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  1. Still struggling with the lack of invert on the FLUDD standing aim. I can about manage the camera, but getting FLUDD to shoot where I want takes so much concentration.
  2. Not sure you can fix Mario 64's camera without other fundamental changes. Lakitu is a physical object in the game world. The camera works well when you have wide open spaces and time to adjust. It fails when you are in tight enclosed spaces where there is nowhere for Lakitu to go. I think some sections would need rethought - probably to fixed angles or reorganised in order to a oid those problems. Banjo had the advantage of going after it. Mario 64 is the first proper camera system in a game, its remarkable how well it holds up more than anything. The history of 3D Mario is the hi
  3. The problem is that manoeuvring in 3D space is a lot harder, Mario is way too slippy in Sunshine and the levels are very unforgiving. Case in point - the level I just played in Ricco Harbour has rotating platforms where if you jump, you are almost certain to die because they are quite narrow. You sort of have to run up them to stay on. That’s not immediately obvious in a game about jumping, and the game kills you for doing the obvious thing. It then kills you for every other mistake you make. 2D Mario generally isn’t like that. There warm up time before you get to the tricky bits.
  4. There’s a straight through line from Sunshine void levels to Galaxy. But I find them pretty unforgiving in comparison. The void sucks you right in a lot. Nintendo wouldn’t make 2D levels with that level of instakill, at least to much later in the game.
  5. That's a good thing IMO. I've done about 25 stars and already had a ton of fun that wouldn't have been helped by doing the same thing a few dozen times. Plus Mario will be played by a lot of people with a lot less Mario experience in general, and they will find a lot of the early stuff harder. Putting barriers for them isn't a good thing. Galaxy 2 is a straight sequel, so can start from a little high base.
  6. The bigger problem is going to be the one after this one if you are underlevelled, I think. Can see do any side missions to up levels before tackling this one?
  7. Tried for X All Access but Smyths excludes NI despite having stores here and Game lol. Thing is, don’t really care if I get it at launch or even before Christmas. Happy enough to be in a queue for one. But the process seems for “Sold out in X minutes” headlines.
  8. The best thing about Sunshine remains Peach not being 100% sure if she’s Bowser Junior’s ma or not.
  9. Seriously who the fuck in Nintendo thought Petey Piranha Strikes Back was a good idea? Less hard than insufferably tedious, and a repeated boss to boot. Switching between Sunshine and Galaxy, interesting to note how much of the latter uses essentially fixed camera angles.
  10. Sunshine is janky as hell, but I don’t get the FLUDD hate. Hovering and belly slinging around is great. Galaxy, though. Might be the best thing Nintendo’s ever done.
  11. Nevermind 64, Sunshine needed the full remaster. It’s just filled with jank. And fuck me, if even early void levels aren’t absolutely rock hard just for the crack. Mario 64 early star: Stomp a post near a chain chomp Galaxy Early star: collect some star pieces off a bee Sunshine early shine: Beat a course with loads of narrow sections without Fludd over an instadeath pit. Oh and the platforms are spinning. WTAF, Nintendo.
  12. N64 games never feel right without an N64 stick. Modern sticks are too loose with different dead zones, and I don't know what patent vampire killed the octagonal gate on Nintendo pads, but there must eb something they can be arrested for.
  13. Sunshine was knocked for poor textures at the time. But graphically it’s held up well. Gameplay is borderline unNintendo though. Do some really quite technical platforming, fight the camera and oh, you’re at the top and hit the wrong button? All the way to the bottom you go. I am not even at the hard bits.
  14. That's an odd spelling of "devastatingly brilliant". I think Galaxy's better, but it's damn close.
  15. The first two episodes of that series were the absolute peak. I enjoyed it right to the end, but it never got anywhere near those heights again. That jump into the atmosphere, tho.
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