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  1. Battle encounters randomise and reset whenever you move floors. So that particular battle event square may now be clear for a rescue.
  2. My guess is on 'wandering' is that co-ordinates are filled in if you enter the square they are located. I had an adventurer on a level other than 0, [but didn't notice the game informing me, I just saw on the party list he was there]. Possibly just leave them till you have over-leveled characters to solo/duo pick them back up again safely - so less rescue runs needed.
  3. I really enjoyed the demo. Final boss was really difficult - particularly phase 2 when he goes ice mode, but I enjoyed the combat so much I kept on trying. I died many times but finally killed 'Chaos?' - learning a lot about the combat on the way. Some tips for anyone still struggling - Use Soul Shield to keep your magic bar topped. Don't be afraid to spend magic meter - I liked using Lightbringer, and also warcry which gave me a heal over time. Don't overuse soul shield - some of 'Chaos?' combos will completely deplete your break meter if you use soul shield on every hit, throing in an evade mid combo can alleviate this. Both jobs have separate break meters - so another way to quickly replenish meter is to swap to mage for a bit. I agree framerate and resolution weren't great, but I expect by release those will be sorted, the actual gameplay seemed solid enough to me.
  4. Spent about 80 hours playing Returnal - and I still enjoy just zipping about and blasting stuff, I think one of the main reasons for this is the next-gen rumble and sound shooting feels very meaty. It's not been without issues though- it's crashed on me several times - fortunately not much progress was lost each time, but if it had happened on a good run just before my first kill of a boss I'd have been quite annoyed. One of the achievements also didn't pop for me - which is frustratingly preventing me from getting the platinum - and there aren't many games I enjoy enough to play enough to get the plat. It's a pity the high scores are restricted to the daily challenges which you only get one shot at, some scoring system for the main game would have been nice. All that remains now is to level up all weapons and complete all the research which I expect will take some time. Some ending thoughts:
  5. Same - was hoping on using the survey achievements to pinpoint missing glyphs and logs - but can't really rely on them for accuracy now.
  6. Series X (and S) currently available on Amazon.
  7. I have a question that's been bugging me since I saw the film last Sunday. I've probably explained poorly - but can't work out that scene - rest of the film made sense tho!
  8. Sold! Sounds like just my thing.
  9. You could link them with different support gems, or have a low lvl gem which costs less mana to use the skill etc...
  10. Hold Alt for quick item comparison!
  11. As I understand it weapon/item effects are semi-permanent - in that you apply it to the item you want, and can remove the effect and apply to a different item whenever you like. So yes you can have it on all characters - just not on all your characters at the same time.
  12. Bingox

    The Game Game!

    Jimmy Shredders seems to be taking a long time deliberating.
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