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  1. I'm curious how far through the film you got? I noticed the drive spinning a lot at the start of the film then I stopped noticing it.
  2. Not been a PC gamer for years now, but yeah after the buzz, crackle and whine of the CRT it was the hum of PC fans... the ticking of HDDs, wiring if DVD drives... Headphones are the only option.
  3. Lol I was thinking about this earlier. I used to have some CRTs that made the kind of high pitch squeal that only the most dedicated of gamers could tune out. Now I'm bemoaning the mildest of hum only audiable in a near silent room late at night...
  4. It clicks eventually, as long as you don't go back to an OG PS4.
  5. Me too, despite a few niggles. It's fast which is crucial imo, I like that it's an overlay to send or accept game invites. I've got used to tap PS button, left one (x) to got to rest mode too.
  6. Is there another way to 'spike' the HDMI connection without a console reboot - maybe try turning the TV ON and OFF instead?
  7. Ooh Nice, cleared the virus that is CoD of my SSD recently so should have space for this now. In other news (also trying to be slightly more positive) I started playing Sackboy over the last few Fridays as I couldn't be arsed with Control any more. What a pleasant treat it is, beautiful looking, great music, classic platforming gameplay, still a little wooly on the controls but no where near as bad as the LBP games.
  8. I think those youtubers had probably been playing stuff on the PS4 Pro before getting the PS5 - if that's there point of reference it IS definitely silent. Although I suspect early firmware was more quiet than newer firmware...
  9. DemonsSouls is a bit crashy tbh, not really a hardware issue there. Although I've seen the same controller issue in Spiderman MM. The disc drive issue is a thing that they will fix soon hopefully.
  10. Yeah seem like it's just a HDMI issue - next time it happens try unplugging the HDMI cable and plugging it in again. If that fixes it then it's just a handshake issue rather than a dying GPU.
  11. Did you play it first? If you've played through SM or SM:MM at RT60 I'd say it was OK. DemonsSouls is another good test or any of the Ubi games with the PS5 patch applied cause their engines are poorly optimised and often over stress the hardware more than they should.
  12. For peace of mind I'd stress it with something that has a proper PS5 update or a native PS5 game. Assuming you have one, Spiderman at RT60 should be enough to put pressure on the GPU.
  13. You got anything to stress the GPU? As in an actual PS5 game rather than a PS4 game played via BC. I do wonder if I may find a fault with mine since it spends most of its time being a relatively silent PS4 Pro. Also vertical is definitely noisier than horizontal, however, it's marginal and I can only really hear it in total silence, if the game has an audio track playing it's inaudible. I think I only started noticing it when I turned off the music in Everybodys golf.
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