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  1. Started off interesting then just got far too weird for me, with the good parts being overshadowed by the jarring/annoying bullshit like the singing dude. I know it's meant to be odd but so many of the characters just make no sense.
  2. A squirrel. Not the most exciting subject but fun to shoot nonetheless!
  3. I gave up, but I knew it was a risky title for me to buy in the first place since I never really enjoy boss battles... Having said that I loved the art style, really enjoyed adventuring around the landscapes and finding things. I gave up at godrick. The combat system felt good actually, but yeah just don't enjoy boss battles and they are tough! L9oking back at it and having played botw, skyrim, rdr2 etc I think elden ring is too heavy on the combat side of things for me, I need more adventuring.
  4. Finally bought a proper tele lens, always wanted one and never owned. Been playing with tits in the park...
  5. They give off the impression that 11th Nov is a pretty set date, really hoping so! I'm a big elder scrolls fan and I'm really hoping its similar to those but in space, I should've just about finished Elden Ring by November haha
  6. Halfway through s1 and it a great. Both I and the Mrs are enjoying it. Makes me. Wonder about 1883, but I'll work my way through this first.
  7. Sum Of All Fears 6.5/10 The Hunt 7/10 The Invisible Man 7.5/10 Donnie Darko 9/10
  8. Yeah watched it, really. Enjoyed it, as is often the case I think it's good they drew things to a close at this point. Quality program though and I'm always surprised more people haven't seen it!
  9. IT part 1 and 2. Grouped score 4/5 I know the general consensus is lower, but I really enjoyed them, definitely one of the best Stephan King adaptations I've seen. Some really creepy visuals and effects.
  10. I'm really enjoying this. Just at the point where I am running around to get data from 3 beacons, so over half way but a fair bit more to go I think. I've spent a long time claiming back the fobs and killing off the mini bosses around the map. I was a bit worried that it would be too much like far cry but it really isn't. It's tighter and just a lot more fun.
  11. Haha Well that's pretty great then! I just tested it using a vpn and it will let me upgrade when I go through a USA based location..... I'll upgrade then and try it!
  12. But will I need the xbox to go through a VPN every time to connect to game pass?
  13. Haha no idea I'm learning. I bought what I thought was a UK one from amazon. Applied code then tried to upgrade and found it was a USA one so no luck Would you mind linking me to the one you bought from CD keys?
  14. Are you based in the UK? If so did you chose the worldwide xbox live subscription?
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