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  1. When's 1080 out? And what does the review say?

    I was hoping it was going to be something like WaveRace:BS, but 8/10 implies that it's nothing like it.

    That's an ace score for 1080 and thoroughly deserved. It's a real racer and very addictive.. because it doesn't feature laps then the drive to try and shave a few seconds off is very strong. Also, the developers KNOW that this is the case, so "restart" is very very quick.. no messing about.

    What I've found is that I've been hairing down one track, not quite got the exact line, pause.... restart.. and away I go. Since it only typically takes less than a minute start to finish, going through this is no problem.

    Tis ace. Go buy.. You will like.

    EDIT - Haven't read the review, but judging by the score and how Edge do their reviews, it feels to me as though they are perhaps the first mag to really understand what 1080 is about and stop comparing it to bloody SSX3... to which it is completely different. imho. IIRC, SSX3 got 7, although I may be wrong.

    Its cheap now as well, I think I saw it in gamestation for about £25.

    It really is very good.

  2. 1080 Avalanche (GC) 8/10

    This could be a thing that costs me money :huh:

    I had feared it would be quite rubbish. An 8 in Edge sounds good, though. I'll buy it now, and get the Zelda disc in the process.

    You won't be dissapointed, i've played it everyday for about 2 months, I can't get enough.

  3. Whatever happened to Giftpia, In was looking forward to that.

    Hasn't it been released in Japan? Apparently it looks good but is unplayable due to the language barrier.

    That was ages ago though wasn't it and I haven't even seen it listed for US release.

  4. Does anyone have the first code?

    I skipped past the screen before I noticed what I'd done, and you can't seem to get the code given again. ;)

    I've got it at home, i'll post it up tomorrow morning if no-one else does before me (does that make sense?)

  5. I got this yesterday and wasn't expecting much after seeing the reviews but I loved it straight away. Everything I loved about the original is still there but with much better designed courses. Some of the races are really intense.

  6. That's precisely the feeling I get to speaking to the 12 to 16 year old kids that live up our street. They want or get given PS2's because their friend's have them or get given Xboxes because their Dad thinks its best for them. Not one of them is particularly driven by the choice of games (GTA excepting) so long as FIFA, The Hulk, Spider Man, Enter The Matrix and MoH are on the machine. Nintendo have an extremely difficult job in the UK to penetrate the mindset of these kids (even though virtually all of the games they want are also on the GC).

    Going with this point - I've noticed in the run up to Xmas in the US NOA have obviously been doing something to counter this in the US by running ads for a lot of non-exclusive games (e.g. THUG, PoP, Soul Calibur) and having "Gamecube" logo prominent at the end of the ad.

    Clearly their message is "yes - these games you want are on the Gamecube", something it sounds like NOE could learn from.

    NOE have started doing that over here as well I notice with the TV ads for the new EA Lord Of The Rings game.

  7. Yes, certain Japanese games (Zelda, Doshin, Mr Driller - off the top of my head) refuse to save to a US/PAL format memory card (and a GameCube running in US mode will always produce US format memory cards, freeloader or no freeloader).

    Edit: Oh, and F-Zero has other issues that you need an Action Replay disk to solve.

    Its my JAP Gameboy Player disc that I need to play mainly so saving isn't an issue.

    cheers for the advice.

  8. I've got a JAP Cube modded to play US games but the switch at the back snapped off at the weekend so it'll only play US games. :D

    I'm getting a Freeloader so I can play my JAP games but does anyone know of any problems loading up JAP games on a US Cube using Freeloader 1.6b?

  9. I'm playing through the Master Quest at the moment and its taken over my life.

    Luckily my memory is shit and i've completely forgotten playing it the first time so the magic is fresh again.

    The Master Quest gets bloody hard later on though!

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