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  1. I was relieved to see a hefty old fat roll in that State Of Play footage which has eased my concerns about them changing the gameplay too much. Building yourself up so you can wear flashy armour without fat rolling is part of the core experience :quote:


    Taking into account my profession-related area of interest I can't even look at the hud and font changes without breaking out into a minor sweat but i'm sure it will grow on me.

  2. I love Demon Souls, its probably one of my favourite games ever and definitely my favourite Souls game (I still have a PS3 hooked up to the TV just for this game) but this remake looks bland as fuck.

    I think some of the charm of the original is that its a bit shonky, like you can break the character selection screen and create mutant freaks, and the original game is too dark which creates an atmosphere. A case in point is the broken rag doll physics of dead enemies which were actually replicated in later From games due to fan demand. Its what makes Demon Souls a bit different from your average game but this looks like every other slick Western developed title. Even the gameplay trailers have the player stomping around one shotting everyone like its an Assassins Creed game, these games are meant to be played in complete terror poking your head around each corner, going nope,  then running away to a safe space to compose yourself before you dare venture forward again


    Hopefully i'll be proved wrong when its released and some of the originals atmosphere is carried over into this remake.

  3. I think for me it was listening to this in the car:



    It was the nearest cd to hand and I properly absorbed it on a long drive. It was like a light being switched on.

  4. I was never really into dubstep when it happened, a friend of mine ran Tempa Records and started Forward so would send me records and I would go to Forward occasionally but I was always a bit meh towards it and didn't really get it. I liked some of the earlier stuff, the more breakbeat driven stuff on DJ Zincs labels Runnin and Bingo Beats, the more dubsteppy stuff always seemed too sparse and slow. It was only after it all died down that the sound clicked with me and I can't believe how I didn't get it at the time!! :facepalm:

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