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  1. Zero chance of that making through without being challenged on monopoly grounds. Even if the US didn't do it, the EU would love to make an example of a big US tech giant.
  2. It's just so backward. It's an admission you've no new ideas, and the show definitely needs freshened up. Maybe it's a consequence of production issues that take time to sort, particularly with the 60th anniversary looming. But I really hope it's just distraction.
  3. Leeds were well at Newcastle, so the inevitable happened. Bielsa is a genius, but what he sees in Tyler Roberts mystifies me. We just can't escape the relegation scrap.
  4. Rumours the 14th Doctor will be... David Tennant. A bad idea, but I suspect it's being used to create noise to obscure the real pick.
  5. On cloud in the long term, I wonder if there is some sort of hybrid model where you offload a portion of the processing to the cloud but retain some locally to smooth things out. That would lower the grade of hardware you need to run things so maybe it can go in a TV. Latency would still be tricky though, and you'd probably need to design it from ground up for it to make sense.
  6. Still cannabilises sales of other titles. Like I look at indie games and even Hitman I'd have previously bought and went "That'll be on Gamepass" and waited. Those purchases were mostly Switch. They could potentially offer the game free or at huge discount to Gamepass subscribers via a code?
  7. This is some beautiful work by @CrichStand. Just believable enough shitposting to have everyone biting in response.
  8. As far as I can recall, you can just run straight past all of the knights. This is a good idea initially, particularly the ones near the boss door of the area. Those ones are worth farming once you've a suitable bonfire for titanite chunks. You don't necessarily have to fight - it's worth remembering just legging it is an option
  9. There is zero chance of Nintendo allowing Gamepass on there. They'll die in a ditch rather than let it cannibalise sales of all the soft porn games on the eShop. I suspect this is double for Sony too, as they are much more I'm competition with similar games. Only way I can see it is of Nintendo go cloud or subscription at some point and Microsoft do the tech leading to some kind of deal. But I think Nintendo is more likely to work with Nvidia.
  10. Who the hell wished on the monkey's paw for more Star Trek on TV to produce 5 seasons of Discovery? Theres not even a single proper team meeting in it.
  11. I will tell you to git gud. Do you some people still don't know you can make the jump down the well in Dark Souls to get the secret thing?
  12. The problem with subscription services is bundling. You have to pay for everything to get the few things you want. Netflix was a great deal when it started but now to replicate that variety you have to sub to 3 or 4 services at three times the cost. It's closer to a cable subscription than buying DVDs.
  13. So a fair point, but it the increase is essentially inflation from 2013, and competition from Xbox is likely to keep the price down in practice. And it's not just the price increase, if anyone gets a monopoly they'll do a ton of anti consumer stuff. They do it when they are way ahead in a generation and feel secure - we've seen it from all three console makers at various points. Gamepass doesn't exist if Microsoft doesn't get soundly beaten by Sony last gen. If anyone gets into a true monopoly position, there's no more Gamepasses in the future. It's a longer term but the general concern about all the consolidation is a legitimate worry I think.
  14. It will stomp on you and then everyone will tell you to git gud. This is close to a certainty as I know. I personally will have several breakdowns on this thread and really annoy a lot of people with my whining. Getting in when everyone else is getting stomped and are about for jolly cooperation and no one knows what the hell is going on is half the fun though. Embrace the madness, and most importantly git gud.
  15. For now, and I'll enjoy it while it lasts. But Microsoft are spending money to acquire customers and the price will increase significantly once it leaves this phase. Gamepass is also a disruption attempt at the current model for gaming. Nintendo in particular are potentially vulnerable though the amount of exclusive content might save them. And I don't think it is anywhere near as easy to replicate as Netflix. If Microsoft wind up with an effective monopoly, they'll abuse it.
  16. I don't think it'll happen, I'm just wondering why it wouldn't be attempted given Nintendo is publicly traded. If Apple wanted to buy their way into games they have also more money than god. I assume the red tape on the Japanese side is hellish?
  17. Do any mean they all continuously have to make CoD content going forward. Do Activision only anything interesting in their back catalogue?
  18. Nintendo are publicly traded, so Microsoft could just buy up shares. Nintendo's market capitalisation is about $50 billion, so maybe to actually get it you are going way above the 70 odd here. Competition concerns with Nintendo having their own platform might be serious. You might also worry about losing talent, but Microsoft are interested in IP. If Nintendo's entire back catalogue was on gamepass, they could double the cost and I'm paying it forever. It just seems odd they are going for more of the same types of games. I know the Games Publishing industry goes through a lot of busts and mergers but does seem like the number of big publishers is really narrowing.
  19. At that money, why didn't they go after Nintendo? That would gives gives types of games they don't have, rather more of those that do. Competition concerns? If it was, surely Capcom / Atlus / Konami / Square would have been a better bet?
  20. I really liked Driver and Boyega in the first film. Boyega got a raw deal because they gave him the same story three times. My favourite Star Wars controversy was there was loads of internet noise about a "Black Stormtrooper" pre TFA. I hadn't paid much attention and kept looking for a storm trooper in black armour to see what the fuss was about. None. Did they mean the silver one? It took a while before the penny dropped.
  21. Happy to accept it has happened. I've simply never seen it personally. The Guardian will publish gender critical pieces pretty regularly, so there does still seem a split. @Nick R it's tricky because it's a spin off without the main cast, and Curse of Grindelwald was unfortunately not even good. I think that indicates it's not quite Spider-Man level (though that's had a few box office disappointments too) but pretty sure a Cursed Child adaptation would print money.
  22. I think it'd do Metroid Dread numbers.
  23. I've never seen any gender critical comments from the socialist left from either the UK or the US. In the US it's exceedingly rare on the liberal or centrist left. In the UK there's definitely a good amount of it. Most people here are on the socialist left. I assumed that's how it would be read, since anyone not on the Corbynite left is a centrist slug / Tory.
  24. I'm not trying to argue with absolute numbers, merely illustrate a point. The original statement was that "I feel for the developers, the fanbase is dropping away with every tweet." I genuinely don't think that's the case, and I think the franchise is still an absolute juggernaut. A good game will sell bucket loads and if it fails it's on them. It's certainly possible to fail with a popular franchise - Avengers being a very recent example you'd have thought it was hard to screw up. There's definitely a section of the fanbase that is alienated, and it's a shame they were hurt but I reckon people here are overestimating the size of that because the vast majority of people do not pay attention to Twitter and arguments. Could be wrong - maybe it'll penetrate due to the amount of media people speaking out, but I think the bigger thing that case would be the next generation "God, why is my mum putting what Hogwarts House she's in on Facebook. It's so sad". Personally, my favourite thing about rllmuk is watching the usual left wing posters going straight for the man as soon as anything even mildly different enters their epistemic bubble. I must resist the temptation to knock people off mute.
  25. I didn't get Sweden and got 6. Whoops. I just assumed a load of South American countries would be neutral but nope, I am idiot. This was the best one for a while.
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