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  1. I'm u for the side tourney too - still waiting on authorisation for the club tho!
  2. I'm near Southampton on Friday night and fancy some live poker. It looks like the local Grovesner casino has a poker room. Has anybody played there, or at other Grovesners? I'm interested in what the buy in levels for tourneys are and whether they run on a Friday night.
  3. Any news on this week? Tues & Thurs no good for me. Friday would be best for me, but could do Mon or Wed also.
  4. Definitely can't do Thurs. Tues or Wed good for me
  5. So I'll be the aforementioned brother. I've been going to DTD for about 10 weeks now. The only time I've ever played live - nervous as hell first time - think I played 1 hand before the first break. I can thoroughly recommend the place......the atmosphere is very friendly and the dealers will help you out if you're not sure about anything. Thursday nights used to be £10+£4 freezeout tourney, but now is £20 + £5 from this Thursday. 3,000 chips, dealers, and 20 minute blinds. The standard is pretty average (must be as I've made final table 4 times) with a few fish early doors calling with nothing on the river. There is also a £50 freezeout on Thursday and Wednesdays have £15 and £40 freezeouts. There are also 50p/£1 cash tables and £10 SnGs if you go out early. Get yourself down there.......you won't regret it.
  6. Hi Harbey, There's always room for a new member. We shall be starting the league up again soon, but in the meantime are having a few warm up games. Keep your eye on this thread for days of games, but we are trying to have one a week at the moment to build momentum again. Start is usually 9pm, and the site we are using at the moment is Ladbrokes Poker, so get yourself the software (if you don't have it already), and keep watching this thread for the date of the next game.
  7. Come on people....there's easy money to be had from us two chumps
  8. Just watched Bazcled take $1750 in the party poker monster. Well played Baz......coming from shortstack on the final table (and pleading for a deal ) to get ITM with some ballsy plays. I got taken out in 24th when my AQ came up against AJ, and the flop came down JJx.....typical. Still was pretty happy with my play for my first one of these.
  9. good game everyone....hope you're all around next week
  10. standard software....you go all in on KK, someone else has AA
  11. Roll up Roll up Come on people. Let's get it on
  12. me too.......autumn and winter are good for me
  13. Hi Poet, where did you come across this offer? Just deposited and hit ok before adding the bonus code (like a complete tool) Rang partypoker support to see if they could rectify and they said there was no such bonus from them and I needed to email the affiliate. Any clues?
  14. Hi, we have a regular weekly tournament (which is on an easter break at the moment). We have just finished season 3 (each lasting 10 weeks). We started out at UB, but moved to PokerRoom last season because of the ease of setting up our own private tournaments on PR, and having been dicked around by UB. Keep your eye on this folder....you will see a thread for the rllmuk classic season 4 appearing over the next couple of weeks. All new players are welcome......the standard of players is improving all the time, but it is a very friendly game for all levels of player.
  15. I think this is a great idea. For me it's not about the money (although I'd still like to play for money coz it does add to the experience); it's about the competition for me. Indeed, as glib as it sounds, because I have been lucky enough to win more than I've lost, I have got to the stage sometimes where I haven't wanted to win, as I have been conscious that other people are losing money week in week out. A flatter payout structure could well resolve this issue. Agree with all that - would prefer 8 as well. Have personally had absolutely no problems at all with PokerRoom Again agree with all of that. Hopefully we'll get feedback from those who have stopped playing, and we can do something to get people playing again. Another big thanks to Bill for sorting this season, if you want me to organise next season, I'm more than happy to do so.
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