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  1. Most controllers these days develops drift for me. It's a hell of an annoyance. Switch Pro controller hasn't yet, but that's due to lack of use. My 360 pads did it (4), my PS4 pads did it (3) and now it seems my PS5 pads will do it. Maybe I should check out the Series X pads.
  2. Baiken's the most popular character in every region outside Japan according to that recent poll they held. She'll almost certainly be back at some point, and hopefully she'll have a new combat style. Nobody actually uses her because she's awkward as hell to use, myself included.
  3. Audience of Two. Devil's Third was amazingly good fun in multiplayer, it's just that it looked like it had been cobbled together in three months. Which, after two major company implosions during development, it probably had. Blowing up their bases with explosives for huge cash bonuses> shooting other players. For me, this collection's all about getting it on PC finally - but sadly it's the wrong versions. Like I said earlier, I'm not too fussed about Sigma instead of Black, but Sigma 2 instead of NG II is not good. Grk!
  4. It was incredibly, incredibly dumb. And while looking for the trailer below, I found this abomination. I'm not even particularly uptight about how developers clothe their female characters but this is just pandering to imbeciles. Anyway! That other ad I was looking for. It's not amazing, but I remember some Americans being genuinely angry 30 seconds in.
  5. Vigoorian flails, man of culture.
  6. Haven't played it myself, but yes, even those. However, a patch on the original Xbox 360 reduced the amount of enemies in that section. Not sure if you can play it unpatched with the disc version, but man - that would be such a spectacle.
  7. There's no reason not to jump into Black - aside from the DLC only Intercept it has everything the first had and more, retuned perfectly. NG2 doesn't drop a frame on the Series X. I'd be surprised if it does on the One X, I think there may be the odd flicker during heavy scenes on earlier consoles - though that may have been at 4K.
  8. You won't find out here - at least not a direct comparison, since, Black's not the one being remastered. 2 looks like the first one did on Xbox BC - absolutely incredible. MS' backwards compatibility is some sort of wizardry.
  9. Biggest kick in the teeth here is that they're the Sigma versions. Sigma 1's an acceptable substitute for Black - it has some superfluous enemies and added some other mis-steps but it sticks closely enough to the original template. Sigma 2 isn't an acceptable substitute. 'Cool purple spray' instead of blood (that was their excuse in an interview - it wasn't censorship, oh no, it's just that purple smoke seemed cooler and more ninjalike), half the enemies with twice the health, and a bunch of additional changes that made it a markedly inferior experience overall. Base NG
  10. Oh hey, I forgot to thank @Wickedkitten and @Danster for clearing up the question I posed. Thanks, guys!
  11. Yes and yes. It's better in co-op, so they say, but scales for solo. PvP has to be agreed to, so there's none of that ganking nonsense going on like in some other survival games.
  12. Making things a bit more accessible was one of their goals for this one, so hopefully that pans out.
  13. Kayin Amoh

    NIOH 2

    I dunno about farming it, but in the first you could donate a ton of your old crap to the kodama shrine and they'd bless you with tons of elixirs in return. This admittedly isn't great advice if you don't still have a ton of crap items on you / they changed it for 2.
  14. Not really a spoiler, but eh - it's about hunting / setting up your base. I don't actually own the game yet, so it's not something I can check.
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