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  1. In one of their podcasts, Penny Arcade once summed up one of the Army Of Two games by saying something like “if you play it with someone that you can tolerate, it is better than some things you could be doing.”
  2. I’m just planning to redeem them for more Game Pass Ultimate when mine runs out in June.
  3. How in shitting crikey have you got 35,000 reward points in a month?! I've got less than 70,000 lifetime points and I've been collecting them for ages.
  4. Playing this on One S via GamePass and I'm really enjoying it. Like @Moz and @Plissken, I had to look up that puzzle in chapter 4. I get the principle of it but not how to make the four dials represent what I needed them to, if that makes sense. Also had a gamebreaking bug in chapter 4, so be careful everyone if you're still in an earlier part of the game. There's a puzzle involving a set of gears near a waterfall. In between the machine and the nearby tent, there's a bit of scenery you can get trapped behind (there's a lantern or something on the grass,
  5. You will see 'em on TV, any given Sunday.
  6. Disclaimer: these are not actually things I have made - they're my girlfriend's. She's been doing these tiny paintings: You can probably see the scale from her hands in shot, but most of them are between 10cm to 15cm square. They're all for sale on her Etsy store at www.corpsewax.com. Follow her on Instagram at corpsewax to see new pieces whenever she makes them. She also does digital paintings and there are prints of those available on her store too. Thanks for checking them out!
  7. Holedown is the gold standard, I think. It costs a few quid (£3.99 IIRC?) but it's tremendous. Not exactly a straight Breakout clone, but similar core idea. Very satisfying to play.
  8. Sociable Soccer is really good if you liked Sensible World of Soccer, as it's by Jon Hare and is essentially a modern version of the same game without the licence. I've only played it with a DualShock 4. I don't expect it's any fun at all with touchscreen controls.
  9. As I read that post, I genuinely wondered if I’d written it and then somehow forgotten. Slow driver high-five!
  10. Here’s my* Christmas livery, the ‘Snowman Speedster’: *Designed and named by my girlfriend Caroline because I’m totally rubbish at anything visual.
  11. Yeah you’re right. So the third game has three cities in it. I’ve never actually played 2. It was too dear when I was still buying Dreamcast games.
  12. It was okay. IIRC it had a clone of the San Francisco-esque original map from 1, plus an entire new map based on New York. The original map was still better but NYC had some fun bits. They’d added a jump button which I never remembered to use.
  13. If I worked for a news site I would absolutely be preparing my headline in advance: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Announcement: Lewis Hamilton Resigns!
  14. The big problem with this is that I don't have any friends at all on Ubisoft. For a game that's all about challenging your friends' times, that's... not ideal.
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