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  1. Thought Birmingham had screwed that then. That lad at the end only signed his first pro contract three weeks ago.
  2. Love the way that the commentators keep talking about overs before correcting themselves to set of five.
  3. The Blast is pretty quick for a T20 competition though. The IPL is a disgrace for timing, changing the field completely after every ball and so on. They need to make sure that the Hundred doesn’t go down the same route. Some IPL games last longer than ODIs.
  4. First innings last night was three minutes quicker than the allotted time for a Blast innings. Was a spin heavy game mind.
  5. Fancy Oval here, don’t think Manchester bat that deep. They need wickets though.
  6. I'm going on Monday to Trent Bridge. You get tickets to both games (men and women's) on the same ticket, but the women's game starts too early. Can't give the tickets to the early game to my sister in law due to Covid restrictions. Bit annoyed as it seems a bit of a waste and the crowd is going to be smaller for the women just due to scheduling.
  7. First innings took 74 minutes which is 1 minute quicker than a normal Blast innings. If they don’t speed that up a bit then they may as well just play T20.
  8. And the boundaries are shorter because it’s women’s cricket.
  9. The graphics are a bit confusing but this is good quality cricket. Should be a close finish.
  10. Bit lucky there. Cracking series.
  11. I think he’s likely to get taken to Australia. Very good there last time and the current top order haven’t done much to secure their places so far this summer. Might change after the India series but I think Malan would bring a lot of experience to the lineup.
  12. Livingstone finally showing what he can do in an England shirt. He’s been so close for so long but he must be nailed on for the World Cup squad now. Malan probably played himself out of contention which is harsh as he’s been excellent for so long but not showing it at the right time. But I think he has to make the Ashes squad so he might get consolation there. Think Willey needs to bowl well today and then he should be on the plane as well, which would be nice after he missed out on the 50 over WC squad.
  13. Poor from England this, Livingstone aside. Went too hard early on when they were above the rate and have no wickets left now the rate is out of control.
  14. Yes, and sort of. Not sure I would read the follow up, I seem to remember I didn’t really like any of the characters, but I finished it.
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