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  1. Finished it. Bugs aside I think the single player's generally pretty cool. The multiplayer's a mess though, I wound up just turning it off, and the ending feels like they just gave up right at the end.
  2. Okay, a bit further into the game now and it looks like Juliana really, really has the odds stacked against her. I died to her first time out because the lag was awful and I didn't understand certain mechanics of hers, but the fact Colt has three lives compared to Juliana's one is nuts. One Juliana invaded me and I just rushed her as soon as I died and annihilated her while she was weakened. I've also got an explosive sniper rifle I barely even need to aim that can easily two-shot her which has seen off countless invasions. Some invaders also just get bored and leave after a few minutes. I'll be honest, I find invading rather tedious. Some Colts are happy to hide for ten hours in a corner, others have absurdly terrible connections that rubber band you around the place and it doesn't feel tense after you've circled the map a few times vainly looking for signs of activity. Single player's neat, mind. I just think the invasions suck. Oh yeah, and I stopped for the night because of my latest invasive bug - after trying to resume my game the menu UI wouldn't disappear. I could have handled the icons still being on screen, but the left stick just moved that circle thing you select options with. Couldn't continue, and I was pretty far into a mission so that was... yeah, that was annoying.
  3. Someone invaded me. I caught them with their back to a healing station and unleaded a chaingun into their back until I ran out of bullets (only had 40 in the one mag). They turned around, evidently getting bored of getting shot so much, and double tapped me with a shotgun. Then, since I had no ammo left, I got wrecked upon revive. Not a great start to the invasion mechanic. Edit: No surprise, the lag was so bad that it took five seconds to pick up a healing item in a subsequent invasion. Fuck me, that's poor.
  4. This game's buggy as hell for me. I just had to quit out because menu icons weren't disappearing once I'd left the menu, leaving crap all over the screen. I like a lot of it, but holy hell, it's got some technical issues.
  5. PS5? If you look at the video I posted earlier, had something much the same happen to me multiple times.
  6. Playing it now and I've had some really awful freezes. Like, I think it's off to the dashboard or restarting the PS5 type freezes, but then it starts running again and the controls are temporarily messed up, like the aiming's suddenly wading through treacle.
  7. The credits of Automata were genuinely better than the entire rest of the game.
  8. It's not where you'd want to level, whoever told you that is wrong.
  9. It's a bit weird and might be a bug, but that's how it was for me as well and it's certainly finishable in that state. There is a bit of lore that might explain it, or it might just be a bug.
  10. It's not really explained in game. I'd go look it up elsewhere, but basically killing an area boss/Primordial demon shifts it towards white, dying in body form/Killing named NPCs shifts it towards black. It's a little more involved, but those are the main triggers.
  11. Absolutely. Just hideous work all round - shame, because Doa 5 actually started out very promising. Then it all went straight to shit.
  12. Like I mentioned earlier, I didn't notice it until it was pointed out. I mean, it happens, but it doesn't register for me. Unlike, say, some of the best environments in the business. It's a jawdroppingly beautiful game in places. Finished everything in it now including the postgame stuff, took 67 hours. Generally great times, though the story takes a shift about four fifths of the way through into serious anime territory, and not good anime like Ninja Scroll or Cyber CIty Oedo. It's like they were developing the game nicely, saw the fifty hour end sequence of Death Stranding where everyone just talks bollocks until their tongues fall out and suddenly thought 'we can outdo that, no problem'. Aside from that though, good times.
  13. Runs perfectly on PC, is it a last gen console thing or something?
  14. NiCO from 6 and Kanna from XVV also look what can only be described as questionably young. While I noped out of the series once Jimmy Saville became the main audience for their marketing (and going by the sales figures for 6, so did a lot of people), pretty sure all the new XVV characters are teens at the oldest. Just a bunch of moe bullshit. I'm not even sure XVV's the right name for the game I'm thinking of. Y'know, that Volleyball thing that ditched most of the main cast that were over twenty in it.
  15. Much the same probably. I barely notice it personally, only really spotted it was a thing when people pointed it out.
  16. Glad to hear it's clicking, the combat really starts to take off once you have a full party and aren't forced into downtime where enemies can recover before the instakill kicks off. 50 hours in now. Some optional bosses I'm not built for at this stage, so continuing the story.
  17. I was pretty fucking unimpressed with Dead or Alive of all things once it started stuffing its roster full of characters that look like kids. Not only that, they leaned into it full blast and made them the face of a series that always had a strong emphasis on so called fanservice. Turned me clean off, and I can't really look at the series without a certain amount of anger building up at what they'd done to a series I'd enjoyed up until that point.
  18. I hope it feels a bit more self contained this time. Half the last game felt like filler, and they kept hyping up Thor just for him not to even be in the game aside from a post credits glimpse. That said, the trailer's looking decent.
  19. Yep, that looks cool. Like an arty game that remembers to be a fun game.
  20. You do have to be facing the enemy before you use your attack, or you'll sometimes just perform the arte in the direction you're facing. You can skip some mobs, but this isn't necessarily a super easy game on normal and you do need to boost yourself along the way. Can't remember what I was at for the first boss, but I wasn't running past much at the time. You don't need to use jump to continue your strings. There's plenty of artes that lift you up into the air alongside your enemy, and if you see the 'BREAK' sign it means that you're able to juggle them up with them. If you want to do damage just hold down the same button (assuming you're staying as main character) when you press it and you'll smack them back down with the AOE phoenix. If you want to combo, don't hold it and do some normal slashes into another arte. Then hold it down to have a nice fiery finish. There's an arte called Stardust or similar you can unlock fairly early on, that one's a bunch of rapid attacks in the air and great for keeping them up while boosting their one shot kill gauge.
  21. It takes a little getting used to. Basically, hammer enemies in a short period of time until a diamond appears, then tap the Dpad to call in an instant kill attack on anything aside from bosses. Main dude can unleash flame attacks that do good damage but harm himself by holding down a button after the initial (arte) attack. Your healer should heal you automatically if they have CP left, though staying alive until they cast is on you if you got too burned. There's more to it than that of course, but it's the fastest way to rip through enemies. Before the diamond fills up you'll call in a partner special attack, which tends to target one type of enemy or action: Shionne blasts enemies out of the sky, Kisara stuns enemies who're charging, etc.
  22. Reviews are out? I'm still playing through it for mine. Yes, it's very good so far. Drop dead beautiful, and I like the characters. It's a little more traditional than I was expecting (the world is still corridors, so exploration basically means walking into every dead end on the map for the item that's invariably waiting at the end of them), but anyone interested in it likely won't be disappointed.
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