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  1. Greez is back, best game. Even if it's a small cameo, five seconds of his smiling face is enough.
  2. Isn't it every three games they pop one out? TTT after 3, TTT2 after 6, so... Eh, not exactly a science for working it out, but hey.
  3. Told ya the trailers were coming at a ferocious rate. Wonder what the base roster size is?
  4. It really is just a deflection game. If he hops into the air on his horse, time the deflect just after he starts descending. If he's off it and doing what looks like the same move, do it about a character length above your head. You need to wait a little later. Horse ram, at a mid range you deflect just as (or maybe slightly before) his spear stops spinning. It's visually tricky to parse. Learn a cheap and cheerful ice spell to quash his fire if he hits you with a red attack, otherwise you'll be cheerfully burning a long time as every hit will set you ablaze. One of the worst attacks is his grab. You have to do it last second, timing's strict and it's easy to confuse with his other red thrust. Use Quinglong (I think it's that one, the healing Divine spirit animal) to put down a nice little healing circle. You'll refresh quickly while inside it and you're essentially invincible against most bosses until it ends unless they kick you out. Be sure to smack him a few times after each deflect, but don't get greedy. Your Y / Tri button will chip away his maximum spirit, making it easier to stagger him for the finisher. If he starts smashing you around and his spirit fills up, it'll start to expand the gauge again. Finally, every time you do a finisher on him his morale's going to drop. Even if the fight's dragging out and he seems to be taking a ton of damage, he'll eventually start taking more and doing less.
  5. Had another two matches and won those too. Been too concerned about screwing up to swap role from the default DPS - almost did when informed we had no support, so I hopped over to Witchdoctor and by the time I'd made the change someone else had already done it so I swapped back. Some cool moments. I grabbed the hammer both times the scenario appeared, though there was a moment where it was charged up and I didn't know what to do with it, so we wasted a little time before I saw my team heading off to the target I had to bash. The other highlight was dropping a thousand dinos off a skyscraper for us to kill. Literally, we had to kill a thousand dinos to progress. Dropped from a skyscraper. Game of the Year. It's fun. I'm just concerned that the online focus isn't going to garner an audience for long because the game itself is very cool and playfully insane.
  6. Hmm. Guess I'll have to wait and see what those are. Gracias!
  7. Thanks! Oh, I forgot about my dislike for puzzles. Puzzles suck. There aren't any new and necessary roadblocking puzzles that take more than a few seconds of thought, right?
  8. All I'm mildly concerned about is potential 'atmospheric' or 'horror' bullshit getting in the way of its replayability. There aren't too many examples of Leon whipping out a flashlight and slowly walking through a cave or anything, right?
  9. Waiting for both this and Dead Space to drop in price. Man, I'm gonna be in for a good time when that day comes.
  10. Open beta is now live./ I had a game, which we won, and had a grand old time. Not sure how well it'll hold up to the kind of play a live service game expects (not very is my guess) but SUPERIOR DINOSAUR FORECASTING made me very happy. Main quibbles are that you run between hot points and that it's always PVPVE. I'd like a single player version with dinos all over the place in a more traditional format.
  11. Quite a few new trailers for this being released, so figured it was time for its own thread. Kazuya and Jin are super boring so I've made an executive decision to ignore them for now. Not much to talk about really until nearer release. Hoping they branch out into more niche characters soon (maybe not Gon or Bosconovich though), but the approach to crazier fights with nunchucks and guns being whipped out mid-round is an interesting pivot, like Leroy's staff in Tekken 7. I've never really got seriously 'into' a Tekken game before, though I did put some decent time into Ling Xiaoyu in 7 which was interesting as I hated every previous incarnation of her before then. Some neat character effects on display too, like Law's veins or Paul's permanently destroyed sleeve. Wonder if it might be a bit too crazy and stylized for some though.
  12. Probably by not having the superior option available at the time and therefore having no frame of reference. Now that we do, going back sucks.
  13. I tried high res in case it was one of those 'plays at 60 even though there's a performance mode' moments, but I was feeling frame drops. So performance it is.
  14. Ditch all your stuff before opening the double doors into the village square, then head behind the cow shed and hop down the well.
  15. People found the regenerators scary? Hmm. Anyway, been playing Mad Chainsaw mode and I'm becoming a little annoyed by the fact that Leon has to kick ladders over with the same button he uses to hop out windows. First time I was killed because someone popped up a ladder at the same time I was trying to jump out, second time I was on the roof and ran to the edge to jump down. I'm not sure you even need to use a button to jump off (while running from a chainsaw wielding psychopath muscle memory kicks in), but I was right beside a ladder I couldn't see and instead of jumping down I took a chainsaw in the back after knocking the ladder down. Gah. it's a small and situational thing, but it's been the way two of my runs ended in a row.
  16. The parry is pretty generous, though I keep pressing in the right stick to crouch instead of B when they lunge for a grab. Too many other games use that for crouch. Great bit of fun is the parry winds up hacking off the arms of anyone who tries to punch you barehanded. Also, I wish the damn Series X would stop dulling down HDR videos.
  17. This year's basically Wild Hearts and some other games. It's a good year! (I know, I know. I'd be remiss not to mention Ishin and the SoR 4 update.)
  18. I'm a fan of the animation you get if they're choking Leon and you let it play out. Basically, they just bounce him headfirst off the ground and it weirdly doesn't do any damage, but it looks pretty brutal.
  19. I honestly wouldn't give so much of a damn if the passes weren't timed. Halo Infinite's the only game I know of that allows you to earn stuff through gameplay at your own pace after buying one. The arbitrary time limits are what really get my goat up - I know in multiplayer games they want a hostage audience, but bloody hell it's an intrusive and sickening way to try and ensnare one.
  20. The one thing that'll take a bit of getting used to is that Leon now feels weightier, probably in part due to all the new animations. Also, aiming with the pistol will probably require some tweaking in the settings, it's a little flighty at default. Killed Chainsaw dude. 3000 pesetas. Nice.
  21. You’ll definitely be running by the time the scene ends. Ammo’s at a premium. If you run out, just leg it - found corpses I don’t think I’d killed with items on them. knife parry is cool, but durability from stabbing is not.
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