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  1. I share those concerns but for me the DLC/MTX line of acceptability has always been about keepable vs consumable. I have absolutely no problem with paying for additional content for a game, if it's then mine to keep and use for as long as I'm playing the game. So in your examples above, I don't object at all to the practice of selling additional planes or scenery for MS Flight Sim, or cars for Forza, or whatever. It so happens that I haven't personally spent money on those particular games, but like I think it's basically OK. I can't tell you how many pinball tables I've paid for over the years, or additional songs for Guitar Hero/Rock Band, etc. I think for me where it's unacceptable is paying for anything that expires or gets used up. Like in Candy Crush, for example, paying for powerups when you can't get past a certain level. Or paying to speed up countdown timers between turns, or whatever. I think that stuff is really exploitative and my personal rule is that I absolutely won't ever spend money on those things. Loot boxes and other gambling mechanics can obviously get fucked into the absolute sea. I'm somewhere in the middle on cosmetics, I think. I don't buy them myself and I don't really pay much attention to them - like if I'm playing Halo I give not a single shit about what armour or gun skin the other guy has. When I play Rocket League it makes precisely no difference to me what car the other player is driving, and so on. What I don't know is how badly they entrap people who are susceptible. They must make money or the companies wouldn't do them. The cynical/pragmatic player might say 'great, they're subsidising the game for me' but I'm not sure that's really morally OK.
  2. It's kind of breaking out into a different discussion, but Google already tracks my every move. I know I could 'turn it off' but I figure they're going to capture it anyway, so all that would achieve would be preventing me from looking at it myself.
  3. Wordle 213 3/6* With hindsight I possibly could have got this in two. It’s so strange how subjective the difficulty of these is.
  4. Without a doubt it's my boxed NES: It's not worth anything, it's just been mine since it was new and I still have it (and, obviously, it came with the best game ever made). I remember picking it out in Curry's for my birthday, some time after the SNES came out and they were selling off NES stock cheaply. So probably December 1992. I have in my mind that the console/SMB3 bundle was £29.99. which (according to the inflation calculator at in2013dollars.com) is the equivalent of about £66 today.
  5. Just as an update - I've just cashed in a load of my points and extended my current GamePass Ultimate further into the future, so it definitely still works. I spent 90,000 points, 15,000 points at a time, on six 3-month Xbox Live Gold codes (via the 'Redeem' tab of the Rewards app on Xbox One). It only shows you 1-month codes until you go to buy them, then there's a dropdown that you can change from 1 to 3. Each purchase sends you an email with a xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx code that you redeem on xbox.com. When you go to redeem it, it will tell you that the conversion rate is 3 months of Gold to 1 month of GPU. Ignore this - when you put it through, you will get 50 days, not 30. (Actually slightly more - I did six codes expecting 300 days, and got an extension of 311 days). No need to wait for your sub to lapse. It just works. 15,000 points for 50 days = 300 points per day. So, as long as you can keep up an average of at least 300 points, Game Pass Ultimate will (currently) keep paying for itself indefinitely. For context my tally in the month of December 2021 was nearly 22,000 and I didn't try particularly hard. I certainly didn't get an achievement every day, for example, which is worth another 1,500 alone if you can keep it up.
  6. Wordle 207 6/6* Like everyone else I’m deeply unimpressed by today’s puzzle.
  7. Yeah what you don't see there is about 15 minutes of misses and rewinds! The key for me was that 'kick' just at takeoff, that gets the car tumbling. Without it I couldn't get the height.
  8. I love it and have no regrets about paying the full £50 for it at launch. I regularly play it online with my old bandmates who now live in different countries. Video chat on the laptop, Switch on the TV, it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours. We just play the mode that is essentially a straight game of traditional golf, but with special shots allowed (so you have exploding-ball shenanigans every few holes).
  9. They’re both basically just QWOP. I think you either ‘get it’ or you don’t. I’m no fan either. I did love Superliminal though, and saw it through to the end. In other news I almost dropped a 49-week streak in the Rewards app on Xbox. Realised at about 11pm last night that I hadn’t finished the weekly set (needed to earn three achievements). Trueachievements and Killer Instinct to the rescue. Phew.
  10. I don’t know what you’re talking about, this all looks perfectly normal to me. </mnrc>
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