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  1. Thanks for being a fun host. Sorry I ran over the white flower at the end...
  2. Thanks! I just got oranges a second before you posted but I’ll come for a visit anyway!
  3. Thanks to forumites I am now only searching for oranges! Oranges, anyone, please?
  4. Anyone about with oranges or cherries?
  5. No worries! Thanks for the pears.
  6. 3 days I think. 5 for money trees.
  7. Anyone online now for fruit trading? I have apples and peaches.
  8. There's a core group who are very welcoming and always eager to get people into raids!
  9. Gladd just finished it! He's got another quest and has to go see Saint-14 in the Tower... Edit- Seems it gets you the exotic Fusion Rifle Bastion. Meh.
  10. Oh shit, I hadn't thought of that... Surely Amazon, in all their years of now sending stuff to me with their own Amazon Logistics, wouldn't suddenly decide Royal Mail was a good idea?
  11. tnman


    There's loads of cool merch and massive console bundles, but okay. And how they've embraced the kookiness is part of the charm every year for me. I have to admit I doubted if they would beat the total from SGDQ '19, but they did! I always underestimate the amount of cash save vs kill the animals can bring in!
  12. Didn't you basically just describe a recession?
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