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  1. Actually the HDR thing is a really good addition - Not that I use CEC but I know some on here have had issues with the previous implementation so hopefully this update has fixed things. I wonder what else lurks in the update - the dreaded drive spin would be a great addition (and simple) hopefully that's fixed too.
  2. This is a pro tip especially for all those hiding the beast behind a TV. I had similar issues with my PS4 Pro totally obscured by the TV. Also, I think Spiderman has a controller bug where it all goes a bit weird and you loose control. So if you were playing that at the time, it could be the issue.
  3. Nice although I'm more impressed with the Master System collection!
  4. I recommend this too, it looks nice, it's quite weighty (which it needs to be) the controllers slot in really easily (if you had the PS4 version you'll know how important this it). The RRP is pretty good as it comes with it's own PSU so it frees up a port (unlike most 3rd party ones).
  5. Yeah been there - fortunately my kids are now teens so it's less of an issue. Ah I remember the days...
  6. I believe it's using their own in house Luminous Engine. Which they have been working on for a good while now, so hopefully it won't be the blocker.
  7. Love the design on these, compares favourably to the competition as opposed to lagging massively behind like the move controllers...
  8. Thank fuck for that, inside-out tracking is where it's at. Now we need a wireless option (even if that's an addon)
  9. Seems quite likely tbh, setting up a studio from scratch takes a lot of time - if you already have one and just need to get a project signed then it's much easier.
  10. She worked at Ubisoft, then headed a studio for EA on a 3rd Person adventure game in the Starwars universe. When that got shuttered I think I recall seeing her onstage at the Stadia announcement... I'm guessing that has also gone south since google have stopped all internal dev on Stadia. Now she's working with Sony, hopefully they will get to ship something this time. Must be really difficult working on and endless list of cut games.
  11. Has anyone bought the stand for this - eyeing one on amazon JP for £50 (ish) but I wonder if it makes it less usable and just 'looks nice' - form over function.
  12. Yeah, best we don't talk about that, the only reason I didn't get the Aleste collection for PS4 was because I wasn't sure if it came with the GG micro or not... Don't start me on the RType Final 2 Collectors edition ...
  13. It has arrived! What a lovely piece of kit, my favourite mini console by far. As mentioned no carrier fees or tax all paid upfront as advertised... So much stuff on Amazon JP I have access to now, really regretting not doing it earlier.
  14. Yeah watch a video on how to easily remove the side plates first - can't believe how much force he put on his when they just slide off, no wonder he broke them! Listening to the noise his machine was making I'm much less worried about mine. Maybe when they crank the fans I'll take a look but for now, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  15. So not only is it cheaper than eBay but it was also quicker!
  16. DHL say they are going to deliver today! Ordered on a Thursday arrives on a Monday, from JAPAN! Bloody impressive...
  17. Yeah just being cautious, it's my first Amazon JP purchase.
  18. Will let you know if I get stung with a handling fee from DHL. In other news, the one I was watching on eBay is now £155 Inc postage. The seller even says they bought it off Amazon JP. Guess those bidders don't have mukkers to help guide them
  19. Got a text from DHL this morning confirming my package from Amazon JP will arrive on Wednesday and needs to be signed for!
  20. @Down by Law none of your images are visible to me - I just get a no entry sign!
  21. Well I'm now 95 pounds worse off better than eBay though the cheapest is currently sitting at £100 + £9 p&p. I can see it being north of £140 by the end of the bidding... The usual FOMO creeping in, although I am an old school Sega fanboy so it's a fitting addition to my collection. Working with the Japanese MD mini pads was the tipping point though.
  22. Having an Amazon JP account could be really bad for my wallet ... Tower of power wasn't 'that' expensive....
  23. Fuck. I'd talked myself out of it... I'd imagine my brook board powered arcade stick will work too... So this Amazon JP thing, looks like my normal Amazon account doesn't work... Is that normal?
  24. I wonder if you can use the Japanese Megadrive Mini pads with this?
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