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  1. Yeah, that was the bcass thing. He quit every map/mode that didn't meet his very specific requirements, and thanks to the stats, someone calculated that he had spent a cumulative total of several days just quitting Halo games. One of those golden forum moments.
  2. Yeah that was good too, but I got the impression that it was impossible to get beyond a certain score/distance. Maybe I was just better at the other two. Based on your write-up for Little Nightmares, I watched some clips, and it looks fantastic, right up my street, so I installed it, but ... oh no! ... no option to disable vibration? I hate controller vibration. I can put up with it if it's used very sparingly as a gameplay thing, for example, indicating nearby secrets or whatever, but in the first 30 seconds of playing Little Nightmares, it was bzz bzz bzz as I walked along, jump
  3. The Touryst A pleasantly short game, this, with a colourful, Lego/Minecraft look and feel. The puzzles were largely child's play, and I think it is probably aimed at a slightly younger age group than this 45-yr-old, but I still enjoyed my time on the islands, especially Leysure Island, whose arcade has a really good Arkanoid clone in it! My only complaint is that some of the rooms that required fairly precise control, jumping between platforms, could've benefitted from an old-school isometric D-pad style of movement. 7/10
  4. Bear in mind that the T&C's of Microsoft Rewards state that if they detect search bot use, they'll suspend your account. I'm not sure if they ever actually do it though.
  5. Yeah, that was me. I think the caveat on the 14-day codes is that, if you have a current sub, they won't add 14 days to it, you have to wait for your current sub to expire first. I've had Gold for the best part of 15 years, I had used the one-time £1 upgrade several years back, and I've had the occasional month of paid-for GamePass here and there over the past year or so, but I still managed to upgrade my Gold using a 14-day code last week.
  6. I'll have a go at this thread this year. All my games are XB1, and I generally count "complete" as being "full gamerscore, or as near as I can get". Syberia This was a backwards compatible 360 title, a remaster of a game originally released mid 2000s for PC and, I think, the original xbox. I remember reading about it at the time, how it was basically designed by one guy from somewhere in central or eastern Europe. I generally find these "singular visions" quite interesting, not having been focus-grouped into a bland, easy-to-digest form. The reviews from the time w
  7. I don't know if this is a widely known thing, but I just did the "buy gold then upgrade" thing, but instead of buying a full-priced month of GPU for a tenner, I just used a 14-day trial code that I had bought from eBay for under 3 quid. It still worked.
  8. General concensus on reddit seems to be "wait till 5pm". Apparently that's the usual update time for the rewards app in the UK.
  9. Nope, sorry, I don't follow. Yeah, any sensible person would, but sadly that would exclude me from the "Complete adventure mode on Hard difficulty" achievement. I've since finished the second race, but even for an escalated difficulty, it just seems mad for what I'm thinking is essentially Mario Circuit 1. During an earlier attempt at this second race, I was in second place on the penultimate corner, and I managed to hit the leader with a bomb. I finished by triple-boosting, jump-boosting, then triple-boosting, all in quick succession, and he overtook me on the line. I me
  10. I bought this in the xbox sale, and started on Hard difficulty, cos that's just what I do. It took me about two hours to beat the first race. I had a quick google, and saw some folk in forums saying that the first race is near impossible in Hard mode, but that the rest of the races aren't half as bad. I've been at this next race now for at least an hour, and I've only managed second place twice. I've even accidentally unlocked the "maintain boost for a whole lap" achievement, which you would think was a surefire sign of a winner, but I ended 7th on that attempt. I don't mind a t
  11. I remember years ago some kid with "world's greatest music game player" in his XBL biog text PM'd me, offering cash if I'd get him the Turntable Perfection achievement in DJ Hero. I still play games with an aim to getting every achievement in them (I have about 99% of the achievements in all the xbox games I've played since the launch of the 360), but I draw the line at that kind of crap.
  12. Finally got round to finishing "Wolfenstein: The Old Blood" (those damn score challenges) ... then started and finished (100% gamerscore) Call Of The Sea, Dead Space (360), River City Girls, and, my favourite 2020 Christmas game by a mile, Lumo, which was full of lovely references to UK gaming history that seemed to have been created just for me, and a real challenge with the "finite lives" mode that took me right back to the days of trying to beat Head Over Heels on my Spectrum as a kid. A heavy dollop of nostalgia always makes a good Christmas.
  13. Really enjoyed that series. Not up with the classics, but definitely a good 'un. And I've always had the hots for KP. You can all get in line.
  14. I rather enjoyed this. Happy to report that I didn't need to look up any solutions, and it took me about 5 hours. I did, however, hit a bug on the final puzzle, the one with the I really liked the journal thing, how everything relevant was instantly recorded in there. It saved a lot of backtracking, and kept things moving at a brisk pace.
  15. Played for hours tonight, knocked 13 seconds off my best Sprint time. Still just over 2 mins though. Damn this wretched game. Playing for achievements, and I have A-rank or better in everything else. EDIT: woke up today, first attempt got me 1m 44s! I guess improved Tetris skills need time to ferment overnight or something. EDIT EDIT: Finally got my Sprint A-rank this morning (17/12), by 0.25 of a second. I believe that I can get S-rank in every other mode ... but not this one, which is rather dispiriting.
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