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  1. Took a punt on Bulb Boy, as it had a weird trailer, was on a deep discount and I vaguely remember a thread on here that had some positive things to say about it. Finished it in one sitting. It is certainly interesting
  2. Anyone played Tangledeep? I've wanted a game like Shiren for years and this looks like it could be a contender.
  3. This is what you're looking for btw https://images.app.goo.gl/fiWTykCXR4Qn4Xg2A
  4. Also, I am 99% sure that there is not always a secret room on the floor. They may have changed this in an update, though. I do what Gabzy said, pretty much. Check the chest rooms because they're small and you won't waste much ammo, and then i just drop my remaining blanks in any room I think the secret room could be attached to.
  5. Completing secret levels will unlock certain things, but they're not necessary. Later on, they can be used to get extra drops or more money, but for now your goal is to work towards beating floor 5 and working on "the bullet."
  6. Also, if you're past the point where you can get past the first floor consistently and running a bit low on keys, don't be afraid to smash up some brown/ blue chests. You don't want to use a key on a brown chest only to find you can't open a red on the next floor. You can also occasionally get some very decent stuff for smashing chests (but don't count on it).
  7. Use your money to buy keys. They're basically the most cost-effective way to get loot. Earlier floors also have cheaper shops, so you may as well buy the key on floors 1 and 2 by default, unless there's something really good for sale.
  8. Secret rooms can be accessed by using a blank. ZOK said, you can identify the entrance by shooting the wall (not with your starting guns though). They usually appear off of dead end rooms or chest rooms. Chest rooms are ready too check as well. I usually just set off any spare blanks I have before I set off to the next floor, but I don't go very far out of my way to find them. Often the ammo is more important.
  9. There is an endgame, for sure. There are quite a lot of extras past the "main" run down to the 5th floor. And lots of secrets (noticed any weird/recurring rooms?) There's a tonne to sink your teeth into, but for now just try and learn as much as you can from each run.
  10. I like the look of the atmosphere, story, etc. But the actual punching people stuff looked too simple from the brief footage I saw from the first half hour. Does it evolve/improve?
  11. The last gungeon update, A Farewell to Arms, dropped on Friday. The new rainbow run mode is pretty cool - I've already had a couple of tasty combos going. Apart from that, there's supposed to be a good chunk of new content (new characters, new bosses, new floor) that I haven't had a chance to see yet.
  12. For what it's worth, I didn't get many Zelda vibes from Hob. I liked it but it doesn't feel like Zelda.
  13. I liked it enough to stick with it and finish it, but there were parts that I found quite frustrating and I ended up getting stuck without knowing where to go / what to do next. Possibly me just being a bit crap, but it felt like things could have been a bit clearer.
  14. Text follows its own set of mini rules. E.g. text is always pushable.
  15. Oh God. "Not" is an absolute game-changer!
  16. Brave Rats is usually what my wife and I play on a plane. You need very little space. 2player only, though. A typical game only lasts about 4minutes so you could keep rotating.
  17. Loads of people already said this, but it'd be a crime not to get Celeste if you're interested in it.
  18. Celeste is worth every penny three times over. Just buy it.
  19. "It's not for everyone" to the highest degree.
  20. I do think it's a genuinely good game. It's butt-clenchingly tense in the best way, at points. But I found myself stuck banging my head against a wall trying to progress and gave up, in the end (though I still haven't ruled out returning at some point). The systems involved seem very clever, but are also very opaque. If you like doing a lot of experimentation, you'll probably love this aspect of the game.
  21. It's hard as nails. It's my favourite game that I just can't get into. There's a lot to love, but in terms of hand-holding, it makes Dark Souls look like a nurturing mother.
  22. Which character are you using? As a general recovery tip: if you're finding that people are guarding you from getting back, mix up how you get back. You have several options to help you return (your double jump, up+b, air dodge and extra options depending on character), but if you approach the same way every time, you're predictable and easy to guard against. Also, vary your get up options from the ledge, for the same reasons (you can jump up, attack up, drop and jump or just do a normal get-up).
  23. A few things: Ness feels so damn good in this game, especially with the new dramatic finish on PK Thunder 2. Is Piranha Plant a preorder bonus? Did anyone who ordered through Simply Games get a code? Are rllmuk lobbies for this a thing yet? Because if not, let's make it a thing.
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