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  1. I would love it if all games had an "Unnecessary guff: on/off" setting.
  2. Through the pandemic, I listened to the superb debut album by Aoife Nessa Frances repeatedly. Her second album came out last week, and it's even better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcFaf3pDr8M
  3. There's a website for R-Type Final 3. Seems to suggest PlayStation only.
  4. peeveen

    Internet Radio

    It's probably all related to this court ruling from 2019, which did for TuneIn ... so I wouldn't hold your breath.
  5. I think I smirked once during the first and only episode of FND that I watched. I caught ten minutes of this through the week. It's a similarly laugh-free zone.
  6. Three jars was supposed to be "Jaws"? I'm guessing Alex didn't expect any Scottish or Irish contestants in this series.
  7. Getting a "Mystery Of Arkham Manor" vibe. Looks interesting!
  8. Kick, punch, chop, block.
  9. peeveen

    Internet Radio

    That's surprising, I thought the Alexa speakers were much more flexible with this sort of thing. I have Google speakers, and I had managed to create an app for listening to WFMU (from New Jersey), as well as their online archives, but Google have recently announced that they're shutting down "conversational actions" next year, effectively killing any hobbyist apps on the devices. I was tempted to bin the lot of them (cos Google are pissing me off in more ways than this) and getting Alexas instead, but ...
  10. Heard this on the radio this morning, bought it from Bandcamp, and been playing it all day.
  11. I've seen Jerry Sadowitz live twice in the past five years, both times as part of the Glasgow comedy festival, at the King's Theatre. Both shows were, of course, loaded with his usual controversial material. The first time, I felt that a lot of his tirades were punctuated with some kind of wry "punchline" that held a mirror up to audience. He was playing a character, but we weren't, so why were we laughing at this stuff? There was a lot of hate, but it was apparent that he hated himself more than anything. Some of it was hit & miss, but overall, it worked. Second time however, was different. I kept waiting for some kind of justification for it all, but it rarely came. It seemed to be just an old man, short of ideas, getting paid to say outrageously offensive things. No subtext, no knowing wink, nothing. Worst of all, there were a bunch of guys sat near us, constantly talking and getting up to buy beer, who cheered every time he ripped into some minority group that they disliked. I wasn't expecting a comfortable evening of chuckles, but I also wasn't expecting BNP cabaret night. So I'm gonna guess that this Edinburgh show was more like that. I know the guy can be very funny, but I guess it depends on when you catch him. To the people who have never seen him: to give you some idea of how much he means what he says, he tore into Stewart Lee during one of the shows I saw, calling him all sorts of names. Sadowitz has appeared in skits on Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, and from what I've heard, they have the greatest respect for each other. Here's an excerpt from this article on Lee's website:
  12. "Black: The Fall", if you're into overthrowing a tyrannical authoritarian state. Decent game, too.
  13. Manic Miner. Just the other day I setup an emulator to finally do this. First attempt, got to Mutant Telephones.
  14. It's the usual "99% of everything is rubbish". This was prime-time popular fare, and popularity rarely equals quality. I watched most of crap when I was kid because ... I was a kid, and it was on telly. It amused me at the time. I'd still rather watch most of this stuff than Antique Homes Under The Sun, or Celebrity Love Jungle On Ice or whatever.
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