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  1. I love it. Completely over the top ridiculousness. Its really scratching my Excitetruck itch. I can totally appreciate that its not for everyone though. This is a good review:
  2. esar

    We got the funk

    My favourite ever dj request was when I was playing a James Brown record and a drunk girl came up to me and asked if I could play something a bit more funky.
  3. Love a bit of Flowdan
  4. LP cover is tight too.
  5. esar

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think they’ve fixed Omno on the Series X, the frame rate seems a lot smoother.
  6. I do get what people are saying about the off road not being different enough, I get why it is like it is and its great to just point the car somewhere and drive over all of the terrain with no problem but It would be cool if you could customise something like an F40 and give it big truck tyres and silly stuff like that to drive it off road. FH4 was my first Forza Horizon game since the first one and i'm still playing it now, I absolutely love it. But I tried playing FH3 and couldn't get into it, it was too similar to 4. I hope that doesn't happen with the new one.
  7. Playing games with your Uzi (Pinky Ring)s
  8. Kool and the Gang are the GOATs
  9. esar

    Xbox Game Pass

    It runs like crap on my Series X too, still very much enjoying it though, perfect Sunday morning gaming.
  10. Whole album is amazing
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