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  1. There's a core group who are very welcoming and always eager to get people into raids!
  2. Gladd just finished it! He's got another quest and has to go see Saint-14 in the Tower... Edit- Seems it gets you the exotic Fusion Rifle Bastion. Meh.
  3. Oh shit, I hadn't thought of that... Surely Amazon, in all their years of now sending stuff to me with their own Amazon Logistics, wouldn't suddenly decide Royal Mail was a good idea?
  4. tnman


    There's loads of cool merch and massive console bundles, but okay. And how they've embraced the kookiness is part of the charm every year for me. I have to admit I doubted if they would beat the total from SGDQ '19, but they did! I always underestimate the amount of cash save vs kill the animals can bring in!
  5. Didn't you basically just describe a recession?
  6. tnman

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Yeah let us know when the thread is up and me and DeciderVT can fight to the death make you offers.
  7. tnman

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Ooooh, how much did you want?
  8. tnman

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Is Gold Mario Japanese or American @Strafe?
  9. Yes, there’s a core group of us, although saying that I don’t play as much as I used to for a variety of reasons. You’re showing as already being in a clan so now you have to accept a reverse invite.
  10. This thread will go great for the majority of 2020 for a lot of people I think, and then dive over the cliff edge when the new consoles launch.
  11. Your post makes great points but loses it here. I was only referring to the idea that the Galar Dex could be seen off with little investment, and that including the National would get rid of that. Was it Black and White that unlocked National ‘mon after becoming Champion? From my time with the Wild Area I wonder if that would have been the best approach here (along with more dev time, obviously, as this story goes on and on).
  12. Despite there still being hundreds I can’t help but feel that Dexit would annihilate any such opinions were it not a thing.
  13. Anyone got a Galarian Ponyta? Will trade my Galarian Farfetch’d.
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