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  1. Pretty much this. It'll be mostly enjoyable for fans of Pokemon, but the franchise hasn't seen fit to push itself past 'mostly enjoyable' for a very long time now. People treat the games like they're utter dross because of it, and they're not. They're just... mostly enjoyable.
  2. Yes. (But also the Darkness doesn’t want to take our Light, it wants us on its side. It’s currently kind of observing us by limiting our playroom space. This is the lore for vaulting anyway…)
  3. LEGEND! Didn’t even get the stock notification email I’d signed up for so thank you very much for quoting me!
  4. That's very kind of you, thank you, but I think they're excited by the prospect of gambling opening the packs.
  5. Forum hive mind, does anyone know how to try and get the series 5 amiibo cards? Since the DLC my niece and nephew are on an even bigger AC kick than they were already and have asked for these for Christmas, but as far as I'm aware they've been sold out on the Nintendo Store since forever.
  6. What am I missing? The vanish in smoke has gotten 21 seconds faster to regenerate and at it's worst gambler's dodge is 9 seconds slower. Is it really that bad?
  7. It's the accuracy stat that gets me. I've not seen anything above 40% in the five games I was a part of.
  8. Well one thing I have in common with the rest of the forum is I absolutely suck at Halo. Fun though.
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