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  1. nice race anewman. I got disconnected. If anyone's interested, I'm about to try and connect again. Try and get some 4 player this time.
  2. I added the following players: Paulando toonfool duffyma johnO anewman Redsquirrel Alan Sprite Machine If any of these are you, could you add me if you haven't already. Maybe drop me a pm or somethin. I'm going to try and connect now anyway. Cheers
  3. I'm about 65% in. I've been playing this game for so long too. Yesterday, I got all the horseshoes. I was happy until I realised that I still have to get the tags, oysters, unique jumps, snapshots...
  4. Here's mine: Advance Wars: Dual Strike - around mission 20 Pikmin 2 (100%) - Just challenge mode left to get all perfects Jump Superstars - All komas to unlock GTA: San Andreas - Lots to do Kirby Canvas Curse - All medals That should take a while. Closest to completion is Pikmin. Edit (24/02/06) I flopped big time: My file on Advance Wars got erased so I game up and sold it. Sold Pikmin 2 Unlocked all the komas in Jump but then sold it (pointless) Still haven't completed GTA Sold Kirby
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