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  1. By default it's Y+B / Tri+O. Try doing that.
  2. The last hour or so of Undertale is good. The rest's average at best.
  3. I had to watch the ending over three separate sessions. It's a game that would have been better if it had literally no story at all other than 'bad shit happened, but people still need deliveries.'
  4. Steam updated their trading cards thing, so now Yakuza 7 has some. Hooray! Here's one of them, with Nanba looking suitably deviant.
  5. The endgame's a good setup, with a good narrative reason behind them - but it's just bite size pieces of crazy horde encounters rather than what you'd expect, a longer, team focused dungeon delve with more elaborate setups. The legendary drop rates are abysmal, Tier 11's impossible for me solo right now without them and a ton of grinding, so I kinda fell off after six hours with minimal progress. The fact you can't target the kind of match you want is a real oversight, and way too often you end up joining someone that's AFK or unsuited for what you want to be doing. Tho
  6. Have you done the expeditions? They unlock more journal entries, and I'm almost certain it was one of these that triggered my achievement. (So it doesn't have to be one you pick up hiding behind a box or whatever.)
  7. The matchmaking needs some work. I fancy getting into a team to take on Expedition level 10-15, but when you join a team there's no indication of what they're up to or what level they're on. Hell, 'Campaign / Expeditions' basically seems to mean 'doing campaign' or 'finished campaign' when you join someone instead of whether or not they're actually doing expeditions. I've joined a few 'Expeditions' where they were just screwing around in campaign. Be handy if you could set off a flare or something for when you want people to join you, too.
  8. I managed to get up to tier 10 of expeditions solo, but it becomes pretty hairy at that point. Still pretty low legendary drop rates at that point too - you have to work hard for it, and it's 4 x 6% drop rate rolls. I'm wearing two pieces of a nice legendary armour set, but I think it's for the Devastator - however, the perks are pretty good for my Trickster as well. Except the set bonus, which sucks - kill an enemy with melee to reload your weapon? I've seen blues drop with much better mods. Like, nearly all of them. (Cannonball set)
  9. Without theorycrafting or anything I've ended up with a pretty badass mob build more or less by chance. I noticed that my shotgun ammo was occasionally refilling itself free of charge - as in, not taking it from my ammo supply but giving me magic, costless bullets - so I took a look at what was happening. So! My build has a legendary shotgun. When it kills an enemy, it explodes for a chunk of damage to surrounding enemies and applies bleed. Another armour piece refills ammo when an enemy with bleed is killed. This included Distortion Rounds, which is a class skill that's supposed t
  10. Not dying, mainly. If you die you'll lose a chunk of World Tier XP but not your character's XP. You'll gain Tiers from pretty much any battle while on your highest tier so long as you survive the fight, though it doesn't get banked until the last enemy dies.
  11. Yeah. You can usually find things via the map if that happens though, the fast travel points often say what quests are close to them. Most notable mishap for me was in Trench town where it told me to talk to Jakub (who was right beside me though I hadn't spotted him) and tried to get me to leave through the main gate into a combat encounter for some reason.
  12. Update: I now have no Titanium left and a Thunderbird that should, hopefully, destroy everything in sight. Good old crafting! And yeah, this game is awesome. It's super rough, from countdowns pausing so that you can't use them any more to one time I fell through the game world as soon as I started (you don't die, you just fall until you quit), but I'll take buggy and fun over polished and boring any time.
  13. Annoying. I got to the boss at Tier 8 and he's ridiculously easy but was taking about nine hours to kill with my weapons. More accurately, about ten minutes to get to phase 2 just running around holding down the button. Fair enough, a little slow, but whatever. Then he brings in those flying fucking bugs right near the end which can melt me instantly. Die a few times, almost weeping with boredom at the length of time it's taking to whittle down his health bar, then get killed again. Fourth try the cooldown I need just stops cooling down. Get melted on literally the last fucking w
  14. The swearing's great, y'buncha monocle-wearing heathens. It's so ridiculously out of place and forced that it became utterly endearing to me.
  15. It's always weird seeing a thread full of ceaseless praise followed by someone saying that it failed spectacularly and that it's actually shit, pure shit.
  16. More than likely. The skill trees are pretty convoluted so I've just saved up my points until I feel like looking up a build for my class later on, but I've been able to brute force it without too much trouble up to World Tier 7.
  17. Had a fun time so far. Trickster dashing in, popping bubble and swording dudes in the face so that their skeletal husks explode all over the place in slow motion as your health and shields shoot up to full isn't likely to get old any time soon.
  18. Series X is pretty much bound to have it run at 4K at least, no?
  19. You will believe that QTE's can be done right. None of this 'open a fucking door' or 'strain to open this chest' nonsense.
  20. Just have a couple of different modes. Fractured could have had all sorts of modifiers that would have been rad as hell for veterans, but it just flips the screen. Literally. Check your character's hand and which is their main / offhand weapon. They've been flipped too. And hell, I'd have been happy if that freaking Giants archstone had just been repaired. Maybe the area was shit in the first place and that's why it was removed? Make it optional, and plop it into fractured. Boom! I like dreaming of things.
  21. The game IS fantastic, but there's a lot of busywork to get all the stuff you want and the micromanagement can be overpowering so it's easy to burn out on if you're after all the stuff. Or even just the good stuff - like Firestorm / Fireball and Fire Spray / Ignite requiring at least a partial second playthrough to have both in your arsenal. Like Dfo said, Bluepoint made a few minor changes but a few quality of life additions could have really helped out. New ways to shift tendency, a toggle to enable less restrictive invasion requirements (if you win as a BP you then have to kill
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