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  1. Excellent post by @Unofficial Who and I kinda feel bad for cherrypicking out just this bit as it feels like a lot of the rest of it also deserves a response. But anyway: Bolded essentially because she's now well past the point of 'essentially' suggesting or implying anything. Instead she has just literally come right out and said it. Literally "trans people are rapists". No beating around the bush of any kind. Every day the woman becomes a nastier, more outspoken, increasingly emboldened, vile piece of bigoted shit. As an aside, the number of likes and supportive replies is really fucking depressing. I'm reminded of Brexit. Sure, some people might have had compelling reasons to vote Leave that weren't to do with being bigoted. But they still chose to stand with the bigots and by so doing, fucked everything up for the rest of us.
  2. Quite ironically, the sound in that Vox video is terrible. It badly needs a high-pass filter - there's far too much bass and low mids on the main narrator's voice channel, so when he's speaking, it just woofs. I had to turn my sub right down to make it tolerable. It's specifically the main narrator. When he talks on Zoom to the dialogue editor lady, her voice is really clear.
  3. You might be in the habit of using it as a controller for your Chromecast, for media playback or what have you.
  4. Warning: overall he's excellent but he really really can't do Scottish accents at all.
  5. Send them an email. They have mentioned that as it's a small outfit, they don't have access to every device to test. It may be that their dev kit is saying it should run on iOS 12, but in the wild it actually doesn't. I should do the same. I've installed it on an iPod Touch 6 (which I think is half a generation newer than the first iPad Air - IIRC the iPad Air is equivalent to an iPhone 5S and the iPod Touch 6 has the guts of an iPhone 6) running iOS 12.5.6 and likewise, it fails to launch.
  6. Nah man, hard disagree. It was always going to hit #1 on Steam because in spite of everything, Harry Potter/Wizarding World/JKR is still big business. Anything that draws attention to what an utter shit she is, can only be a good thing. It’ll still sell millions, but hopefully *fewer* millions than it might have done. I know they say all publicity is good publicity but frankly I think that goes out the window once someone reaches a critical mass of popularity. It’s not like anyone hasn’t heard of JKR. But there are still plenty of people who don’t know she’s a dreadful bigot. Once people *do* know, the decent ones among them will close their wallets. On some level it all counts.
  7. Not here, irksomely.
  8. A shade over 19K per month here, for relatively minimal effort. I plough all of mine back into Gamepass. You need 9K per month to break even on GamePass (you can extend for 50 days at a time for 15,000 points, which is 300 points per day) and I just keep adding it on so it front-loads the sub. My GamePass expiry date is currently some time in the back half of 2025. Some time this year I'll hit the three-year wall, where I won't be able to keep pushing back the run-out date at the same rate. At that point I'll probably start banking the excess points to save towards a controller or something.
  9. We found it pretty unplayable on the Xbox (ie on the living room TV). Really gives massive “only tested on a desktop monitor” vibes. Gave up pretty quickly.
  10. Arguably no. I only did the Black Desert one because it was quick and easy. I simply didn't bother at all with a few of last month's ones because they looked like they would take more time and effort than I was prepared to put in.
  11. I mean I don't think it's a very good game, but it took me all of five minutes last night to get the 20,000 XP for the quest. I just went on Cloud Gaming and used what I presume is the character I created last time there was a Black Desert quest. One of the servers is called Obvia or Olvia or something. It has an XP boost symbol to make it even quicker. Just walk out of the starting area until you see some Imps wandering around, and spam RB to kill a bunch of them. Don't need to even install the game as it works in the cloud. I genuinely have no recollection of playing it before, that's how little impression it made on me.
  12. If my experience of every single rubberised appliance or controller I've ever owned is anything to go by: fine now, turns to shit in five to ten years.
  13. I looked on Steam and it's on there, in a version dated 2009, for £6.99. Is that the version you're playing or has there ever been a more recent/fancier one? I had it on XBLA back in the day so I could presumably install it on my Xbox One, but I'm not averse to buying a PC version as well if there are any advantages.
  14. I watched it just yesterday and I do not remember anyone saying "turn your brain off" at any point.
  15. There's two mobile apps. The daily/weekly 'Quests' (the ones like 'play a specific game', or 'collect x things' / 'travel y distance' or whatever) show up in the Game Pass app, which is separate from the Xbox app that contains the 'play a PC game' and 'play Jewel' and those things. Then of course there's a third app (just called 'Microsoft Rewards') on the Xbox dashboard, that has its own streak and its own limited-time challenges. For any tasks that involve actually playing a game, the system doesn't care if you do it on PC, Xbox or in a browser via the Cloud. You just have to look in a few different places to receive the tasks and mark them as completed.
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