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  1. Not done it personally but a few people here have had the same issue - I think it will jump to 'on it's way back to you' all in one go.
  2. Seems like Deathloop is a darling with the critics - https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-12-deathloop-review
  3. More GT info - https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/products/gt7/
  4. Damit, good to know, sorry to have mislead, I though it did...
  5. Yeah, I did manage to turf them out when the boys were younger, but in the end it was more convenient to do an AirB&B.
  6. To some it might seem weird. Especially if you don't have kids and other adult pressures in your life. For us it's a way to get back to our youth. Care free gaming, for hours and hours. No pressures, interruptions or commitments. One weekend of gaming bliss. I usually find 3-4 hrs a week of console gaming. So to spend over a month's worth of hours over a weekend with a like minded friend is amazing.
  7. A dream within a dream... I tell ya the 18 months we've all had deserves quality R&R.
  8. We have been doing it for a few years now, although been nearly 2 years since the last one due to covid restrictions! Worth checking the TV in the AirB&B I found out at the last minute from the host that the TV was 720p which wasn't going to cut it. So I chucked a 32inch 1080p set in the back of the car + Quest 2, beast PC and a PS5. It's fucking great though - endless gaming, a few films and lots of food. We both have families so this sort of gaming time is a rare beast.
  9. Ah, that's not what I experienced - I heard coil whine could also be a buzzing sound which is what my PS5 was doing on shonky electrics... I can't hear crickets any more so I could have coil whine but not be able to hear it! Getting old kinda sucks
  10. Not sure - have you had a PS5 with coil whine before? See above, not that that is an excuse for the console to give you coil whine but it could be the reason.
  11. I had a gaming weekend in an AirB&B with an old friend over the weekend - a great opportunity to catch-up in real life and escape our families! I finally finished Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Wow! Really impressive last act. thoroughly enjoyable at 60FPS (I hated it at 30FPS and didn't click with it at all). What was most interesting was the obvious difference to both of us (my mate is a casual gamer) was the lighting between R&C and Ghost of Tsushima. Raytracing makes everything look like it belongs in the scene in R&C. Whilst GoT has some fantastic lighting sometimes the characters don't feel like they are part of the same scene. It's a real shame GoT:DC is such a light touch PS5 update. I appreciate 60FPS always but we had that in a patch already. I've often wondered if the difference between RT and screen space reflections plus traditional lighting would be noticeable to the more casual player but it definitely was. My other observation was 'coil whine', my PS5 has never done this to any noticeable degree in my home (which is a 3yo build so modern electrics). The AirB&B had proper old electrics some of the plugs looks like the worst DIY jobs you've seen (one was upside-down). As a result the coil whine was clearly audible which explains why some people say they have it and others don't I'd say at a guess it's not necessarily just down to the machine you get, but also related to how old your electrics are and how dirty your mains supply is. The electrics were so dodgy that at one point my beast laptop (has two PSUs to drive a desktop class 2080) killed the power to the whole building, somewhat disturbingly this didn't blow the fuse and it all came back on by itself...
  12. New PS Showcase - expect a date for GT7 - going with March/April I had heard previously it would be Feb but now that H:FW is Feb I can't see Sony releasing the two in the same month, and GT7 ain't coming early!
  13. Too true, having two pads is essential even if you don't play couch co-op with friends... Controllers are the hardest working component of any games machine, they will break, having a backup is well worth not it considering the alternative is not being able to play at all.
  14. The drift issue is odd as I've experienced some controller oddity since the last controller update - it seems they reduced the power and thus range on the bluetooth transmitter. Now with my PS5 hiding behind the TV, if my knee moves between the line of sight of the console and the controller starts acting up. Move my knee and everything is OK. Worth checking this before you send controllers off to be repaired.
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