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  1. This game is so. Goddamn. Long. Praying for it to end as playing it through with a friend. ironwood was absolute bloat in its purest form. I’d say you could easily hack massive bits off both this and it’s prequel and make a much better and leaner single game without the filler.
  2. Armored guy could be duke b rambert, but the staff guy doesn’t sound like mondo. Not sure it’d be toshinden. that said, his overdrive in toshinden 2 helicoptered him up and dumped a ton of fireballs on the enemy.
  3. I'm actually doing okay now. Sometimes I'll be at the bottom of the leaderboard but have a great K/D ratio because I'm being a complete scumbag. But hey, everyone else is also a complete scumbag in this. Every death for every player is unfair, even the ones idling, and it's a fun sort of chaos. Yeah, digging this quite a lot. And I've bounced off every CoD online until now.
  4. Co-op is actually fantastic, but you'd be best if everyone is completely fresh to the game and trying to figure it out as you go - otherwise one person would take charge and the sense of discovery would be hugely impacted. I don't generally do game of the year stuff, but I guess in this case I'm making an exception as I know this is the best thing I've played this year.
  5. Also come across a crazy game where I got a 17:1 K/D ratio somehow. I wouldn't bring this up, but I spent at least a minute and a half of it stuck on the SAE calling screen from my care package where I was also killed. Apparently that's a well known bug? Sure made me well up considering the extremely unlikely event of my getting that many ki.... oh yeah, more than half of them were from the chopper so I guess it's not so impressive when you look at it like that. Makes sense, because I'm a bullet magnet usually.
  6. I'm half expecting to see highlights of that match show up on youtube with the heading 'look what this idiot left me in his care package' someday. I think I've only ever earned the gunship heli thing once through normal kills. I feel pretty damn good if I can get three or four kills in a row, fifteen's clearly a pipe dream for me.
  7. I was tucked away behind a guard station at the back of the map with a shotgun ready. By the time it arrives you could run across the entire map length fairly easily I'm sure. It's fine on larger maps with actual room to breathe, but a nightmare on shoot house. Edit post-Timmo: Yeah, they have a downside - but I'll never get longer and more powerful killstreaks without them. Very easy to steal on this map though. Should drop the bugger with a claymore attached.
  8. I'm tempted to chime in because I think the X is a tremendous machine, but I've never had or used an S. A lot of people seem to have X as their home console, and have an S for kids / traveling / emulation, just as a handy backup device. Someone who's used both can give a better answer. If you can afford it the X will be more futureproof, but the main issue for me would be ensuring access to 60fps games as the generation goes on. But hey - I hear the S is a great machine, and you can always upgrade later if you feel the need. And these are some good prices.
  9. Well, that was some random nonsense. On shoot house, earn a care package. Call it in, and since a bunch of the enemy team got killed on the other side of the map from me, they all suddenly spawn beside me and kill me while I'm waiting for it to arrive. Not even exaggerating, I saw three of them pop into existence right next to me. What's inside that care package by the way? Could it be the Juggernaut that they steal? My very first one? Of course it fucking was. Gah.
  10. Yeah. I went in, got murdered by AI in a hotspot, tried to restart with my 'insured' weapon and it's gone and on a timer. I had a cold so sacked it off, I'd probably just get murdered again. Gonna give it another shot soon. Think you maybe have to scavenge guns from empty if you've lost your own ones?
  11. Love this game so much. I dig this video I got from early access too.
  12. Um... yikes. I really want to play this, too!
  13. I can't remember any online game that got this right. I'm sure there must be, but when half your squad is trying to 'kill four enemies on the opposing team with a rocket at once' or 'headshot someone with a pistol while driving over 88 miles per hour from five miles away' or 'perform even halfway competently with a kazoo stuck up your arse and an employee of whatever game you're playing horse whipping you to death' it often feels like these are scientifically designed to make the game noticeably worse in order to earn some quick XP rewards. The problem is that they often make players play in ways that they aren't used to, don't make sense in the situation or straight out don't enjoy. Use a melee weapon to get 15 kills. Use a sniper to get 50 kills. Complete a match without using abilities. Use whatever we tell you, dickhead. Lick my boots while you're at it. Yeah, make them shine. I'm in the odd situation of playing several shooters at once (Overwatch 2, Modern Warfare 2, Halo Infinite and Apex Legends) and they all have trash challenges like these in them, refreshing daily just to make things infinitely more tedious. And I do them, because hey, it's easy XP even if it means that I'm about as effective as a chocolate fireguard during the match - and I'm very aware that I'm probably screwing over everyone else to do so. I mean, I sort of get it on one hand. Short term goals, quick shot of dopamine, great. On the other, having or being a great bloody hindrance to the team can't be a net positive for the overall experience and it isn't even down to skill. If someone's a shitty player, big deal - they could be new or having a bad day or whatever. When someone's hurling grenades around randomly then suiciding to get more, something's wrong with that reward system. Anyway, I just about puked my eyeballs out doing a few of these on MW2 and I'm venting. But holy hell, is it so hard to come up with some that won't make the experience a miserable slog for everyone involved? 'Get a few kills', 'play three matches', 'maybe think about healing your team mate when you pick the medic', stuff like that. And I can guarantee that some players would still break the system - leaving after getting some kills, idling, grabbing a support character to heal for four seconds and then going pure DPS, whatever. Gah. They're a pain in the keister. And you know, I know it's a biased and loaded question... but it's been sticking in my craw for a while.
  14. Ayep. Technically you can earn currency over time with the ass-awful weeklies, but that would entail queuing for 8 minutes a match to get in as DPS or Tanks for mitigation and damage ones. Thankfully it's a sliding scale so you're at least getting 30 without too much effort, but I'm not playing 7 games of arcade mode for something like 7p to round it off. Fortunately I like playing support, though it'd be nice to play as DPS once in a blue moon. Got the watchpoint pack cheap and managed to land DPS in all queue role literally once to play as space pirate Soldier 76. So if you buy a skin for anyone other than support you're not going to see it anywhere near as often.
  15. Finished my battle pass and found out that there's a higher battle pass afterwards for insignificant title rewards. I'm, uh, not leveling it to 200. Might go to 105 for the 'Streetrunner' title, though 85's 'Nomad' would also do me fine. Agreed on Skin prices being dumb. As someone who stupidly bought some Apex stuff and regretted it, they're not something I'd shell out for.
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