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  1. It's a fucking awesome game in my opinion. This might sound disparaging, but it's absolutely the best camping simulator that I'm aware of. Nails that tourist feel and stuffs it full of things to do and go look at. Even small things like the dudes busting out their phones to play some silly mobile games when they're set up for the night with nothing else to do make it feel like such a road trip. I don't think it steals the open world from you for too long, and you do get it back. Though yeah, it's not the kind of game where you should be funneled down a certain path without recourse. You'd think, if anything, that they'd have learned that from XIII.
  2. Deep into the 360's extensive JRPG library! Edit: Wait, title music? Oh.
  3. Pretty sure you can tap it, so long as you don't move until you're on it. I haven't played it again, either. Was busy at the weekend.
  4. I love Ninja Theory, I like the art and world design in this and the music's nice, but.... hmm. See, it's a team game. Very much so. If you go solo against a few other players you'll get flattened. The problem here is that they're trying to channel awesome action game design into a team brawler, and the two design philosophies are crashing hard against one another. It can be hard to keep track of your team, hard to know when you're taking damage, the hits don't have enough impact and a bunch of the character quips repeatedly get thrown out with no real context, feeling disconnected from the action. At one point my previously cohesive team all decided to randomly potter off on their own just as the enemy team got their shit together and started grouping up exclusively so I wound up just turning the game off mid-match because I was sick of it already. Quitting halfway through's just not something I'd do in a game I was enjoying, win or lose.
  5. They did until the launch of season 3. It was bursts of intensity rather than having your head on a swivel the whole match, and opponents would occasionally miss or do silly things. Now it's practically white knuckle all the way.
  6. The SBMM is super strange. I'm pretty average, and regularly get put up against champion teams of Apex Predators kitted out with 4k and 20 kill badges. And when I say teams that's exactly what I mean - teams of the bastards, while I'm queuing solo. Sometimes I'll get a player with similar stats pop up on my team, but it's very rare. It's a fantastic game, but I'd like to be able to relax while playing it just once in a while.
  7. This is so bad that it's absolutely goddamn amazing.
  8. New interview short with the latest Legend for season 4, Forge.
  9. Dumb negs, on someone else's post. I can't help if you got butthurt by my pointing out how silly it was to neg someone else (Moosegrinder, in this case) for merely mentioning that - gasp - Bethesda games historically fall in price quickly. That's the real whining, in the shape of a red X. On topic, new Gameplay looking great. But then, that's to be expected.
  10. I remember the IGN guy getting a lot of flak for... did he run through each character's A run instead of A then B?... but it's actually kind of amazing how similar each run actually is in this. It doesn't have the evolution from one to the next that the original had, stuff like taking ammo that wouldn't be there in the next run, or solving a puzzle that'd windup already solved.
  11. Yeah. The weakest players rank and group up to the strongest during matchmaking, so even two bronze players would be playing against platinums if they were grouped up with a platinum ranked friend. In other news, I knocked someone with a 405 yard/meter/ whatever kraber shot in gold duos to finally get that 300 yard badge. Wasn't sure it would count because krabers drop like candy in Gold Rush, but it did. It wasn't an amazing shot or anything mind - the dude was stationary sniping so it was really just lining up the bullet drop indicator to 400 yards.
  12. I gotta admit, the only shooters I can be bothered playing online these days come from Respawn. Others just don't do it for me any more now that I've played this. Single player, yeah. I could use a good Halo right about now. And, to be fair, I could also use a less buggy Apex. The Soiree release introduced some annoying quibbles like cancelling sprinting, reviving and respawning - though they did push a patch to fix them pretty sharpish.
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