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  1. I've been loving my Hawkmoon / Proud Spire and Space Magic set up in IB this week. Something about the game type where people crowd together nicely for you.
  2. So, where can I get one of these things then? Who is still doing pre orders?
  3. Haven't you got carbon to mine, you spod?
  4. Anyone else find the pop up with foliage and shadows a little annoying?
  5. BG&E2 is announced as a NC exclusive, proof! that Nintendo has third party support sewn up this time. It comes out, sells an underwhelming amount. Third party publisher support drops off quickly. Mario Party 17 comes out as Nintendo's big Christmas game in 2020. Etc.
  6. True. But once you've played it once and understood it it's a lot of fun. It's no more confusing than CoO was first time round I think (I had no idea what was going on to begin with there). They should let you hold one of each tier of key I think, so teams can get a longer run on games in though.
  7. How many strange coins do you have? For 13 you can buy armour from Xur that is at 350. 39 coins and you'll have 3 slots at 350 once you've converted them into your legendaries.
  8. Yeah Bungle are tweeting and congratulating some clan who have finished it already.
  9. High intellect, Bad Juju and Obsidian Mind mean you get Nova bombs every 90 seconds or so in PvE. Though the voidwalker grenades are also pretty sweet.
  10. Feels like they are channelling both Viewtiful Joe and Disgaea there. Day one obviously
  11. Bad Juju is amazing. Supers every 90 seconds or so.
  12. Time spent on deleted characters.
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