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  1. Tables updated and re-formatted a bit!
  2. Updated to include Season 4 table. Until next time, cash me in.
  3. Any more for any more? Only three runners signed up so far.
  4. So, the 3rd season of the Rllmuk Online Poker League is over (well done once again to bazclef), and it’s time to take a step back and see where we are. This latest season was a strange one in that we changed our host site part way through. No doubt this contributed to the low turnout we had towards the end of the season, but there’s no doubt that numbers were beginning to dwindle before that. Despite the fact that 23 individual players played at least one game last season, we were struggling to get seven or eight runners in the final weeks. Although the site change will have had an effect, I wonder whether some players lost interest towards the end when it was clear they couldn’t win the league. I’m not sure. And that’s what this thread is for. I’d really appreciate some feedback from players (current and especially past) on how they feel the games are run, how they could be improved – and, if applicable, why they stopped playing. I continued to send PMs out all through the season to players who had played regularly in the past but have dropped out in recent times (without expressly stating that they no longer wish to play). I didn’t get many replies to those PMs. That’s not a gripe, but I’d be interested to hear from those guys as to whether they’d like to be kept on the PM list for future games, and if not, what the reasons are for their reduced interest. It’d be really useful to know why people aren’t too bothered any more so that I can try make the games more accessible to future potential players. These are a few possible issues I can think of, so let me know if any of these are applicable, or if there are any I’ve missed off: * The change of host from Ultimate Bet to PokerRoom. I’m presuming some people couldn’t be bothered to set up another account at a new site – was this the case? It’d be good to know how many people the move excluded. * Related to the PokerRoom move: once players are knocked out, they get kicked from the game and can no longer chat to the remaining players. Certainly frustrating – enough to stop people from playing? We’re looking into working around this, something like MSN would seem to be the solution. * There’s no doubting that the general standard of play has improved dramatically since we first started playing these games. While there isn’t any one player who is running away with all the cash game after game, would it be fair to say that a few people got sick of losing their money every week? * Kind of related to the above: maybe $5.50 is too much to be spending on a game of poker each and every week? Unfortunately, that’s as low a buy-in as we can manage for private tournaments. * Is one game a week too much? Would people prefer to see the games spaced out more? * Not having a fixed day of the week that the games take place on. This move was intended to ensure that we work around as many players’ schedules as possible on a week-to-week basis. It seemed to work fine, but maybe people would prefer a fixed day for each game to be played on? * Is the 9pm start too early/late for some people? Would a different time be preferable? * Is the league structure as good as it could be? 10 games, best 7 results apply, to even things up a bit for people who can’t commit to play every single game. Formula 1 style points distribution for the top finishers. Is this set-up still the best way? * What I assume could well be the biggest factor: general apathy. Maybe the novelty has faded away for some of the previous players? When combined with the site move, I'm thinking this could be the main reason. I’m sure I’ve probably missed off a couple of notable issues, so please post them if so. It’d be great to get the numbers up again for the new season, so I’m going to give it a few weeks before I set the wheels in motion in the hope of addressing any issues brought up in this thread. Any feedback at all would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.
  5. You could click back into the tournament once you were knocked out to watch the rest of the action, Sponge -- but I agree that the chat thing is frustrating. I would say the simplicity of the PokerRoom tournament creation gives it the edge over UB, but it's clearly not perfect. Final League Standings (Best 7 results from a maximum of 10 games) 1. Bazclef 50 pts 2. ThreeBs 42 pts 3. Bill E Brown 40 pts 4. baldiboy8 30 pts 5. SpongeThe3rd 29 pts 6= Davweb 26 pts 6= jonamok 26 pts 8. popseen 23 pts 9. Stiflertime 22 pts 10. Bettsy77 17 pts 11. Fondue3 15 pts 12. Tekunikaru 14 pts 13. SideshowMark 13 pts 14. SuperNashwan 12 pts 15. U-1 8 pts 16. packetloss 5 pts 17. TwistedChris 4 pts 18= idlemicael 1 pt 18= LemonSquirtle 1 pt 18= SimonAv 1 pt Huge congratulations to Bazclef on a storming win despite a late surge from last season's champ, ThreeBs. It was great to see a couple of new faces along during this latest set of games, here's hoping that you guys will stick around. Numbers dwindled towards the end of the season, so I'll be starting a feedback thread shortly to see if we can address any issues and make sure that Season 4 is as player friendly as possible. Needless to say, the standard of poker has been good and the spirit the games have been played in has been nothing short of wonderful. You're a credit to the forum, poker players. It been a pleasure to organise (on that note, apologies for the late table updates some weeks).
  6. Roll up, roll up to witness the exciting climax to Season 3 of the Rllmuk Online Poker Classic! Let's have plenty of you signed up tonight to see if you can sway the outcome. The current table looks like this: Week 9 Standings (Best 7 results apply) 1. Bazclef 49 pts 2. ThreeBs 41 pts 3. Bill E Brown 33 pts 4. SpongeThe3rd 28 pts 5. baldiboy8 26 pts 6. jonamok 25 pts 7. Stiflertime 22 pts 8. popseen 21 pts 9. Davweb 16 pts 10. Fondue3 15 pts 11. Tekunikaru 14 pts 12. SideshowMark 13 pts 13. SuperNashwan 12 pts 14. Bettsy77 11 pts 15. U-1 8 pts 16. packetloss 5 pts 17. TwistedChris 4 pts 18= idlemicael 1 pt 18= LemonSquirtle 1 pt 18= SimonAv 1 pt I think I'm correct in saying that bazclef must come 4th or higher tonight to clinch the title. It's in his hands: no pressure! If he comes 5th or lower, however, then reigning champion ThreeBs has the chance to tie the race at 49 points if he takes 1st spot tonight. Exciting stuff. So lets get as many people in the game tonight as possible to make things interesting. Also, those who haven't yet, post your MSN addresses in here (or PM them to me if you'd rather), and I'll set up a group chat in time for tonight's game.
  7. There were only six sign-ups when I checked last night, although they didn't include some of the people who have stated in the thread that they'll be there. Fingers crossed they can still make it. I sent out some reminder PMs last night, but I can't check PokerRoom from work.
  8. OK, let's go with Wednesday 8th March, 9pm at PokerRoom. I'll set the game up tonight in the usual way. The game will be in the Private Tournament section, under the name Bill E Brown – remember to add yourself using the password: 'rllmuk'. I'll post again once the tournament has been created.
  9. OK, I'm back. Big congrats to ThreeBs – superb tourney win there. This week's game will take place on Thursday evening, 9pm at PokerRoom. Same deal as last week: you sign up yourself. The tourney will again be under the name Bill E Brown, and the password will be 'rllmuk'. The tournament has not yet been created. I'll do it tonight and post in here when it's up.
  10. Can anyone who can get on there now tell me how many have registered for tonight's game? I'm still a bit nervous that we're going to be shorter than even last week. I sent out another round of PMs last night, but I've had this many replies: zero. Hopefully that means that the information was clear and people went and signed up without any problems, but I'm assuming that we're still going to be short. I guess the forum playing up so much recently won't have helped.
  11. Nice one Stifler, thanks for that. However, there are still only three people added to the tournament. I'm starting to worry that a bunch of people still aren't realising that they have to add themselves now. I'll send out another round of PMs I guess.
  12. Can I just reiterate that people need to sign themselves up for the tournament from now on. Refer to this post: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?s=&sh...dpost&p=2825053 I only mention it as there have only been two sign ups so far despite a good few of you now having a PokerRoom account.
  13. OK guys. The tournament is set up at PokerRoom. Log in, go to Private Tournaments and click on the Scheduled tab. Click the tournament tab on the list of tables and look for Bill E Brown (the private tournaments are named after the player who sets it up). Select the tournament and either double click or hit 'Go to Tournament'. Next, hit Register. You'll be asked for a password. Enter 'rllmuk' (all lower-case). That should be it. Let me know if there are any problems. When I was setting up the tournament, it asked for the blind structure I wanted. The options were: Turbo, Normal or Slow. There's no indication as to what those terms represent in minutes, so I went for normal. Hopefully that'll be 12 minutes like we're used to, but we'll have to see and adjust the following week if needs be.
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