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  1. Unlapping themselves so that they can restart from the correct positions and with the right amount of fuel and tyre usage, isn’t it?
  2. Agreed. I don’t like Mazepin but he gave Latifi as much room as he could there.
  3. He’s not brilliant but I don’t think you can blame him for Mazepin putting him in the wall. After seeing the onboards I take that back.
  4. Good start but I won’t be happy until he’s in the wall.
  5. The Radio Canada article I linked to yesterday has been fairly extensively rewritten, although it’s still at the same URL. Now saying the Montréal 2021 race is ‘uncertain’. They’ve rowed back from yesterday’s ‘cancelled’.
  6. When I looked back at last June to find the stuff about the Button video, I found this exchange. I was wrong, Bathurst is amazing, that is all. It just took one Monday-night enduro and it just clicked.
  7. Radio Canada has announced that the Canadian GP in June has been cancelled: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/1785146/grand-prix-formule-1-annulation-sante-publique-covid It’s in French but the gist of it is that the region’s public health authority isn’t prepared to accept the risk of all of the international arrivals, and the thousands of unavoidable contacts they would necessarily have with people outside the travelling circus. Even for a closed-doors event with no fans. Then at the end there is some stuff about how the circuit has a contract with F1 until 2029,
  8. Oh whoops! Yeah I should do, will re-up it and edit the new link in.
  9. LOST: Via Domus was exactly the same. In and of itself, it is not a great game. But playing it at the time of release, when the series was in full swing, it was brilliant. Especially the scene where you have to key in The Numbers (I played it on 360 and was able to plug in a USB keyboard for extra verisimilitude).
  10. I currently drive an MG5, which is the most unremarkable-looking car you could imagine: Someone on the MG5 owners' group on Facebook keeps advertising this product which apparently their business sells: That's right: a plastic pseudo-diffuser with fake exhaust ports... for your electric car.
  11. I love it. All in or all out!
  12. No worries man. If you did want it, depending on whereabouts in Essex you are, I could possibly even run it over to you. Tag me in this thread or DM me any time if you did ever want to try to work something out. No pressure. It's not going anywhere. Just folded up in a cupboard.
  13. You're gripping the wheel too tight! You should be holding it like you have a baby bird in your hands and you don't want to hurt it or let it fly away. I'm actually not making this up.
  14. @Pockets Whereabouts are you? I've got one of these doing nothing since I replaced it with a Playseat Challenge: https://wheelstandracing.com/ They're £50 new. You could have mine for £25 if you're anywhere nearby (I live in north Kent and work in SE London). It's not the fanciest but it's sturdy and did me a good job until I got the Playseat. The wooden base comes undrilled, but I drilled mine for two different sizes of Thrustmaster pedal unit (first the plastic two-pedal set, then the far-superior T3PA three-pedal set).
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