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  1. To be fair, that's only if your VMU batteries are dead. Which they always are. Nowadays you can buy half a dozen CR2032s for £1 at Poundland. I wish it had been that easy/cheap 20 years ago when I was playing a lot of Pinto's Quest. Relatedly, one of my pet hates is battery hatches that need tools to open.
  2. Apparently it's fixed now, but the PC version of this had a bug where it would delete the entire contents of your hard disk if you uninstalled it:
  3. Ditto, and the same in Ultrawings. I'm lucky in that I'm largely immune to motion sickness - I've been seasick just once, on a very rough ferry crossing, and I've never felt ill in a car or bus or plane in my whole life. That said, when playing Gran Turismo in VR there's one particular corner on the Nordschleife that makes my stomach lurch a little bit every time. It's not the same as feeling sick, it's a bit more like the feeling you get on a rollercoaster. Doesn't really happen anywhere else. It can of course happen to anyone. Joe @McSpeed tells a story about coaching a professional touring car driver to use a sim racing rig, and he couldn't get on with it because his body is so used to the G-forces in a real car that he immediately got sick without them.
  4. There's a game called Ancient Amuletor that uses the Moves to shoot bows in a similar way. I haven't bought the full thing but the demo was fun. It's a fixed-path tower defence game where you play, in effect, as the towers. (In other words, you warp between fixed platforms to fire down on the baddies below).
  5. That'd be brilliant if you're into pinball. Or, I dunno, you really like 1942 or something.
  6. Be careful not to hot-plug the Dreamcast video cable - you can kill the console that way. If you suspect the cable might need a wiggle, turn the DC off first.
  7. Thanks. That seems to match what I had worked out from a bit of trial and error. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. It assigns both controllers to my gamertag and there is no obvious way I could see to attach a different gamertag to controller 2.
  8. Sorry if this is obvious / already covered elsewhere. I had a skim but in a 100+ page thread it's hard to be sure if you've missed something. I don't have an Xbox One but I've subscribed to play on Windows. Can my girlfriend play 'my' games on her own Xbox Live account on the same PC? Maintaining her own separate save files and achievements etc? Similar to how it works on PS Plus, where as long as one of us has an active subscription, the other can play. Relatedly, if we play a couch co-op game like Moving Out or Overcooked 2, can she sign in on controller 2 and earn achievements? The achievement part is less important. What I really want to know is whether we could both play separate games of The Outer Worlds.
  9. If anyone's in the market for a racing wheel, I've got a G29 listed in the Trading folder. Hope it's OK to plug it here:
  10. I see what you mean but at the same time I have Amazon Prime for the videos and didn’t know it got me a selection of good games as well for no extra money so I appreciate the heads-up. It is not the same as free gratis, though, you’re right.
  11. Metallica video number 3: (again I’ve posted this across a few threads so to those of you who may run into it more than once, sorry for spamming you )
  12. One thing to note is that that Halfords cleaner is specifically a "no residue" type, whereas Servisol leaves a residue of lubricating film behind when the solvent evaporates. Some people say not to use non-lubricating cleaners in pots because the dry contacts inside will wear more quickly. I don't know either way, to be honest, but it feels like it's worth pointing out.
  13. This stuff: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Servisol-701-100UK-Super-10/dp/B000KEB6WW You'll probably want to open the pedals up to get inside. Basically a sticky pedal will most likely be due to crud getting into one or both of two places: * The pedal mechanism - so it physically impedes the pedal from travelling freely; * The potentiometer (aka pot, aka variable resistor, aka knob) that is connected to the pedal mech and translates the movement into an electrical signal. Pots usually have a hole you can spray your contact cleaner into. It's exactly the same thing as a volume knob on a guitar or amplifier, so you can check out any number of videos like this one to see where to spray your stuff: Do NOT use WD40 as contact cleaner. Lots of people do because it will superficially appear to work in the short term, but it's waxy so it actually causes more gunge to accumulate inside the pot and makes it worse. (Confusingly there is now a WD40-branded contact cleaner that you could use, but honestly just get Servisol Super 10). I'd have to check but I think so. I've never taken the wheel or pedals off mine since fitting them. With them removed I think it would very easily fold to something about the size of a collapsed ironing board, if that gives you an idea. You could get it smaller but you'd be getting into changing the height adjuster and that's probably more faff than you'd want to get into.
  14. Sociable Soccer is very good if you ever enjoyed Sensible Soccer back in the day.
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