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  1. Aye, there's that and there's the complete other worldly nature of Dream that I am not sure they can nail. Can they make the star eyes thing look right? Or how his hair and clothes can just be shifting ink blobs? I think it'll be good, but it'll still be hard to adjust from the comic because there'll be stuff they just can't make feel the same.
  2. Feels a bit like a successful football manager coming back to a club when they've taken a dip. It rarely works. Also just feel - it's an iconic show with now global reach and a lot of famous fans. And yet they can't find anyone with a really exciting pitch on how to take it in a fresh direction? Maybe RTD made that pitch. But as good as his good Who was, his bad Who was intensely irritating. Moffat was more my taste, especially for weaker episodes. Except Space Egg, obviously.
  3. We've had Man U and Liverpool (with a red card for a bonus) out of the 6 games, there's a huge number of injuries and we're just not firing consistently. The press just isn't quite right at the minute, which means we're leaking goals and at the same time were missing ones we were burying last season. We should have been two ahead a few times this afternoon but if you don't take your chances you'll be punished. Now pressure is building without a win. Watford next week looks a must win. I think we were complacent with the squad this summer, fair to say most Leeds fans expected more signings. If we go down Bielsa is still a hero.
  4. Feels early to say Leeds are in trouble but Leeds are in trouble. We have had bad runs before but usually with a points cushion in place. We could have won that. The fact we were beat and beat late is really worrying
  5. Are there many psalms associated with the pro choice movement?
  6. So RTD at least knows how to do Doctor Who, and has proven he can knock out episodes on a regular schedule. When his Who was good, it was very very good But can't help be a little depressed by this. The BBC has no idea what to do with the show other than go backwards.
  7. N64 games do not feel right on a modern stick. You can get it to be okayish but the N64 pad was such a unique thing. I think the actual stick technology was different to modern pads? I don't get the modern habit of crapping on it and preferring weird modern versions. It was an evolutionary dead end but a design classic. Also: can we have the octagonal gate back, please?
  8. It's £25 a year or something. It'll probably wind up £40 a year.
  9. Danny De Vito as E Gadd, please
  10. Dread looks great. FZero X online? Take all my money. While cheeky asking for more money, Switch Online is pretty cheap.
  11. They clearly flagged Katy as interested when he took his shirt off and "we're just friends" is a trope as old as time itself. I am glad they didn't shoe horn in a romantic plot as this was way too busy already. However it will be zero surprise if they go that route in the sequel. I enjoyed this, but as is the way the characters needed more time and the action less, particularly the final sequence. I would like a proper Iron Fist now they can actually show the fight with a dragon and not just talk about it.
  12. A couple of hidden weapon aspects off the top of my head
  13. Well you know what you're going to get with him, at least
  14. kensei


    I think Djokovic's haul is due to luck with the competition in a way Federer didn't. It looks like there might finally be a changing of the guard, but Federer ran into peak Nadal and early Djokovic and Murray, while Its primarily been the same faces providing challenge until now. I think Murray's injuries are very significant - he was at his career peak, had hit number one, racked a couple of slams and then boom, he's completely gone. In the alternative reality where his hip doesn't give in, there's a number of titanic battles and Djokovic doesn't win all of them. Also if Nadal was even fractionally worse on clay than the greatest of all time and its not even close, Federer would be out of sight. As for surfaces, I wish they'd add variety again, at least at Wimbledon. No one wants racket technology powered 90s blink and you'll miss it mens tennis, but I just don't think you should be getting 6 hour monster baseline rallies on grass. It should be fast enough to hit winners. Tl;Dr Federer is grace and beauty personified with amazing hair and he's the greatest ever and I don't care what you think
  15. Tedious. I think there is a difference between people who hold a subset of opinions you disagree with or dislike - even ones you think beyond the pale - and people who are actively trying to weaponise those opinions, may not even believe them and are using cynical advertising methods to push them. Its impossible to eliminate the first, and complaining about it is into Everyone I Disagree With Is Hitler. I think the Critical Drinker has some interesting things to say about stories and characters, interspersed with rants about about culture warriors that I completely switch off for. The overall drunk thing isn't even that funny. But the difference between him and Red Letter Media isn't that great and he's closer to it than some of the others which are just hate machines.
  16. I think being a grifter is a different thing. The Critical Drinker is a talented dude with some shitty opinions. However I don't believe he's presenting those opinions in a cynical manner just to drive traffic or stoke controversy. I think he just has shitty opinions and likes to vent. Disliking him and not driving traffic for having shitty opinions is of course, entirely reasonable. But I think it's a different thing.
  17. I still think The Critical Drinker is a bit apart from those groups, he has a bit more substance marred by annoying alt right bullshit. His actual review of Shang Chi is a lot more nuanced than any of that.
  18. It's not a toss up, it's Star Trek and it's not even close and it's terrifying.
  19. They had a big cliff hanger on one of the other ones But that one still felt like a complete story. I can see what they were trying with this one - it's a small part of a bigger tale but it did just feel like part one of a two parter. I wonder if That might give some closure. Alternatively there'll be follow ups in season 2.
  20. Yeah, I don't get the lore complaints. Other shows would have dragged that plot line out over every season, and that info dump would have been 12 episodes. Here they just went, fuck it, we'll dump some lore because it'll let us shake up the status quo for a bit anyway. And then they'll probably retcon the entire thing at a random point for badness.
  21. That was somewhat tongue in cheek, but McCarthy is owed an apology. He should have had the chance in the playoff he qualified for, and he got a mountain of shit for a fraction of what Kenny has done. Martin O'Neill also need reappraised. It's a decade or more job to fix this properly, and we've not even started.
  22. England will never have the player problems we have. That's a goal to aspire to. In the interim the association is broke and qualifying for the next Euros could fund youth development. Right now, we need Big Sam, and we need to hoof it at every opportunity.
  23. Under 21s was the right place for Kenny, or rather in charge of the entire youth system. I am all for the style he wants to play, I just don't think League One loanees are going to deliver it. We have to build a pipeline of players. As it is, we're going to have the worst of all worlds. He'll probably be lost from the entire set up and we'll get another manager who will scrape up results from our meagre resources but the media will hate. Nothing will change and we'll just have to luck out on players at some point. Maybe we'll miraculously string a run together that avoids the chop. Or maybe we've just no money to change anyway. We'll see.
  24. It was bad. I can forgive a certain amount of jank, and consoles near the end of their life can get pushed harder than they should. But Cyberpunk hit Perfect Dark framerates on base consoles, had a mountain of weird bugs and I find the amount of times it has straight crashed out on me - even after multiple patches and a Series X unforgivable. I think the PS4 version is up to minimally acceptable now. But they just decided to target high end PCs and new consoles and ignored the base machines. Deserved all they got and hopefully a lesson to others.
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