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  1. There really is no middle gear with Leeds. Plus we only seem to score absolutely stonking goals for the most part. A point off Spurs. Mad.
  2. If cloud delivery proves successful, Nintendo will have to go that way. Possibly the only way in us if they pitch a Nintendo cloud service to Nintendo based on GP architecture, with Gamepass becoming an add on sunscription. That could then work on reverse on Xbox. I think that's probably a number of years way if it was to happen though. Nintendo also have a deal with Nvidia, who could also provide the infrastructure.
  3. Yeah, the trials were just a standard stealth section, which Zelda has done before. I know some people hate those but I was fine with them and they didn't take that long. I remember the tadpoles being a bit of a ballache. But in general I liked going back places doing differ T stuff, as long as the tasks themselves were interesting. TP had a lot of one and done areas that meant I didn't really feel connected to the world. But it is truly the world's most marmite game. I didn't even dislike the Imprisoned.
  4. The only time I've noticed the difference is going to a remastered version of Dark Souls and it feeling off. Consistency of frame rate and frame pacing bothers me. But even then I lived through the N64 mostly everything is great. By mid to end gen there'll be a huge amount of 30FPS games again.
  5. I've been through it a few times over the years and managed to get hilariously stuck in the Water Temple despite not having trouble the first time round. I think the core mechanics and dungeon design remains very sound, but like LTTP I'm now too familiar with it to want to play it again. The 3DS version is a much better way to play these days, though.
  6. Link to the Past was born perfect. It was amazing 30 years ago and it's amazing now. Ocarina disappointed me because wit didn't match it.
  7. MM is God tier See I liked it slowed things down and made it heavier. I assumed someone in Nintendo had being played Dark Souls; the weight and the need to wait gives off a touch of it.
  8. https://amp.theguardian.com/games/2021/feb/19/the-legend-of-zelda-games-ranked The level of wrong here wrecks my head. Spirit Tracks better than Phantom Hourglass. Also the central dungeon remains one of those mechanics I liked and everyone else hates.
  9. Like, my worry for BOTW was that it would be good, but Not Zelda. While I still think there'll be a New! Legend of Zelda at some point, its triumph is how much of a through line there is to the other entries.
  10. The Wii couldn't have handled BOTW. Skyward Sword begins to experiment with the formula, quite intentionally. Some of those helped feed into BOTW, some of them were dead ends. But what do I k ow, its not like Eiji Aonuma pointed it out in the Direct, or anything.
  11. Except this is nonsense, and there is a straight through line to BOTW. Stamina gauge, collecting bugs and things to upgrade weapons and pulling puzzles out of the dungeons (discussed in interviews) at the time all hint the way towards BOTW.
  12. The only fix Skyward Sword needs is to stop repeating item descriptions the first time you get them every time you boot it up. I bet they don't fix it.
  13. It's not threadbare, it's heavily focused on the Japanese market. Monster Hunter is a massive title in that regard as is a load of Square stuff.
  14. The best thing about the Skyward Sword remaster is that it can extend the debate on its greatness for another decade. People either love it or hate it, no in between. However, now ai think on it, it looks worse than Twilight Princess HD too.
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