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  1. I came in to say much the same thing. Michael cheated on the track but everyone agrees he's a thoroughly nice chap outside the car. Max is just a shit, both on the circuit and off.
  2. It’s a few months ago now, when restrictions were different etc, but I sent a Joycon back for repair on 5 May 2020, got an email acknowledging receipt on 21 May, got another email saying they’d started working on it on 2 June, and got the repaired Joycon in the post on 6 June. Free, but not quick.
  3. The original Rock Band came out right at the intersection of PS2 to PS3/360. Prior to release they made a big fuss about how the extra processing power would allow super-accurate vocal tracking, so it would know if you were singing the right words. I think they called it ‘phoneme detection’ or something. In fact all it cares about is pitch. Bare frequency and nothing else. You could play the vocal melody on a recorder, Stylophone or sine wave generator if you wanted, it would take it. And it gets better. For tracks with non-pitched vocals (rap, death metal etc) it will lite
  4. It reminds me of an old Namco game called Breakdown. That was a first-person FPS/platformer/beat-em-up on the original Xbox, and remains to this day the only game that has ever turned my stomach.
  5. Yeah I know it's not a new thing, just wondering if there was a particular reason for it. I expect it doesn't really make any difference to the drivers.
  6. This probably means nothing at all, but why is Williams the only team that has the dash screen fixed behind the wheel, rather than built into the wheel itself?
  7. Will shortly* be getting my own Switch. Is there a consensus on what's the best case for it? Full-size, not Lite. Would probably prefer something relatively unobtrusive that doesn't immediately scream "there is a £300 game console inside me". Obviously there's about a million generic ones on eBay or Amazon and I could just punt a tenner on one and it'd probably be fine - but if there are any that are head and shoulders above the pack, I'd like to know * It's in the house already but it's not my birthday yet.
  8. In truth you are certainly, provably better than me. You are therefore my nemesis.
  9. I mean I don't know if I'm elite but I think I did FC two out of three spotlight songs on guitar and all three of them on bass. (Can you actually view that stuff after the season ends, or is it gone?) My calculated 'skill' level isn't as high as yours yet @mr twig... but I'll get back up there
  10. Cyberplunk 2077 You are a mercenary in a dystopian future dominated by the might of the Milton Bradley Megacorporation. Defeat your rivals by pulling out plastic straws while trying to end up with the fewest marbles.
  11. Well, we didn't get it. I don't really understand why, but I do feel strangely responsible.
  12. Hopefully Ryanski or MrTwig or Munty Cakes can explain how it works. I'm still in the dark .
  13. You don't have freestyle guitar solos turned on, do you? (That's probably not it. I just found something saying scores don't count if freestyle is on.)
  14. I've exclusively been playing songs with an R next to them. Think I've still got about 20 pieces of R-marked DLC that I haven't set scores on. Won't necessarily get much time tonight though. Do non-R-marked songs count for XP and LP as well?
  15. So is it simply that @mr twig is better at guitar than me, and so is consistently placing higher up the per-song LP leaderboards? It gets pretty hardcore at the top. A lot of the time I'll FC a song on Expert and still only come in 11th, or whatever (because you may have hit 100% of the notes but there would have been a better Overdrive multiplier path).
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