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  1. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Today was the first time the County Championship and the Sheffield Shield were played on the same day. Only time in 140 years.
  2. Just as an FYI this has been widely discredited and should be viewed as a work of fiction. A lot of the individuals mentioned didn’t exist, or didn’t serve in the units he mentions.
  3. The single worst thing that they've done is achievements and item levels really. If you want to do Ranked Battlegrounds people want a certain level of gear, if you want to do a PUG Mythic dungeon, people want the achievement linked or your Raider.IO score. I think they are actually integrating some of the Raider.Io stuff in the next patch, which is a horrible decision. A lot of the systems now do encourage people to be twats, so if you are like me, you just don't use those systems, and if the entire endgame is based around them, it's not a great way of keeping people interested.
  4. I've gone back to WoW after like 8 years or something and I've been enjoying it a lot. Insane amount of content to go through, easy to level, and you don't really need to talk to anyone if you don't want to. The community is no worse than it used to be, although I haven't really been PUG-ing at all. Stuff like BGs and so forth are noticably less toxic than they used to be, and most of the interactions I've had with randoms have been fine, it's actually been a lot less elitist shouting than it used to be. That said, the game is more or less the same as it used to be. As in, the game
  5. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Impressively appalling from SRH.
  6. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    That’s some innings from Babar Azam.
  7. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Great end to today’s IPL game as well. How have KKR thrown this away? If you ignore all the stupid marketing crap I’m warming to the idea of the Hundred. This IPL game has been going on for four hours, which is ridiculous. Yesterday was the same as well. They need to get over rates under control. The Hundred should be good quality cricket and done in a reasonable amount of time. That they call the batsmen Willowwickeys or whatever they come up with next is neither here nor there.
  8. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Ben Stokes with finger knack. Hope he’s back for the summer.
  9. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Royals very close to chasing down 223 there. Don’t think I’ve ever seen turning a run down actually work for the chasing team.
  10. The first couple of series were really good. It’s essentially nonsense now, they got too caught up in the overarching story and they keep having to shoehorn in stuff that doesn’t really make sense to make it fit.
  11. The BBC did adaptions of a few Lovecraft short stories the last couple of years which I enjoyed a lot. Start with the Case of Charles Dexter Ward as they do run in order.
  12. VAR should pull it back now to him rolling about on the floor and chalk the Spurs goal off for excessive simulation.
  13. Fulham are going to be a bit unlucky to go down. Worse sides in the division but they waste so many chances.
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