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    We got the funk

    My favourite ever dj request was when I was playing a James Brown record and a drunk girl came up to me and asked if I could play something a bit more funky.
  2. Love a bit of Flowdan
  3. LP cover is tight too.
  4. I think they’ve fixed Omno on the Series X, the frame rate seems a lot smoother.
  5. I do get what people are saying about the off road not being different enough, I get why it is like it is and its great to just point the car somewhere and drive over all of the terrain with no problem but It would be cool if you could customise something like an F40 and give it big truck tyres and silly stuff like that to drive it off road. FH4 was my first Forza Horizon game since the first one and i'm still playing it now, I absolutely love it. But I tried playing FH3 and couldn't get into it, it was too similar to 4. I hope that doesn't happen with the new one.
  6. Kool and the Gang are the GOATs
  7. It runs like crap on my Series X too, still very much enjoying it though, perfect Sunday morning gaming.
  8. Whole album is amazing
  9. I wish Edan would do more with Edan
  10. Sorry, I didn't mean to single you out, just the word dull stuck out to me. Now Horse Dancing, that I think we can all agree, is very dull.
  11. As someone who has been into skateboarding for the majority of my 46 years, to dismiss what those girls were doing as dull is insane to me, they were doing crazy tricks down a 12 stair handrail!! Thats flipping huge! I couldn't do any of what they were doing. Its worth remembering that skateboarding has been a completely male sport until very recently, I had never even seen a girl at a skatepark until a few years ago such was the stigma attached to girls doing what's considered a boys activity but, as society has been changing, skateboarding for girls is huge now so I can well see them getting closer to the mens level for the next Olympics. Also on the helmet thing, its a very long debated subject but from my own personal experience i've never hit my head street skating, only when on ramps. Anyway, still got the bowl events to come, I saw the qualifications a few months ago and it was incredible, keep your eyes out for Andy Anderson and Zion Wright!
  12. esar

    Yacht Rock

    I'm listening to that Numero Private Yacht compilation at the moment, this is such a jam: More info on the comp:
  13. Oh shit, I totally forgot we saw Biz, I only have memories of Kool Keith from that weekend Wow, 2006! I need to visit Scotland again! I remember seeing Biz dj at the Dedbeat Festival, he just cut up 2 copies of Ultimate Breaks and Beats and rapped over the top, sloppy as fuck but pure hip hop.
  14. His last album was great:
  15. A true original and a total hip hop nerd
  16. That Florence Adooni is fab, I must get that if I can find it. I missed that Andrew Ashong thing, I loved the 12" he did for Theo. I'm also liking this new remix Kaidi has done with Jazzy Jeff of this De La Soul/Potatohead People track: https://potatoheadpeople.bandcamp.com/album/baby-got-work-feat-posdnuos-kapok-dj-jazzy-jeff-kaidi-tatham-remix
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