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  1. On 25/05/2020 at 17:10, Riven said:

     I think anyone who want to play Gamecube on a modern LCD should invest in a HDMI adapter, combined with the modern version of SWISS means you can play just about any import game on a PAL Gamecube and boot most PAL games into 480p. SWISS also corrects the text and save issue with the Japanese font on a English cube, but it does require that you then have a memory card set aside for only Japanese games and on boot your PAL cube bios can't read the card.


    Kaico recently provided Randomised Gaming with a unit of their Gamecube adapter to review and while there are other adapters out there I must stress, I was really impressed with the results. Given my old Gamecube a new least of life for GC, GBA and GC games. Picture quality is slightly better then the Wii component output as well I found. I went down the route of a Action replay disc and a SD media loader to boot SWISS on Gamecube. You can burn a bootable SWISS disc, but getting the mini CDs and a burner that can write to them is rather tricky.




    I bought one of these adapters last week from Amazon after putting it off for ages because of the price and I'm glad I did, I've had a great bank holiday weekend of solid Gamecube gaming, the games look incredible.

    Being a technophobe I was a bit worried about setting it up but it was just a case of plugging it in the back and you're good to go and it comes with a 12 month warranty. Recommended!

  2. To add to Stanleys point, a lot of the black artists in the US that were being ripped off absolutely loved the Beatles and Stones, those British bands would always talk up their influences and it bought their music to a much wider audience. And the influence worked both ways, for example, i'm not sure we would have Whats Going On without the Beatles epic studio albums.


    edit: Snap!!

  3. I didn't realise Farma G was producing for Griselda!



    Chester P needs a guest verse on this.


    Bonus beat because Youtube lined it up after and it still sounds dope!



  4. I swear the Series X makes games look noticeably sharper on my old 1080 plasma telly, so much so that i'm not going to bother getting the expensive new telly I was planning on getting. I've been playing a lot of Forza Horizon 3 and that looked a bit sharper but I fired up FH4 this morning with the Series X upgrade and the image almost sliced my eyeballs it was so sharp. It looks incredible.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Eighthours said:


    Some Game Pass games have excellent Series X enhancements. I would definitely play Wreckfest at 4K/60fps and any of the Bethesda games that have had FPS Boost added (Dishonored and Prey, etc).


    If you want a new game and have a friend or partner to play it with, It Takes Two is the best co-op game in years, possibly ever, and looks amazing on the Series X.


    I love Wreckfest so very excited to try that. I'm mostly looking forward to the fast load times, Forza Horizon takes absolutely ages on the old consoles.

  6. 4 minutes ago, TehStu said:

    It's killing my Pi because it's laden with videos, but @djbhammer is doing an ace job of keeping the first post up to date with information for new and prospective Series owners.


    Excellent, I'll check them out, thanks.

  7. I've just managed to get a Series X!


    Sorry for what is probably a very common question but what games should I be checking out? I'm a One X owner so fully up to date with Gamepass etc.

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