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  1. I just started ff9 yesterday
  2. Quickest "this is great" to uninstall I've ever experienced, I think.
  3. Pyre is unique and interesting. And they put a lot of effort into making the story adapt to the match outcomes. You could literally lose every match and not have to go back and retry.
  4. For an intro to fighting games, Fantasy Strike does a pretty damn good job. Mechanics are boiled down the basics, execution is simple, movelists are short, but the basic fundamentals of fighting games are all there. It even has tutorial videos for each character that explain the pros and cons on their moves and general gameplay. Things like frame advantage and player states (invincible, super armour, parrying) are displayed through colour coding and hit markers. Importantly, it drastically cuts down the time between picking up the game (or new character) for the first
  5. Supergiant Games have never put out a dud. Also, Transistor is very unique. Definitely worth that sale price if you haven't played it.
  6. I gave Paradise Killer a try and it's really got its hooks in me. It's absolutely my jam. My leads are really running dry now and I think I've got a lot figured out, but there a couple things eluding me. Can anyone point me in the right direction for:
  7. I'm trying to unlock shortcuts so I can practise some of the later areas. Any tips for getting a helper past world 4 without them killing themselves?
  8. Damn. I got it on Steam a while back but that is a perfect switch game.
  9. Isn't it really obvious? If you press the attack button (after a dash or not), it's an attack and scales off attack bonuses.
  10. Cosmic Star Heroine. It's got a really interesting battle system based on comboing and building up to a big attack at just the right time as a team. They've also managed to eliminate spamming attack and hoarding items (literally impossible in this).
  11. Artemis pretty much. She has good duos with practically everyone and crits are always welcome. It's a rare day that I turn down Aphrodite, too.
  12. It's incredibly basic. The thing i dislike about it the most is that the colours that are used to indicate completed numbers aren't they same from one puzzle to the next. What a weird choice! On top of that, as bradigor said, sometimes the colours used for incomplete and complete numbers are grey/blue and blue/grey respectively. Useless! I wanted to turn off the music almost instantly, too.
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