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  1. Through 24/7 and The Sound of Her Wings. A cut above but tend to agree with what's already been said One comic question because I'm not sure if I made this up Those 2 were 5, still about 3/5 so far.
  2. Secondly, the changes are all over the shop for me However, I did not like what they did with A Hope In Hell I think a lot of these changes are put in to make it "more TV". I find the look of this all over the shop as well. There's places that look fantastic and there's places that look like a CW drama. But even when good, I don't think it captures the same feel as the comic. I also wonder how well someone who has not read the comics multiple times.over would follow this. There's a lot going on. Overall, this is like 3/5. I can't see how they can do it better but it just pushes me towards the comic is unfilmable in the sense that while you can adapt it you end up with 3/5 material from a 5/5 comic. However the first book of the comic is a bit messy and my hope it's a bit like that here - it'll take some time for it to fully gel and then it'll take flight.
  3. So I intend to go back on hiatus so apologies for the length but I've literally no one where else to talk about this. And it's weird one. I'm about half way through. On the various gender and race swaps. People are visual. I think about this in the opposite direction - once I've seen a good adaptation, I can't read a book without visualising the characters in that way. So a little whiplash when it doesn't look the way you expect is fine. All the lore stuff misses the point - some of the looks are iconic and it changes it. Just don't be a fucking twat about it and give it a chance. From what I've seen with Death clips it's fine but I wish they'd made one more change and inverted her colour schemes. White also has associations with death and while Sandman's art is often messy it does sterling work with contrast across all of the Endless that will change the visuals even when they try a panel remake. And maybe it's just me but I have favourite panels. I think it's notable Gaiman is the writer and not the artist - voice is his overriding concern, I think. Alsl - all those people whining about Lucien gender swapping when they should have been worrying about Lucien becoming Basil fucking Exposition. But thing is: Morpheus is wrong here aside from anyone else. Yer man's cheekbones are doing sterling work but... Morpheus is not Caucasian. He is pure white. His eyes are stars. His clothes and hair are big and meander around the frame. His speech bubble is one of the most iconic in comics, and surely denotes something more than a quasi Batman voice. He's clearly not human in the comics. I suspect they will have tested some of this, and it will have appeared as complete ass on screen. But I think that is indicative of it losing something important in translation. It's not bad - this is probably as good as a straight TV adaptation could be, but it lacks vitality that the comics had. To do it better would need inventive cinema level talent I think, and the adaptation would be a lot less straight.
  4. I am afraid are seldom won by driving all the nice middle class women to vote for the Tory Party either.
  5. The statistics on how many people are trans aren't actually relevant; the relevant statistic is how many bad people would choose to try and take advantage of liberal laws around changing id. I have no idea what that figure is but agree it would be small. However that small number could still cause damage and laws should consider it. But that wasn't really my point. My point was if you've moved to actually mocking women's concerns over this, you've completely lost your head in all senses.
  6. So the preferred approach by the trans community is self id - switching gender without any medical requirements. Statutory declaration is enough. This is 100% open to abuse and shouting at me won't change it. It is also a potentially toxic political issue. Shouting at me won't change that either. I also personally don't think there are many limits on what potential abusers would do in order to abuse having lived through all of the above. Systems need set up to assume it because the alternative has not served us well.
  7. So you've lived through metoo, endless revelations of celebrities in the 70s being sex pests, paedophilia scandals in the Catholic Church and others in positions of trust and you conclusion is no one would ever do this? Any change in the law needs to very carefully consider the potential for bad actors. The UK public is okay with people changing gender (though by no means universal). However, they are generally against self id without medical assessment and a period where you've being living in your chosen gender. If you want to pick and lose a culture war and damage the rights of the people you claim to care about, trivialising or mocking women raising this issue is the A1 100% route to it.
  8. I am also about level 120 and wondering what to do. Dual welding Colossal Swords I am now at 40 Vitality, 50 Endurance, 60 Strength. Plus soreseal on top. I don't know whether to keep pumping strength - I know the soft cap is 60, but I still seem to be getting a lot of joy with weapon scaling. The endurance is primarily for poise - I could get more than serviceable defense with much lower weight but I can basically tank my way through most things at this point. I could push dexterity and try a quality build, but I'd be surprised if it beats Heavy scaling. Or I could push out faith for some variety. Not sure.
  9. Aaaargh fucking From with their fucking obscure questlines As an aside, as a bonus the sequence before that is infuriating. I like the jump button on the horse on the open world, I dislike it immensely on the ground or for exploration. Previously if Frok decided they wanted to do Mario, you could only really drop or roll. The Juno was mapped awkwardly and rarely used. Now they want to demand perfect accurate platforming with instakills. No.
  10. The Land of the Giant seems to be a step change in the amount of damage I give and receive. Lake of Rot was proper wtf From. Also, not a fan of multiple types of what amounts to the same status. It just means you have to manage multiple resistances and healing items.
  11. The soreseal increases all damage received by 15%. At lower levels it's definitely worth it, as that will be mitigated by both the vitality increase and endurance enabling heavier armour. Now I'm over level 100, I'm not sure. Enemies hit like absolute trucks, and that 15% is going to bite. The additional health at 40 Vitality is also relatively less. Anyone got any experience on whether it stops being worth it?
  12. I mean I don't NEED to play Elden Ring but it might be something I enjoy. Like being to trial out different weapons at the same level I'm already on.
  13. They still need to sort out the smithing stones. It's still a mess. Thankfully not blocking my main weapon, but I have 20 +6 Stones and 2 +5 Stones. It's useless for experimentation. I think I can go find the ball bearing soon but it's way too late for that level.
  14. The main route way to open the Grand Lift needs you to go to Caelid. So I think that's the intended direction.
  15. kensei

    Edge 370

    I liked it a lot. A lot of the criticism of it is for things it isn't - no overworld, no traditional control option. But it's very focused on puzzling and the puzzles are very, very good. Timestones are an idea that you could build a game around. Motion controls are marmite and a section of people hate it so much it obliterates everything else. But I enjoyed them a lot and it gave the game both a tactile feel and slowed the pace of combat down a bit so it had a bit more of a Souls feel. It's undoubtedly the best implementation on the Wii bar Sports Resort. So I can see it. It's all the experiments the Wii tried in a traditional game done well. I hope at some point in the future motion controls get revisited, better, so it's a pioneer and not an evolutionary dead end. The problem is Breath of the Wild is so much better even accounting for all that. And I was sceptical of Open World Zelda as potentially not being Zelda.
  16. I'm dual welding Colossal Swords. I find it hilarious that this doesn't have the stopping power required for a number of enemies. I sort of feel if that can't stagger a normal dude who is apparently wearing no armour, STR builds are a little bit broken. Fortunately I've discovered Lion's Claw weapon art can stagger most things, including Crucible Knights, which makes then substantially less of a ballache. Anyway, progressed Rabbi's quest a good bit and am now in a whole new underground area. Just why, From.
  17. How are you rocking just 8 ADP rather than upping it and massively abusing iFrames?
  18. kensei

    Edge 370

    I assume everyone saying NO for Super Mario Odyssey is because they think it should be 11, right?
  19. kensei

    Edge 370

    Mario Galaxy 2 illustrates the problem with "it needs to be a paradigm shift". Mario Galaxy is so so so so very good that "just more Mario Galaxy" is still comfortably one of the best games ever made and so far ahead of every single other entry in the genre it hurts.
  20. Mimic is summoned via HP. I think there's another that does this too. A melee build only really needs however much FP you want for skills. Rune arcs, Oath of Vengeance and talismans and be used to up FP a bit for more summon variety if you don't fancy the levels but obviously won't work if you have to enter the boss door.
  21. Also continued in the fine tradition of screwing up questlines. Poor boc. Already screwed up Nephili.
  22. Comically overleveled in Capital Also finished Fia's questline Harder than both Mimic is going to get another nerf, I think. It'll use any items you equip meaning you can get very respectable damage output still and it will health and protect itself. It's a damage sponge par excellence too.
  23. It's not Zelda and it's not my first rodeo. I've hulk smashed my way through 4 Souls games and basically played Bloodborne like a Souls game with the Kirk hammer. A random invader should not be made impossible for straight melee for the craic. Anyway, arrow to the face did quickly enough. But From occasionally can help themselves with bullshit and that was definitely one.
  24. The armour values are the percentage your damage is reduced before it's applied. Are you wearing light armour and maybe need some points in Endurance or a much bigger vigor bar to offset? I was regularly getting one shot on low vit but haven't been in an age on 30 + soreseal. Alternatively you get a bit of defense each level maybe you are just to long on general. The sentinel outside the Capital did moderate damage to me only and went first time with an ash. Level 85 or so. I just racked that up clearing catacombs and caves and wandering about, no grinding.
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