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  1. Booted this up for the first time in years - was quite shocked by how good it still looks. I'm pleased to confirm the T500 racing wheel still works. My 15yo son is now car mad (real cars) so GT is a logical step for him. He even likes the car history stuff in Brand Central.
  2. Hmm I wonder if that will be paired with a PS5 Pro...
  3. New Kena:BoS b-roll captured from PS5 - looks good, but not as good as I remember it from the initial trailer.
  4. So I've been playing Ratchet and Clank, initially there was a tinge of regret trading in Returnal for it. Then after basking in the glory of Quality mode I switched to RT60. I'll never be able to play Ratchet and Clank games at 30fps ever again. The combat is so much more satisfying at 60fps (I know I'm preaching to the converted here). I'm also enjoying the more casual structure where I can have a quick session and actually feel like I'm progressing. Great game, highly recommended
  5. Game! Yeah Game gave me better trade in value than CEX - was prepared to force them to price match but they gave me more trade in value for all 3 games than CEX would have - and I got a new game which I wouldn't have got from CEX in fact I probably wouldn't have been able to get Ratchet at all. Not to mention it was a cheeky pre morning meeting drive to get it and CEX wouldn't have been open at 9...
  6. Ooooh, the new update now allows you to check the status of your savedata sync with the PSPlus without having to go into your library. Returnal got traded in, I love it but it's not a game you can play for two hours a week and feel like you are progressing. Got Ratchet to fill the WOW new console power vibe for now. Whilst I do think £70 per game is too much, at least they hold their trade in value, got 47 for Returnal and 45!!! For Ring Fit (a full tenner more than CEX) I even managed to get £8 For a boxed copy of Squadrons as it's on PSPlus now anyway +10% bonus cause they have a deal on. So
  7. Don't be sorry I appreciate the detailed description, I now feel more informed on the matter. For me personally I wanted DV added for UHD disc playback as games seem to be fine as they are (for the reasons you have stated). However I seem to recall complaining about this before to be told I would have to be watching a UHD disc with and without DV on the same display to notice any kind of perceivable difference.
  8. I thought DV allowed you to have dynamic HDR ranges that could change depending on the scene, which I would have thought might well be useful for games as you transition between light and dark areas etc.
  9. Ah cool, seemed like an odd thing to have as an exclusive.
  10. Yeah I got a bonus once where the value was in Canadian dollars but no conversion was applied and they just added a pound sign in front
  11. Is that the dollar price with a pound sign in front and no conversion?
  12. I don't think it's supposed to work with TV speakers yet - it only works with headphones (any, plugged in via USB or into the controller). Returnal has great 3D audio and I think Astrobot has as well but it's been a while since I played that. Chuck any old set of earphones or headphones into the controller and see if you can sense spatial audio in those two games.
  13. Ohhh kay, thought you had to pay a premium for DV and DA guess I miss interpreted something along the way... Not that it matters as a) I have a TV with DV and DA certification so all my streaming services already support it via the TVs native apps. Not supporting it on UHD Disc playback is a missed opportunity though especially when you are paying for exclusivity. Ah well, one less reason to get a Series X then. Halo Infinite is going to have to be unmissable then.
  14. Wait, what, even if you pay for it?
  15. Yeah, it's an odd choice, I would have preferred to have it for UHD Disc playback on PS5 and would have paid for it too. I'm some way off getting a Series X so I guess I'll be waiting either way.
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