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  1. I'm watching the Skillup thing now and he's advocating a story path I absolutely don't want in my Halo Infinite while opining that the one in Halo Infinite's not good. I mean, it probably isn't. I'm of the option that the storytelling never has been anything special, it's all about the combat. Reach was probably the closest it got to a half decent story, or maybe ODST, but the mainline entries have all been about Mr. Halo doing Halo stuff to his Halo enemies. Also, does Destiny have a decent story now? He's waxing lyrical over that one, and up until a few expansions ago (the one where the pyramid thing was teased) that certainly wasn't exactly the peak of storytelling either. RE: Multiplayer. It's not just getting the stuff you don't enjoy in a playlist now, it's also getting the stuff that doesn't match up with your battle pass progression. I've seen a lot of quitters, and if my XP double gain hour is live, I'm going to be one of them. They have to understand that it's not the people in their office cycling through modes to see what works now, it's people who have half an hour each day to play a match or two.
  2. I was ambivalent about 5's campaign and wound up soloing it on Legendary for the Lone Wolf achievement. Wouldn't have felt right if I left it unfinished when I've Legendaried all the others. Yes, that's a word now.
  3. Not exactly, though I do hit play then go and check the upcoming challenges or back out to look at something and because I didn't give it three seconds grace it just cancels the matchmaking. Fine if you wait three seconds, gets uppity if you don't.
  4. The whole game was a hodgepodge for me. Some worked for me, quite a lot didn't. The actual village hub bit itself was the strongest aspect. I don't really have any urge to replay, despite the additions and weapons that get tacked on after completion. Finished it close to launch and never been back.
  5. I don't agree that the final level's bad - it's one of the purest experiences I've seen in a game, and it's adrenaline pumping beauty from start to finish. It's damn near a masterpiece in my eyes. Looks great, combat's insane, two thumbs up, would buy from again. The final boss is a pile of shit, mind. Doom's never done bosses well, and that's one of their worst.
  6. Most people who start Eternal have problems with it. Even though it's probably the most action packed FPS ever made and plays like a dream, you really do have to adapt to the way it wants you to play because if you're never chainsawing grunts you'll run out of ammo in about ten seconds. Health, ammo and armour are all around you, but it just so happens that this time out they're in the things attempting to kill you. I don't think a game guiding you towards a single playstyle is necessarily a bad thing though. I typically find semi-serious driving games fairly dull for example, but Driveclub forces you to brake and not use other cars as buffers when going around a corner, or you get hit with severe penalties. I loved it. It didn't let you get away with some of your usual sloppy habits.
  7. Whew, got through the fracture events for this week's ULTIMATE PRIZE (Tm), which is a crap colour only the Mark VII suit can apply. Just to confirm, if you replace a Fiesta challenge, it's replaced with another Fiesta challenge even if there's none left in the 'upcoming' pool. I didn't want to stop 5 spartan killing sprees in Fiesta, no I did not. So I swapped it and got 10 headshot kills instead which is so much easier and not reliant on outside factors it's absurd that they're even on the same tier. Final one was to get five killing sprees myself. That was annoying and had me swearing every time someone randomly pulled a rocket launcher out of their arse, but did it after a few hours.
  8. Most of the battle pass is pretty garbage, but there's some genuinely good stuff in there after you grind a while. The Judgment flame and kill effects, Emile's skin and some others. The level 100 freebie is laughable, mind. A 'Legendary' bracer that looks like something you'd get on a default skin and wouldn't think twice about.
  9. I want a fully featured game of this Museum. I want to slay a dragon in it after teaming up with some buds in the lobby. I want a glorious sidequest where you're part of a doomed army heroically attempting to defend the Blades system from a bunch of Mattrick-style enemies trying to gut it so that they can plaster adverts all over the place, then as it finally falls under their cackling onslaught the Master Chief saves you all by blasting in out of nowhere in a dropship and tells you to keep your chin up, there's a brighter future ahead.
  10. I might try that, could tip the scales in a heated situation. Cheers! I mean, there are 'real' skins that change their appearance but I don't think they've been added yet. It's weird, I never had any problem in, say, Apex - it's always obvious what a gun's function is in that, but then they stick closer to standard archetypes than Halo does.
  11. I've been through the weapons drills and some of them still look too similar for my tastes. I picked up a BR yesterday, thought it was a Commando and got murdered when it didn't auto fire because it's a burst weapon. That's another good question. Some weapons are definitely rarer than others, like the Hydra. It's not on par with the rocket launcher or Gravity Hammer for example, but it's probably classed as a power weapon. Sure made my 10 hydra kills challenge never happen. Couldn't find the thing.
  12. ... trailer? Ninja Gaiden 2 should definitely be on there, but I sure played a lot of the top 3. Also, you can definitely see when I jumped to PS4 during the Mattrick era. In 2020 my most played game was the Resident Evil 3 Raccoon City demo, which is about 20 minutes long.
  13. Holy shit, remind me never to match off against you if you can pull stuff like this off. (Trembles in fear) I do also think they've disappeared up their own backsides a bit during development. New players have a crazy amount of in game lore to absorb to get a handle on what works and what doesn't. Both the challenge terminology and in-game weapon names are definitely confusing to new players - it's not a rocket launcher now, it's the 'SP4NKR' or some shit. It's not a shotgun, it's the 'Bulldog'! It's not an assisted suicide device, it's the 'Ravager'! And there's about a million of these guns. Sometimes I'll pick up the Heatsink (Shotgun 2) and wonder if it's the Cindershot. (Grenade launcher)
  14. There's an achievement for killing someone with the Ravager at full charge, iirc. So you spend ten minutes juicing that baby up, let it fly and don't even tickle their shield. Then you get punched in the face and die. I'm an AR man, all the way. Which is why I'll never play ranked, did it for a challenge and it's replaced with DMRs as the basic loadout - sucks all the fun clean out of the game for me..
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