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  1. Does the "Show All" button (just below Weekly Set) show it?
  2. My biggest complaint about the original RTF was having to play through that dull, dull, dull (and way too long) first level every time. I would boot the game, play one credit, and then be put off playing it again immediately because of that level. This one keeps the levels nice and short, so no problem there. Backgrounds are a bit dark and dull a lot of the time. I don't know if it's a symptom of our modern HD displays? Perhaps brighter colourful backdrops would make bullet-spotting really tough if everything was highly detailed? Don't know. I've got 21 ships unlocked so far. Grindin
  3. Yeah, and if you enjoyed Doom, you'll love Doom!
  4. Can anyone just direct-dial a pilot's mobile phone? And would he answer mid-flight? Apart from that, it's a winner.
  5. Gravel This is an weird little mid-tier off-road driving game. I had never heard of it before it appeared in the weekly Xbox sales, but I took a punt on it for about 7 quid, hoping it would scratch a Sega Rally itch. It kinda did, but it lacks a bit of the arcade fun factor of that title. It started off badly, with naff presentation (those posing "celebrity" rival drivers!) and too many big-trucks-in-mucky-stadiums races early on, which are just too slow and cumbersome to be much fun. However, after you get to drive some speedier vehicles in some proper off-road environments (so
  6. Yup, I finally got mine today.
  7. it was a good watch, but yeah, Mirror's Edge isn't a shooter. The only time you pick up a gun is if you've failed to maintain the flow of running ... and iirc, the guns only held about five bullets each.
  8. I started this game in November 2006, and I've only just unlocked the final achievement, so ... Kameo: Elements Of Power An XB360 launch title that get a lot of flak, unfairly in my opinion. Yes, it has some "rough" geometry, bizarre character design, occasional janky controls and camera angles, (it really wears its N64 genealogy on it's sleeve) but if you can look beyond all that, it's actually pretty decent. And if you can be bothered to explore the nuances of the score/time attack challenges, it reveals a little more depth, as it forces you to experiment with the many abili
  9. Just finished watching this, and absolutely loved it. Best film I've seen since Paddington 2.
  10. New Super Lucky's Tale Very few attempts at recreating the charm and gameplay perfection of the 3D Mario games get anywhere near that shining plateau, and this is no exception ... but it's a damn good try! I heard some hyperbolic negative opinions of the first-draft "old" version of this game, but I can only imagine they've taken all criticism onboard and improved it dramatically, because I thought this was a lot of fun, and, crucially, didn't outstay it's welcome. A tiny bit more of a challenge would've been welcomed, and there were too many of those sliding block puzzle minigames, but a
  11. Unless you're on Xbox
  12. I've completed all achievements in this except the time trials. Despite my ranting above, I *did* eventually finish the Hard difficulty adventure mod, but only after a lot of perseverance. I still stay it's terrible design ... if I play the next difficulty down, it's way too easy: I usually win races by about 10 seconds. The time trials sound tough, but at least I won't be getting pelted with missiles ...
  13. Control This was the "ultimate edition" for Series X, all DLC included. Graphically gorgeous, even if most of the time you're just in a weird office environment. The amount of debris and paper flying everywhere during battles is quite spectacular. I suspect a lot of it is smoke & mirrors, but even so, top marks. I tried the two graphics modes on offer and honestly couldn't tell the difference, so I stuck with 60fps, and I think I made the right choice. Throwing your character around the environment, with all the boosts and levitation tricks, is a joy, and effortlessly launch
  14. I noticed today that my series X has four little rubbery "legs" on the side. Is it okay to lie it on it's side? Am I asking for trouble? Obviously it'll be harder to piss into, but I can live with that.
  15. The Medium Having got myself a Series X, I thought I'd give this a spin, as it was just sitting there on Game Pass. From the mixed reviews, I didn't expect much, but I expected a bit more of an actual game than this. There's not much to do but trudge through the extremely linear series of events. The two or three puzzles that require even the merest jot of brainpower are kept until the final quarter, the occasional stealth/chase sections just aren't very good, and the confusing story is poorly told. On the positive side, the graphics are often great: some of the outdoor forest sections lo
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