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  1. This is the best Beasties sleeve (its a picture disc I think):


    i've got it at home and although you can't see from this picture, there are some naked ladies standing in the room but they've been body painted to match the background. I didn't notice them for years!

  2. Can anybody here recommend 'Atmosphere'?

    I rate Atmosphere. I think Slug is one of the best mc's about at the moment although he can get a bit much on record (his freestyles are untouchable though).

    If I were you i'd check out the 'Lucy Ford' ep first as I think thats the best stuff they've done, then if you like that, check out the album 'God Loves Ugly' which is dope. I couldn't really get into the last Lp.

    Also, if you like Atmosphere i'd highly recommend Brother Ali's 'Shadows on The Sun' which was one of my favourite LP's of last year. Ant from Atmosphere helped out on production and Slug helped out on lyrics in parts. I think Ali's delivery and subject matter is a bit easier to get into than Slug's.

  3. Was it you that was invloved in Haze's cover for DJ Premier's New York Reality Check 101?

    Welcome back mate!

    Yeah, I used to loads of stuff for Payday/FFRR, Def jam and Roc-a-fella back in the day, although most of it was taking the US art and relaying it for the UK record labels.

    But, as with everything nowadays, it was all marketing led, i.e; big pic of artist with the logo at the top as big as possible to make it "stand out on the racks" (even though all major label sleeves look the bloody same :P ). In fact thats the reason i've pretty much given up doing drum & bass sleeves 'cos they're going the same way.

    The hip hop sleeve I think I enjoyed working on most was Jeru's 'Ya Playin' Yourself' single because it was all based around the video which was a dope kung-fu film rip-off!

    Although i've got a great sleeve to do soon - a uk cover version of Eric b and Rakim's 'Juice' track! :ph34r:

  4. What are other folks' best/worst album covers?

    Most hip hop sleeves aren't great imo.

    the best sleeve i've seen in ages (any genre) is Jehst's LP:


    in fact Guy Featherstone's stuff for Lowlife is always good:


    Biz Markie's sleeves are classics:



    That Warp records offshoot Lex has amazing sleeves:


    (this sleeve needs to be touched for full appreciation)

    The sleeves by Pen & Pixel are the worst, but in a good way.

    i'd put up the sleeves i've done (which are pretty shit) but I can't find any on the net.

  5. I'm a MGS n00b and started playing last night.

    I switched it on at about midnight for a 5 minute blast and was hooked straight away. It looks and plays excellently, I finally understand why everyone has been raving about the PS1 version for so long (which for some reason I could never get into).

    It didn't get switched off for another 2 hours!

    You lot are a bunch of moaning minis :o

  6. The only time I heard Skinnyman was on a DJ Vadim LP. He rapped about Arsenal I think. That's cool.

    His verse on Skitz' 'Fingerprints Of The Gods' is classic and his latest 'Fuck The Hook' EP is pretty good as well.

  7. Yes, but Skinnyman is shit. And it doesnt help that he's also a cock.

    He's not as shit as Dizzee Rascal or the Streets and is a lot more deserving of an album deal.

    Skinny's alright, he puts a lot of work in for hip hop in this country and doesn't get a lot back as your 2nd comment proves.

  8. ^^^^

    I was just reading that article.

    I saw her video a few months ago and its, as you'd expect, shit, its the new major label band wagon, although i'd highly recommend checking Deal Real's open mic sessions you get some quality people down there.

    I was actually chatting to an A&R man from Sony the other day and saying how much 'Da kidz' are into hip hop and rapping, open mics etc. and he didn't have a clue!

    He was moaning about all these dance acts he signs with no longevity and I told him that Skinnyman has a huge young following and a ready made album (and more important to Sony, a ready made image) that was pulled when Talkin' Loud imploded and he was genuinely shocked and didn't know anything about it (even though Sony was one of the labels that turned him down)!!!

    But remember, its downloading mp3's thats damaging record sales :)

  9. Business as usual for GI.biz/EuroGamer then.

    Codies have never supported the GC.

    Lucasarts = pure speculation.

    In other news, Birdseye have just shockingly pulled out of the GC market.

    I thought that, it also mentions that Ubisoft aren't working on anything for the Cube, they've only just released a whole load of games, give 'em a chance!

    Although I think losing the football franchises is very bad news in the way that the Cube is viewed by potential customers.

  10. Aspects!

    Their new album 'Mystery Theatre' is out soon. DJ Yoda said it was "the best hip-hop album I've heard in ages", or something.

    I've only heard the single, which is nice.

    I love Aspects, *geek* I think i've got every record they've released *geek*.

    Is the single out yet? and are they still on Hombre?

  11. Just starting to get into my UK hop hip and my god its been good so far.


    Roots manuva



    Blak twang

    Terra firma


    These probably my favourites

    Any other reccomendations for uk heads ?

    Mystro is killing it at the moment as is the most recent Yungun stuff...erm, who else...Foreign Beggers new LP is quality as well.

    But the best uk hip hop lp ever to be released* is by Natty and is out next month on Def Con records and features contributions from Skinnyman, Taskforce, Tommy Evans and a verse from Johnny Vegas (the fat comedian).

    Check out the hip hop threads like Cal suggested but try not to mention DJ Shadow or Ugly Duckling when Ben's about.

    *statement may contain bias

  12. Apparently the problem with Doom's passport is that he is a UK citizen and never sorted out residency in the States, so if he leaves he can't come back!

    But he's signed the confirmation form for Dedbeat so unless somthing goes horribly wrong he's definitely coming.

    That Stevie Wonder thing is dope yo, I bought it when it first appeared a year or so ago. I can't beleive they're officially releasing it.

    I can't download the Madvillain album :(

  13. This one track, Spanish Key, is quite nice, in a sort of background-to-a-dinner-party way.

    Check out Miles' Sketches Of Spain lp, its a little heavy on the Spanish theme but a lot easier to get into than a lot of his other albums.

    tbh, if you're just getting into jazz and like your music funky, i'd recommend Herbie Hancock's Headhunters lp and work your way in from there.

  14. :-/ I really don't see the point as its meant for a tiny screen and for 'short' play on journeys, not hometime play. If you've got an xbox you can play it on the telly anyway, but i'm supposing you don't

    For me personally I have a 5 minute walk to work so I hardly use my GBA on the move unless i'm going on a longish journey which isn't enough to play all the GBA games I want to. Plus if I got a GBA out on the bus around here I wouldn't have it for very long and on top of that the GB player is considerably cheaper than an SP.

    Enough reasons for ya?

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