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  1. I'm pretty sure it's your top 6 (level) that attend the sermons and rituals, so level them up high enough. Alternatively, if someone in the top 6 is bedridden on a a mission or in prison etc, they won't attend and will be replaced with the next person on the list.
  2. Thought the bump was going to be a console version announcement..
  3. I was really impressed by Unsighted. The combat is great. There are interesting puzzles and exploration, with some opportunities for sequence breaking. The time mechanic is very cool. It's a shame more people haven't given it a shot.
  4. They should be called Die and Retries. e.g. My favourite Die and Retry is Enter the Gungeon.
  5. People have been calling platform fighters platform fighters for a while now. This is the not the first game to take the concept. At some point, it makes more sense to change the label. Else we'd still be calling first person shooters Doom clones.
  6. I don't really get the Souls comparisons at all. The games feel nothing alike.
  7. To be fair, it's a difficult game to talk about without spoiling the things that make it good.
  8. Hold on, now. It's not that cut and dry for Majora's. https://youtu.be/653wuaP0wzs
  9. The only thing that has managed to pull me away from Elden Ring is Tunic (currently on Gamepass). The combat is not a patch on ER. But the sender of exploration and discovery is great - really unique with the mechanic of picking up pages from the game's manual and scratches the itch of something new being around each corner in an Elden Ring-ish way.
  10. So this is on sale on the xbox store again. Which is the "important" dlc? The list is pretty confusing.
  11. Normal rogue stuff; try to learn how the different enemies attack, learn how to dodge, when it's safe to attack and which enemies to prioritise when there are a bunch I'm the same room. Learning this stuff is far more important than the stat upgrades (though the stat boosts will definitely help). Just try to take in as much as you can next time you get down to floor 2 and start forming some observations/strategies.
  12. It's crazy to watch a review and think afterwards, "I am a fan of this reviewer." That's what happened after watching his Dragon Quest XI review, though (as well as selling me on the game itself in a way that no other review even got close to). Since then, a Tim Rogers video will usually get a click from me, even if I have no interest in the game. I thought the Action Button reviews were too long, then I sat and watched him talk about Tokumeki Memorial for 5 hours. Great stuff. Think of it his Action Button videos as a mini-series that you watch in episodes. We're all playing checkers and he's playing 3 games of Time Chess simultaneously. Love him.
  13. Kingdom (Dead Lands) is a really cool game. I played in co-op with my wife and we both really enjoyed it.
  14. I'm avoiding reviews of the dlc. I just want to know one thing. Is it standalone or tied into the main game?
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