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  1. I played "Pneuma: Breath Of Life" a couple of months ago. Decent puzzles, but my character kept wittering on like an idiot, so I turned him off in the audio options. There may have been some deep meaning to the game that I missed out on, but I was happy to take that risk.
  2. The ratio of actual gameplay to downtime (waiting for lobbies to fill, waiting to respawn, post-game report screens, etc) in multiplayer games annoys the hell out of me. Also, as mentioned above, I always feel that it doesn't really matter how good I get, I'm inevitably going to be fodder for the top ranked players who are there 12 hours a day, with their mouse and keyboard and sci-fi-speed internet connection. With single player games, there is a static challenge laid down, and I can either get good enough to overcome the odds, or lose. I like that.
  3. Like a few others earlier in this thread, I gave up on this game after a couple of hours of headscratching. I solved a few of the early cases but then just couldn't get enough concrete info to progress. But then, I found myself thinking about it all through the night. There MUST be something I was missing. Went back the next day, made a few connections, and bam, I was hooked. I think gaming the "match three" system is a perfectly valid way to play. You'd need to have some Columbo-level eye for detail to pick up everything. For example, in one scene, a character shouts at another character by name, but there is only a vague hint as to which of the nearby characters he is shouting at. I tried following the logical "chain of events" for several of them to narrow down which one it could possibly be. The Eurogamer review describes it as "murder mystery Suduko", and that totally nails it. Some of the things I missed were: There were also a couple of things that threw me (I'll spoiler these, but I don't think they are actual "solution" spoilers):
  4. Series 9 was a very good series ... but series 10 might not be on Dave ...
  5. Agree with the last two posts. Decent new single, though the EP from February was utter mince, which didn't surprise me, as I have a Google Music playlist of everything good that PSB have done since Behaviour, and it's 13 songs long. My other 80s pop obsessions, Erasure, never quite reached the heights of PSB, but have been far more consistent over more than three decades. That BBC4 thing tonight will just have to do for me, as I almost choked on my tea when I saw the ticket prices.
  6. If there's no challenge, it's not a game. Just watch a playthrough on Twitch or YouTube, or read the story description on Wikipedia if that's all you want from a game.
  7. As much as I would love to see the lads at least once in my life (especially on a "greatest hits" tour where they'll presumably be sticking mainly to the 80s/90s stuff) I'll only be going if I don't need to take binoculars with me.
  8. The Kindergarten Teacher 3/5 Decent tale of a lady having a midlife crisis that gets a bit out of control. Maggie Gyllenhaal puts in a very good turn. Ends quite abruptly. Trailer almost told the whole story.
  9. I enjoyed this. I was waiting for some kind of but I guess there was no need for that. Some of the voiceover bit near the end, painstakingly detailing the movements from restaurant to restaurant, etc, seemed a bit pointless. I almost tuned out there. Conversely, I thought the scene with the kid was fine! And it added a lot to what came after it. 8/10
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