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  1. The Storm b2b Digital set from that Keep Hush Live is great too:
  2. Finger 5 v Alex Reece https://rave.dj/PjqP358-IhdFVA
  3. Janet Jackson v Dave Clarke https://rave.dj/_ClrohbADdk-bA Kinda works
  4. Yeah i've always had a soft spot for his music, he had a bit of a different sound to a lot of the broken beat stuff, more deep housey. My ex-girlfriend interviewed him a few times when she worked at Mixmag and got to know him a bit and he was apparently a lovely chap. Deep crates and huge knowledge as well.
  5. That Jay Electronica things had completely passed me by. It sounds great, thanks for posting!
  6. Phil Asher has passed away https://mixmag.net/read/phil-asher-uk-house-music-broken-beat-legend-died-news/
  7. I've just been to Sainsburys and this song popped into my head:
  8. Currently bumping this Doom/Ghostface collab: I wonder what happened to their LP, there must be stuff out there somewhere.
  9. P&P records stuff is great. Gotta post this subway safety related classic jam:
  10. esar

    Nintendo Switch

    You will need to be wearing flip flops for the flaps to work.
  11. esar

    Nintendo Switch

    I have it on good authority that the Switch Pro will launch with extra flops under the flaps.
  12. The only rapper to rap in the voice of the Hamburgler:
  13. Blew the whole shit up on some "what this button do" Doom cheat the game like a walk thru
  14. Gutted! In those years when he was at his most prolific he released some of the best hip hop records ever made. He changed the game completely. RIP DOOM
  15. ^^^ That track is bonkers
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