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  1. Cracking final to the Big Bash. Actually been an alright tournament this year, think it benefits from not having all the usual circuit names and it all coming down to random 19 year old bogans.
  2. Back to being terrible at ODIs then.
  3. There is entirely too much T20 on at the moment.
  4. Josh Little got a contract as well so first Irish player in the IPL.
  5. Brook went for a lot as well, as did Stokes. Root unsold so far. Real turn around in the attitude to English players, they are going for the biggest money now.
  6. Sam Curran becomes the most expensive IPL player ever.
  7. He sort of deserved to win, but he was sort of fucked after he flipped on Amanda.
  8. Wilf and Kieran have to go for each other now surely? They won’t end it until at least one is gone.
  9. Wilf is playing it well if he was playing with a bunch of experienced Mafiascum players, but I’m not sure that the lot who are left would pick up on the distancing etc.
  10. The latest podcast with Danny Devito is wonderful.
  11. Yeah both sets of fans were throwing flares by the Victory keeper lobbed in back into the crowd and that provoked a mass melee. The early game was pretty rough as well, two mass brawls between the players. Think they must think they are playing Aussie Rules instead.
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