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  1. The English AES manual for Metal Slug is apparently worth more than my entire AES collection. I remember seeing the Japanese boxed version at a local cash converters for £250 in the early 2000s, I thought it was way overpriced. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Metal-Slug-1-US-Euro-English-AES-Manual-Neo-Geo-NGH-System-Console-SNK-Shmup/392569357614?hash=item5b66f5052e:g:cxEAAOSwcV5d5wSz
  2. This console is going to make the Neo Geo CD format useable for the first time for me. I could never get on with the loading times, for things like Last Blade and KOF 98 it would literally take minutes between rounds. Being able to play official SNK products on a console with little to no loading is what convinced me to part with my money. I looked into Neo Geo AES a while back but it's too expensive to build up a nice library of games. I've since been able to get a little library together (below) that I wanted for Polymega, many of the tiles sell for £20-40, but thin
  3. Anyone got a dispatch from Currys? I'm nervous now.
  4. Thanks for that you've saved me a phone call to them. Roll on tomorrow.
  5. blakeboogie

    SNES Mini

    Tesco Pre-Order https://www.tesco.com/direct/nintendo-classic-mini-super-nintendo-entertainment-system/649-8711.prd?source=others
  6. blakeboogie

    SNES Mini

    eBay love scalpers they make them millions of £s. They are just deleting listings that can't be fulfilled within the 30 day limit.
  7. blakeboogie

    SNES Mini

    More stock at GAME - http://www.game.co.uk/en/super-nintendo-entertainment-system-classic-edition-2024185/?utm_source=RakutenMarketing&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=2875495:Stock+Informer+(UK)&utm_content=10&utm_term=UKNetwork&ranMID=42508&ranEAID=fyuPaXC9%2FsI&ranSiteID=fyuPaXC9_sI-nRz9voUtXh7JsFFIaMUqQQ
  8. blakeboogie

    SNES Mini

    Pre-orders at Tesco GOGOGO! edit: You pay up front it seems. https://www.tesco.com/direct/nintendo-classic-mini-super-nintendo-entertainment-system-snes/649-8711.prd?source=awin&awc=7090_1499188655_ecc57c40ffd8cc841c22654e4146fa92&sc_cmp=aff*awin*gmo*Stock+Informer_38503&utm_medium=gmo&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*Stock+Informer_38503
  9. Surely that's taking care of my family > the guitar > Street Fighter. I mean I love Street Fighter but really?
  10. Has anybody got a spare Battlefield 1 beta PC code available? My inbox is empty
  11. Rllmuk Redsuns Level 10! Someone has been putting in the hours.
  12. I've joined the Rllmuk Redsuns, hopefully we can get some online racing going tonight.
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