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  1. My Xbox has just started downloading a 68.22GB update for this. What.
  2. retroed

    Nintendo Switch

    No warning @grungekid, I just tried to bring the Switch back from sleep mode and the screen wouldn't come on.
  3. retroed

    Nintendo Switch

    My Switch Lite appears to have died, four months old. Well, it's not completely dead as it's still making sounds and I can hear myself moving around the menus, but the screen will not come on at all. I've tried the various reset methods, and nothing, so I've filed a repair request with Nintendo UK.
  4. This currently available to pre-order at CDkeys for £40.69.
  5. Rush Rally 3 is superb. I've only played it in handheld mode so far, finished the first championship, and it is silky smooth. Looks fantastic, too. Excellent game.
  6. Damn this thread! All I need is for Slay the Spire to go on offer, and that'll be me sorted for a while.
  7. You can transfer your user data from one Switch to another with all your saves, including those that are not cloud save compatible.
  8. Team Turquoise! It feels so good in the hands.
  9. I was informed that it would arrive in time for launch, yes.
  10. The Game Collection have some more stock available to pre-order for a non-inflated £39.95.
  11. I think it looks pretty good.
  12. I've played through 30% of PictoQuest this evening. It is glorious.
  13. Great first impression, can't wait to play more. Ended the session with my first win, too! I managed fewer kills than the other two in my squad, but one of them was the final elimination. Buzzing.
  14. TheGameCollection.net have Resi 2 with lenticular sleeve for £37.95, too.
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