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  1. I didn't get rid of it exactly, but my UK copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga went missing in action many moons ago.
  2. I could detail every blade of grass in Stilwater from memory, most likely. Well, maybe not quite that well, but close.
  3. Skip Andre Kobin? The nerve of some people.
  4. Wouldn't say I loved it from the start, but the moment it clicked... eh, not sure if a single player FPS is gonna beat this anytime soo... ever. id have never made a boss that isn't at least slightly garbage, though. They were bad in 2016 and possibly even worse here.
  5. Um... nope. That's a personal outlook on it that in no way mirrors my own experience. 'It doesn't take long, maybe the 2nd mission half way through, where I went from "this is great" to "this is terrible"' makes sense, but the original way it's worded makes it sound like I and everyone else had the same experience. I didn't. I think it's freaking awesome.
  6. You can unlock the framerate so it fluctuates between 50-ish to 60 for the most part. Xbox One X apparently is almost a solid 60. Base consoles supposedly struggle, mind. Xbox One base is something like 20-25 most of the time.
  7. Kayin Amoh


    Do damn good. I bought this and Binary Domain on the same day, not really knowing too much about either. That was a great fucking day for buying games, let me tell you.
  8. I'll go as far as saying it was lavishly produced. I don't rate it as a shooter.
  9. Loba's funny. This was just perfectly timed: https://clips.twitch.tv/CrepuscularFastTomatoHassanChop
  10. I feel the opposite. It's like Uncharted if I enjoyed it.
  11. I'd love to if we still have time.
  12. 250 potential high for me this week. Not amazing, but...
  13. Kayin Amoh


    Edited to reflect my own thoughts. Good spot!
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