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  1. 2 hours ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    After finishing the remake, I went and replayed the original (my actual OG ntsc copy, on a CRT and everything) up to the point that the remake ends.


    The remake is superior in every single way. It’s all far more fleshed out, far more involving and far more fun. 
    The Sephiroth battle - which is the only real change - gave pt. 1 of this remake series a real crescendo of an ending that was both totally epic and utterly welcome. One of the best remakes I’ve ever played up there with Resident Evil. 



  2. I loved the original FF7 story but you know what could've improved on it?



    Time travel, alternate dimensions and a reality warping battle with the concept of fate itself at the end of the first act. That totally doesn't undermine everything else that comes after.



    Oh, and plot ghosts.


    And a new soldier character who has sex with bikes


    That last one wasn't sarcasm. I actually genuinely like Roche





  3. 2 hours ago, sprite said:

    I wondered this.


      Hide contents



    Can you choose simply not to use the first one?



    It would appear not.


    Barret just yells at you to use the keycard if you try to leave.

    Does anyone know what the numbers over the ability window in the equipment section represent?


  4. Chapter 7 boss question:


    While sabotaging the airbuster, there appears to be no choice but to spend the first keycard on an M-unit. Is that correct? I'd ideally like to save all cards for AI cores and big bombs.


  5. On 12/03/2020 at 13:30, JPL said:

    I wouldn’t be so sure. When Saul first makes an appearance in BB, he’s out in the desert with Walt and Jesse thinking they’re going to kill him and he says “Did Ignacio put you up to this?”



  6. Are there any picross games that involve massive grids? Like 50+ cells wide or perhaps more? Most of the ones I've played have rarely ever gone over 20. Perhaps they start to become impossible to solve logically beyond that size?

  7. haha, yeah I said something similar further down that thread. However I think "puzzle games" does cover a broad array of diverse subgenres, that are wholly unlike each other yet unmistakably involve "puzzle" gameplay.


    I'm absolutely loving, for example, the "information game" genre that's becoming popular. Games like Her Story, Obra Dinn, and to a degree, Outer Wilds, where the puzzle is the acquisiton and use of in-world knowledge to progress further.



    When I first played this game it felt weird that the moral of the story seemed to be "having an imagination is bad and will get you killed". But after seeing this video I think it contextualises it much better towards something like "Real tragedies happen. Explaining them away with fantasy doesn't solve the problem". In doing so it very clearly paints Edie as the villain, addicted to the glamour and fame of the "curse".


  9. 3 hours ago, Qazimod said:

    Apparently the demo’s answer is to have a finite number of fixed encounters in a dungeon. :P It kind of makes sense and ensures everyone has enough experience (and they could get a good estimate of party levels at the end of the episode / start of the next one), but it would make the typical RPG conversation a bit weird: “did you have to do any major levelling before that one boss?” “Uh, I couldn’t...”


    Hard to get an estimate of the nature of the rpg as a whole from what amounts to a linear opening sequence. I suspect you're right for this first episode, as the majority of midgar was quite linear already, but when the world map is introduced in the next part that's going to be an interesting problem to tackle.

  10. 4 hours ago, deKay said:

    I watched you playing! I think it was you anyway. Your brain worked far quicker than me in the Suffering level :)

    Yep, that was me. Had to pause it during suffering as I got a phone call but yeah that was one of those aha moments where I was like "what if..." :D


    "Feeling old" has to be hands down the best part though.

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