she was shaking. She got her daughter to look it up! It made me laugh thinking of them both sat down expecting some nice photos of buildings and then being plunged into this despairing dystopia, and them sat there thinking; why has he sent us here? And by giving her a link it was a cry for help. I don't know. It saddens me i can't share stuff i'm proud of without it seeming i'm emptying my soul but i can't help get a kick out of how jarring it would be because that's what i want art to do; unsettle, unnerve, surprise, jolt. I showed someone else at work, the sleeping taxi driver if that means anything to anyone reading and she said 'oh...it's kind of scary' and just didn't want to engage more than that. And when i show my parents they go silent. It's awkward, like i'm revealing my soul. I do digital art stuff as well but i don't even bother showing them anymore. Unless you do something that can be sold it has no value, that's the viewpoint of my family. Money is temporary, i don't care. I want to do stuff that in 30 years time i still like. Can't even put 50 years because i'm not sure i'll make it to 74. I mean i don't want to do art professionally, i'm fortunate really it costs me nothing except electricity and cost of travel. No brushes, paint, canvases, no film, no dark room, no studio. I'm fortunate that nothing excites me more in the world than transforming what i have into something else, because that's what it always is. Nothing more exciting than a chunk of days in a city with good light and thousands of shots to go through seeing how they transform. It doesn't even matter if the excitement is a delusion, if it's lowering the level to be able to gain the volume, what matters is it's always interesting and surprising. I think about the poor photographer lugging his heavy tripod up a mountain to tediously get a shot of the sky at a certain time and think i have so much more fun with photography than they do. And then anything i like i can put up on to the internet and people will see it. Not many, and i don't know much i can do before it becomes boring, but it's still an amazing thing to be able to do. I'm lonely but fortunate. I suppose one possibility is patreon but i'll never be popular enough. I could at least guarantee a photo uploaded every day for the rest of my life, so i mean in that regard i'd deliver. People could even say go here this is where i live do here and i'd go there! It doesn't matter, to repeat the same things for the 5th time now, i just want to be fulfilled by the process, and do stuff that's interesting enough that some people maybe anticpate new stuff. That probably sounds a lot, but i know i did of others i liked on instagram so...yeah that's it. Another thing would be to make a videogame, but a genuinely incredible one, not an attempt, but i think of the expertise needed. There's 6 genres of games that just aren't being made and i'm not sure they ever will. I'm not sure i can think of it is as a failure to not do that because until a few years ago i never thought about it. A year ago i said i'd try and i've done nothing. The numbers thing in terms of views...i do think; at what point would i be satisfied anyway. If it's not 20 views but 200 views would that be better. Not really. Any impact individual images have i'll only know if people tell me. A number won't do that.
  21. In all John Woo's Hollywood films are disappointing but i just think that word supposes a director will come close to their earlier work and they won't, few do. The authenticity, raw energy, bold ideas, risk taking, desire to prove themselves, the freedom...they lose all that. But yeah you look at Hard Target and Broken Arrow coming after Hard Boiled and think; well you excel in brutal stripped back close quarters gun shoot outs and those films have none of that. Face/Off uses his slow mo well though and i think it's aged well. It's not like I'm old enough to have seen John Woo's 80s films though at the time and then watch his 90s Hollywood films and get initially excited then disappointed. I just grew up on his 90s films then watched some earlier ones. I didn't know Kitano did an American film. Is it just Brother? Ilya Naishuller...because Hardcore Henry was disappointing based on his few earlier shorts? Nobody was disappointing based on...? Mathieu Kassovitz...god knows what happened to his career. José Padilha...i don't think he had a chance on Robocop with everything that's come out. One of the big recent disappointments for people would be Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck with The Tourist but again i didn't watch The Lives Of Others at the time of its release and if i did i wouldn't be excited he's working with Jonny Depp and Angelina Jolie because i don't think they chood good material anymore. Fernando Meirelles is maybe a disappointment for people after City Of God but again like so many directors who use the environment they know when their films take place elsewhere they lose their power and appeal and just become ordinary films like anything else.
  22. It's reminding me of something but i don't know what. At the moment i'm just thinking of a packet of Seabrook cheese and onion crisps but i'm sure it's something else too.
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