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  1. ...and you have to play them, because the AI Loadout isn't available in the tutorial. Being a tutorial, though, the bouts are super easy.
  2. Anyway the publisher's FAQ says no Quidditch:
  3. Come on, take it seriously. Play continues until someone grabs the thing dangling from that bloke's arse.
  4. It's a tennis ball, in a yellow sock, tucked into the back of the shorts of one of the umpires (who also dresses in yellow). Apparently there are 20 minutes of normal play first, where they try to score goals at 10 points apiece. Then the Snitch enters play (attached to the aforementioned official, whose job it is to prevent it being taken from them), and simultaneously each team subs in a Seeker. Play then continues until someone gets hold of the Snitch ball, whereupon they get 30* points and the game ends (if one team is ahead on points) or goes to extra time (if catching the Snitch brings the scores level). It does look like they've tried quite hard to make it a legit sport, at least as much so as ultimate frisbee or that kind of thing. It's a very long time since I read the books so I don't remember when Quidditch is supposed to have been invented (ie does it post-date the events of Hogwarts Legacy?) *In the books wasn't it something daft like 250 points? Basically to guarantee Gryffindor a big W from behind.
  5. My favourite thing about Quidditch is not only that people play it in real life, but that they renamed it (to Quadball or something IIRC) in order to distance themselves from how repellent JKR has become.
  6. Possibly, I suppose, although I read it as being a bit more straightforward: I found it pretty powerful in its own right even without thinking it might be a reference to something else, especially
  7. +500 'Dynamic Duos' punch card has gone up today on Xbox dashboard, but is dated 1-28 February, so don't try to do it yet. Click to activate punch card, then get an achievement in one of these games: Unravel Two A Plague Tale - Requiem Eastward Dishonored 2 Assassins Creed Origins Mass Effect 3 Escape Academy Gears of War 4 Lost In Random OPUS: Echo of Starsong Again, don't do it yet, even though it appears to be live already.
  8. Excellent post by @Unofficial Who and I kinda feel bad for cherrypicking out just this bit as it feels like a lot of the rest of it also deserves a response. But anyway: Bolded essentially because she's now well past the point of 'essentially' suggesting or implying anything. Instead she has just literally come right out and said it. Literally "trans people are rapists". No beating around the bush of any kind. Every day the woman becomes a nastier, more outspoken, increasingly emboldened, vile piece of bigoted shit. As an aside, the number of likes and supportive replies is really fucking depressing. I'm reminded of Brexit. Sure, some people might have had compelling reasons to vote Leave that weren't to do with being bigoted. But they still chose to stand with the bigots and by so doing, fucked everything up for the rest of us.
  9. Quite ironically, the sound in that Vox video is terrible. It badly needs a high-pass filter - there's far too much bass and low mids on the main narrator's voice channel, so when he's speaking, it just woofs. I had to turn my sub right down to make it tolerable. It's specifically the main narrator. When he talks on Zoom to the dialogue editor lady, her voice is really clear.
  10. You might be in the habit of using it as a controller for your Chromecast, for media playback or what have you.
  11. Warning: overall he's excellent but he really really can't do Scottish accents at all.
  12. Send them an email. They have mentioned that as it's a small outfit, they don't have access to every device to test. It may be that their dev kit is saying it should run on iOS 12, but in the wild it actually doesn't. I should do the same. I've installed it on an iPod Touch 6 (which I think is half a generation newer than the first iPad Air - IIRC the iPad Air is equivalent to an iPhone 5S and the iPod Touch 6 has the guts of an iPhone 6) running iOS 12.5.6 and likewise, it fails to launch.
  13. Nah man, hard disagree. It was always going to hit #1 on Steam because in spite of everything, Harry Potter/Wizarding World/JKR is still big business. Anything that draws attention to what an utter shit she is, can only be a good thing. It’ll still sell millions, but hopefully *fewer* millions than it might have done. I know they say all publicity is good publicity but frankly I think that goes out the window once someone reaches a critical mass of popularity. It’s not like anyone hasn’t heard of JKR. But there are still plenty of people who don’t know she’s a dreadful bigot. Once people *do* know, the decent ones among them will close their wallets. On some level it all counts.
  14. Not here, irksomely.
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