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  1. Yeah about two hours is right. I’d be up for raiding some time tomorrow. My only request to Sherpa runs is that you guys please have either Falling Guillotine legendary sword or Lament exotic sword. Unless we taught only one person at once, in which case just bring snacks.
  2. Why don't you do a raid with us?
  3. While I'm at it, I've purged members with 0 triumph score and people who haven't logged in for over 3 months.
  4. A-ha, I knew the cross save goblins on your account would affect your clan status somehow in the future. Welcome back.
  5. Embarrassingly, I own the 3DS World Tour and never played it. I'll still buy this...
  6. Why? I don't know, my hands don't find waggle controls comfortable. Why do you find it comfortable? My hands ache. It's annoying. The joycons are small so they add the new sensation of balling your fist into the mix. The pro controller is the only way forward.
  7. No more waggle is a win, but I can't help but feel that changing it to the right joystick will make it just as divisive. It probably won't be a Kid Icarus hand killer, but trying to nudge the camera and instead fluffing an attack will take some getting used to. Having to use the weeny joycons to play waggle sword would be a nightmare for me for longer sessions. My hands would cramp.
  8. Next-gen upgrade now dated for 18th March, which is nice. I've been waiting for that to start playing.
  9. Oof, I'd advise a looooong break between them. In fact, starting with Immortals might be better as it's so much smaller. They're both open-world Ubisoft games set in Ancient Greek settings with fun but repetitive activities and fairly similar combat mechanics. If you really enjoy Immortals then you'll definitely enjoy moving onto Odyssey, but I'd be amazed if you 'finish' Odyssey and then want to smart Immortals.
  10. Welcome, sorry it took me so long to approve!
  11. For me it’ll hinge on the new triumph-but-not-really system and the aspects. I don’t see enough there to warrant as much play as there was for Arrivals, but let’s wait and see the systems in play.
  12. It’s assumed you get new quests next season, but nobody knows for sure as it’s not been talked about yet.
  13. Prophecy has two armour sets exclusive to it, as well as a couple of good weapons you can farm rolls for. Look out for the IKELOS shotgun and Death Adder SMG. The final boss awards a pinnacle drop. It's pretty good as loot goes, I think.
  14. tnman

    Xbox Game Pass

    Found out today that Final Fantasy XV is leaving Game Pass. This is a bummer, cos I own the FFXV disc, and used Game Pass for the Royal Edition upgrades and so on. I now fear I'll be stuck in licensing hell, and have no idea what to actually purchase to keep access to everything without duplicating the base game purchase. Although that would probably be just the easiest thing to do... Didn't expect it to leave so soon.
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