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  1. Ha!! Done and with a pad and two left fingers... highly unlikely!
  2. Hello All, added the people that were on the page 1 google list but seems not to have lots of the people still involved in the thread if there are people not on there, just picked this up and would love / really appreciate some time trial friends! name : AphexTim
  3. Somewhere between Zelda, Animal Crossing and World of Warcraft.
  4. Seconded. It's utterly great and been criminally overlooked IMHO.
  5. Granted i got my Kinect 'free' when i bought a day one console, but it is quite cool for the TV. You can just walk into the room say 'xbox on' and boom the TV's turned on, and playing TV channels. Not sure i'd necessarily buy one on its own for that privilege, but it is pretty sweet. You can also change volume and channels pretty easily from the sofa just by calling it out. Novelty still hasn't worn off for me. Although saying that the media remote is of course much more useful for actually changing channels!
  6. It's really good the TV tuner. Works flawlessly, nice UI and you can set the XBone to play TV by default when you switch it on, which is a nice feature if it's in the living room and you have others who might not be as shall we say technologically minded. Turn it on and there's telly there. Only downer is you can't record anything, but you can pause. And of course you've got all the catch up apps (besides ITV's bizarre omission on most platforms) to view anything you missed.
  7. Picked one of these up yesterday in a moment of madness. God it's lovely. Isn't it? Lovely. Extremely. Mario Kart's sublime, picked up Mario 3D and Skyward sword as well. I have nothing to add to this other than it's put a big silly grin on my face all of yesterday and today. Have slowly been through and added some people. If anyone fancies adding me for MK fun NNID is SuperTimtendo64. Also - Smash Bros. Is it good? Should I buy? I've never played one before but from what i've seen it gives off a slight Powerstone vibe which I used to love.
  8. Just to say cheers to Yoshimax for the HDD recommendation - arrived today. Works flawlessly, tons of space now i've copied everything across, and it's silent. It's gone up now by a tenner on Amazon, but I hearitly recommend if you're struggling for space as I was. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00ILALU9G?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00
  9. The wood vendor right below the workshop building sells it.
  10. Not tried the 598's, but rally cannot say enough good things about the X1's. Also they're great as a gaming set because you can easily replace the 3.5mm lead for a shorter one (rather than the 3m it comes with. I got a 1m (for about £8) so there's no extra lead hanging around. And more importantly the sound is just the more i've used them the more my ears love them. Was playing The Evil Within last night, and it was like being in a cinema!
  11. It's in Crestwood if memory serves correctly.
  12. Gah! How did I forget Rime from my list. Looks utterly utterly glorious.
  13. Bone for me. More comfortable, a little more solid, and the rumble triggers in particular have made a big difference, playing a racer on anything else seems weird. Oh and it doesn't have that stupid bloody light (a great friend for those with reflective TV screens) What's that? I can change the colour? WHY WOULD I POSSIBLY CARE??? Only element PS4's wins IMHO is the on board headphone jack as standard which was a touch of genius.
  14. Has anyone else found the ? On the one hand I appreciate the hilarity. On the other... I spent ages scaling a hillside to try and get to the camp it was at assuming there would be shiny fat loot. I can't help but feel the mild giggle wasn't worth the disappointment!
  15. No worries. And thanks all for the advice, got there in the end!
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