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  1. cool, i’ll have a hunt for that app. That deck looks good too, but i gave away so many baby dragons, its one of my weakest cards now.
  2. I think I need some new decks. I’m sitting at Level 12 which a bit of a grind and recent card balances have made me less effective. Looking for some new decks but not copying whatever is fashionable in the meta. Maxed cards: Balloon, Hog rider, 3 musketeers, bats, zap, goblin gang L12: Wizard, rage, hat dragon, zappies, musketeer, ice wizard, archers, clone, executioner, minion, barbarians, skelly army L11: miner, sparky, guards, tornado, poison, witch, giant skelly, x-bow, lightning, PEKKA, heal, mega minion, dart goblin, fireball, mini PEKKA, bomb tower, valkyrie, flying machine, ice spirit, fire spirit, arrows, bomber, battle ram, inferno tower, giant, pump, minion horde, elite barbs, royal giant everything else under L11, most cards have upgrades available.
  3. Looks good Hendo, but more importantly, look at those cash reserves!
  4. I'm super pumped for SOR4, especially since there's talk of updating with modern fighting mechanics like juggles, parries etc... As much as I love brawlers, they are a genre that got left behind and have not aged well, so it'll be good to see what the developers can do. I'm unsure whether to pick up The Takeover on Switch as it looks nice and flashy, but I really struggle with supporting Indies when they basically rip off their source of inspiration. IMO indies should be all about innovation, rather than creating homages. I'll just play the originals, thanks. (On that note, I'm not even sure I like indies making t-shirts/poster with their version of other company's IPs, but that's a thread for another day). That said, the incorporation of handguns into a The Takeover is quite clever, solving the issue of why heroes would take on a city of crime with only bare fists. Dunno if anyone played Raging Justice but that had a nice arrest mechanic too. Anyway, SOR4 is a Day One purchase for me.
  5. Fighting The Boss in MGS3 Fighting Rex in MGS1 Act 3 of Shenmue II (since Act 4 is essentially a walking simulator).
  6. I'm not into driving games and never really have been. I'm terrible at them, and don't even drive IRL. But seeing Alex's passion for the genre and hearing his stories have been fantastic and I hope that DD does amazing sales. I'm really, really rooting for you guys. May DD do so well that you can finally buy those yachts (or supercars) you deserve.
  7. Part of my dislike of minigames comes from the fact that minigames used to be cool diversions, but now with mobile gaming the way it is, the need for small diverting games is much less. Mobile gaming does it much better. also: fishing minigames are the worst. Stop with the fishing minigames. Please.
  8. Damn this game was good. Only got 104% and it took me 117 hours. Definitely reminded me that I’m not as good as I used to be at challenging games. Nearly gave up multiple times, probably because I was attempting things my character level wasn’t ready to. Things I liked: - Worldbuilding and subtle story. What a brilliant setting and civilisation. - Character and enemy designs are very creative with lots of personality. - Charm system was surprisingly deep allowing for genuinely different play styles and approaches to combat. - Traveling around was lots of fun, just swishing your nail and affecting the environment. - So much extra content. Great value for money. The devs have earned every cent of their success. Things I didn’t like: - Difficulty was on the ‘too hard’ side of hard for me. Nearly gave up multiple times, but gamers with the mad skills will be fine. - Some checkpoints and travelling stations felt too far away and perhaps artificially extended the length of the game. - Some of the hidden stuff was a little too well hidden?? I often found myself thinking, ‘how would anyone find/learn this?’ I definitely needed a guide at times (maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention). But maybe that’s the point, to engage with the community and learn the secrets you couldn’t find yourself. If not for God of War this probably would be my GOTY. Highly recommended, one of the best Indie games around and one of the best on the Switch (and I dont even like Metroid/Soulsvania game). 9/10 Going back to get some missing charm notches and fight a few beasties.
  9. Finally got a Switch. Picked up: - Battle Chasers: Nightwar - Hollow Knight - Streetfighter 30th Anniversary - Garou: Maro of the Wolves. Next up: - Zelda: BOTW - Mario Kart 8 It’s a neat wee system and I’ve not even plugged it into the TV yet.
  10. If it’s MGS1, would it just be a hi-fidelity remake or add some gameplay additions from something like MGS3 (CQC) or MGSV (marking via scope)? (I cant see how the mechanics from MGSV would translate well because of MGS1s more linear environment)
  11. Re Iwobi, I think the World Cup will be important for his development. Some players go to the cup and play a blinder and it moves their career up a gear (remember James from Columbia?). Iwobi is still young. Just when I think he’ll never be good enough, he surprises me. At 21 he is a back up to Özil and he’ll learn a lot from him. I can’t work out if he’s fast or slow when he runs, though. He looks like he should be super quick, but not sure if he is. People seem to get round him a lot.
  12. Quite enjoyable that. Apart from stumbling over the line and dragging i5 ou5 at the end. I expect NZ v England to be a very interesting series.
  13. Ah i didnt know that. Oh well, at least Dark souls is on its way. Thanks.
  14. Quite a boring Ashes series, really. NZ smashed the hell out of the Windies in all formats and now giving Pakistan a bit of a seeing-to as well. Has me wondering if the only real interesting match ups we’ll see is at tournaments where everyone apart from the home nation are in foreign conditions...
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