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  1. Any suggestions on where i can get KMD - Mr Hood on CD as I'm currently listening to my mates tape of it and its pure class (yep i know its old)??

    Otherwise its gonna have to be "The Best Of" album they released.

    Any help is appreciated.

    I'm not sure if you'll find Mr Hood on cd, i've got a bootleg copy of the vinyl and that was hard enough to track down, but yeah its a classic, one of my top 10 albums.

    I don't think KMD's best of... has been released yet.

    I take it you've got Black Bastards? and Kurious 'Constipated Monkey'?

  2. Well, I went to see Pete and CL and totally forgot about this place. Oh well. I can remember some dude in the February thread saying that they did a 'cover of King Of Rock' at their show. It was, in fact, 'Down With The King'.

    You are of course correct.

    Did you enjoy the gig? How good was T.R.O.Y!

  3. For hip hop I suggest an Akai MPC2000xl sampler, its great for chopping up loops and playing about with samples live - most people I know who make hip hop only use an MPC, an Atari ST (or more recently a Mac) for running Cubase or Pro Logic Audio and a cheap-o midi keyboard.

  4. Yeah, but do the beats convey the theme, or is it just the lyrics. Ideally, I'd like to get some instrumentals. I might just loop some instrumental breaks in Soundforge.

    I was thinking of these for the lyrics (didn't read your post properly, duh) - I guess Madlib and Dooms 'America's Most Blunted' has a hazy smokey intro.

    But you can't beat the chorus for Pimpin' Ain't Easy, "Anything goes when it comes to ho's..."

  5. But there's no Cold Chillin' and I thought Masta Ace's LP would be the most accessable (sp?) of their releases????

    And everyone has to own 'Stunts...' its as essential as '3 Feet High and Rising'.

    What about:

    Brand Nubian 'In God We Trust'

    Lords Of The Underground 'Here Come Tha Lords'

    Leaders Of The New School 'T.I.M.E.'

    Main Source 'Breaking Atoms'

    I could go on for days!

  6. Midnight Marauders, yes, but no to Jungle Bros. Too much Native Tongues other wise.

    But that means no Black Sheep and surely that can't be right?

    what about:

    Ultramagnetic MC's 'Critical Beatdown'

    Diamond D 'Stunts Blunts & Hip Hop'

    Pete Rock & CL Smooth 'Mecca and the Soul Brother' or 'The Main Ingredient'

    Masta Ace 'Take A Look Around'

  7. The only new hip hop i've heard in the last cuppla months is 'Bazooka tooth' by aesop rock. On a par with labor days if you ask me, though it never reaches the heights of 'No regrets'.

    Can I recommend Aesop Rock's 'Float' album, it shits (pun intended) on his last two albums from quite a height (although I love 'No Regrets' as well).

  8. He was born in Sussex, moved to Huddersfield then moved back to London. He's not a Northener. If you listen to Premonitions he clearly has a southern, sussex kind of accent, it has developed into more of a London twang lately but he's got no reason to have a Northern accent, he just lived there for a while.

    Really, I didn't know that, i'll let him off then ;)

    After seeing Pete Rock & CL last week i'm really looking forward to the new LP.

    There's an excellent interview with Pete Rock in the new issue of Wax Poetics if anyone's interested.

  9. what everyones opinion here about uk artists copying the US style?

    pointless if you ask me, its half the appeal of the uk scene to me, the british accent.

    UK artists putting on US accents is shit just for the reason that they sound like they're putting it on.

    But is it any different that someone like Jehst who comes from Huddersfield, raps in a London accent?

  10. I'll admit I like El-P. Plenty don't, but I do. I love Funcrusher Plus and Fantastic Damage (and fandamplus).

    Well, this is out this month…



    Please Stay (Yesterday)

    Sunrise Over Bklyn

    Get Your Hand Off My Shoulder, Pig

    Get Modal

    Intrigue In The House of India

    Something Is Wrong

    When The Moon Was Blue (feat. Harry Keys)

    Please Leave (Yesterday)

    Bonus Interview + Documentary (CD version only)

    I listened to this the other day.


    First time in ages. It still rules. I don't want to call it a concept album, but it sort of is. Far greater than the sum of its parts.

    I had you written off as an El-p hater Ben!

    Let me just put on my backpack then....thats better. I find Def Jux stuff a bit hit and miss but I love El-p and Company Flow (i've just recently been listening to Funcrusher Plus again as i posted in last months thread), I didn't even know about this release.

    Is it instrumentals?

    The reason I ask is that i've recently been listening to instrumentals of his stuff for Can Ox and Mr. Lif and unlike usual hip hop tracks these are songs in themselves, they're amazing - highly recommended if you're into Warp Records stuff.

    And Mr. Lif, I never bought the LP as i'd bought a few duff Def Jux releases and didn't want to waste my money but I got the 'New Man Theme' single cheap the other week and its amazing, just my type of thing, political and conscious but super funky as well.

    It looks like i'll have to buy the LP now!

    @Fusty Gusset

    I look forward to hearing the yakballz, apparently i've got that LP and the new Swollen Members LP sitting at my ex-girlfriends house waiting to be picked up :rolleyes:

  11. Don't Sleep...


    1. Method to Madness

    2. Giddy up

    3. Skywalkers here

    4. Pimp Skit ft. Mario

    5. Pimped Out ft. Bobby Atlas & Cage

    6. No Escape

    7. O.D.E ft. Tame One

    8. The Gulliest

    9. Queen's Life

    10. Nerd Wars

    11. My Claim

    12. Moving On

    13. Spy On You

    14. The Drill

    15. Above and Beyond

    Is it good, i've been looking forward to this?

  12. I love it.

    Here's an e-mail garth sent a mate of mine (only funny if read in garth's voice):

    Greetings fan,

    Rejoice! Fortune has smiled upon you. I, Garth Marenghi, have taken time out of my busy schedule to personally dictate this e-mail to my PA, who in turn, if she's any good at her job, will now be communicating it to you. This is a group e-mail as there have been so many kind (though entirely deserved) missives of praise, support and general genuflection that I couldn't possibly be bothered to answer each one of you individually. Thus I have vouchsafed to boil down your queries into the following categories, which I will dispense with in due turn.

    Q. Will there be a Digital Versatile Disc of Darkplace?

    A. Yes. In the near future there will be a videogram (i.e. dvd/ video) of my chilling meisterwork. Keep visiting these pages for news of an exact release date. Prepare your pockets.

    Q. Where can I buy your books?

    A. Many of you have noticed and (rightly) complained that none of my books seem to be stocked by any major retail outlets. This is due to an ongoing dispute with regards to (a) royalties (I want 90% of gross receipts on all subsequent reprints - which is what Peter Grant got the Zep for their gigs) and (B) the cover designs (I want all the spines of the books to be made with real-imitation plastic moulds of mini-human spines, but at present the precision moulding required is proving uneconomic). You, my beloved readership, will be the first to be informed when this sorry situation has been resolved in my favour. Until then, it's back to the oral tradition. Find someone who's read one and quaff ale with a tale.

    Q. We've heard there are approx. 50 episodes of this visionary terrorfest. How can we see the episodes of Darkplace not shown in the current series?

    A. I urge you to e-mail Channel 4 and petition for more of these treasures terribles at one of these addresses:  http://www.channel4.com/about_c4/comments/tv_enquiries.cfm


    Explain to them the social/intellectual significance of the pieces, how they've enriched your lives and of those you love etc.

    Q. How can we thank you fully for the gift of Darkplace?

    A. Tough one, you can never thank me fully. But try by spreading its Word. Analyse it, study it, unearth its hidden secrets and fresh meaning will flood the world. Above all, savour it as one would a fine, sparkling wine. That will be all the thanks I need. But if you really want to show your appreciation to me personally, buy the DVD and KEEP HASSLING CHANNEL 4 for a second series.

    I hope this answers your questions. Keep the fire of Darkplace burning and may our souls sing ensemble one sweet day in Valhalla.

    Frightfully yours,Garth Marenghi

  13. I was meant to go. I felt ill. Hope you had fun. The end.

    Didn't go. It desended into farce and was meant be shit. thats all he wrote.

    Nothing wrong with Ninja Tune btw, Dj Vadims 'Terrorist' track is a stone cold classic and their releases are sometimes a nice change. You can't listen to hip hop all the time.

  14. I'm pretty sure 'keeping it real' isn't his main motive. Which is kind of admirable.

    Yeah, I totally agree, it seems to me that in hip hop you're allowed to make a living out of MCimg or DJing but even though just as much (if not more) skill and practice is needed to be a writer, as soon as you make some money out of it people start shouting 'sellout'!

    I think fair play to him.

  15. I heard that it didn't go down to well when Banksy's win was announced with sections of the crowd shouting 'Commercial' and 'Sellout'.

    tbh I love Banksy's (or is it Banksies?) stuff but it is quite old now and there are plenty of better, more traditional writers out there, his stuff is more graphic design than graffiti I think.

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