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  1. My point is that the 360, while next gen, is still limited to its un-upgradeable hardware, whereas the PC isn't, thus potentially allowing for faster framerates and better graphics.
  2. Why? Surely the pc version can potentially run faster, look better, have better modding capabilities etc.?
  3. I could see it on my normal res copy, but i had to be searching for it with my screen on bright.
  4. I know, but it's more to do with the PC version's certainty compared to Live's possibility.
  5. In morrowind there was a difficulty slider, so hopefully there'll be one in oblivion. but as far as the pc version goes, there were plenty of mods for the game which increased the difficulty (added new enemies/increased security of cities/increased stats/items of existing enemies etc) and I found those extremely fun. The broken qeusts thing is something I'm also afraid of. all those quests, there has to be at least one they neglected to fully test. Both of these reasons are why it'll the the PC version hands down that I'll be getting.
  6. Those who know me know that Morrowind was my ultimate game, and that I'm sex-weeing my pants at this one.
  7. Dunno about you guys, but as soon as I saw those people with the clubs I immediately thought "ZOMBEZ!" and nothing else. I presumed it was obvious and that it had been made to look that way. The way they were walking slowly even though Jin was running. The fact that they were dragging/dangling their weapons instead of wielding them above their heads. The fact that they were all silhouetted so you couldn't see what they looked like etc. Then again, it could be due to the fact that, everytime the sickness was mentioned, my housemate would just yell "T-Virus!"
  8. I once completed Postal 2 without killing a single person.
  9. I understand the reasoning behind it, but they could've made it more obvious in game that that was the case. I didn't wear any green because I much preferred my suit-jacket-with-basketball-shorts, but I still wanted there to be a warzone everytime I went into the purple areas.
  10. Yeah I found the rival gangs in San Andreas completely pacifistic (that the right word?) compared to the gangs in 3. In SA you could run right up to those purple guys and it'd take them ages to realise who you were. Although if I recall correctly, I remember someone telling if it depended on how much green you wore, which is just silly.
  11. I'd just like to butt in and agree with those that say that Mafia > all the other gta-ish games. and now back on topic. I hate parsnips.
  12. and instead of using your mouse to scroll down, bash on the down arrow on your keyboard, alternating hands, as quickly as possible.
  13. as long as it's edible, not off, not super spicy, and not olives or parsnips, then it's down the hatch.
  14. Wroth

    Pepsi Max

    I heart vanilla coke.
  15. I enjoyed the air battle, with the wave after wave of air enemies, but areas in the first part were a bit too small and enclosed, and not enough enemies. So here's hoping the game's more like the second part of the demo and less like the first. ps. coop rocks.
  16. So what 'mature' and 'clever' games would you be comparing this to?
  17. Fucking great timing. I had to post my pic one post before the naked chick. Any comments, or were the lack of replies a sign that my question was rubbish?
  18. I was having a go on Nomad Soul today. Is it just me, or does anyone else notice a slight visual similarity in both protoganist's faces? Is this a deliberate tribute? or am I just seeing things?
  19. Agreed. It manages to fright without needing ridiculous graphics. It's realised that it's the music and sound that does the trick. Not to mention the fact that it actually has a story.
  20. Boredom + unable to sleep at 4am + metal gear 4 screenies = Haven't read this thread yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to have noticed the resemblance.
  21. Bought the game. Completed the game. Loved the game. Few niggles though, all of which have been mentioned before - bar one.
  22. Fahrenhiet - Finished, might go through it again until I've done every option available. Doom 3 - scary, might never get past that first bit. Escape From Monkey Island - if it will actually install Far Cry - taking a small break from fps's, but been enjoying this one Clive Barker's Undying - again, scary. had this game for 3 years and still only got as far as the second sibling. FF X-2 - bought it, only played a bit of it, so I'm going to damn well get some more use out of it some time.
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