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  1. I remember getting caught out by that when I was importing Japanese games for my PAL Cube and didn't know what the message said - formatted my entire card just to play Winning Eleven 6 Jeez that seems so long ago. I am playing Trials of Mana on Switch and enjoying it quite a bit, more so than I did Secret of Mana for sure. Also getting a hankering to play one of the old Super Famicom Fire Emblem games since they're all available in English these days but I'm terrified of their reputations and keep making excuses not to start...
  2. This sentence has done more for me than the snippet from the Direct, I think I'm in too.I'm a sucker for a good Metroidvania and the deep sea setting is both underdone and hugely appealing to me for some reason.
  3. Yeah game, icon, very nice, whatever - I had no idea Korg Gadget was on Switch! Worth it? Does it have any kind of MIDI or audio export that I can send to another DAW?
  4. Apple are offering a 90-day trial of Logic Pro X for the first time - https://www.apple.com/logic-pro/
  5. Oh wow, this had totally passed me by but it sounds right up my street. I think it's the name being so similar to about a million* other eShop games at least. * three or four
  6. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    It had to wait its turn (I owned it on Wii U and never even got round to booting it and I was playing AI when it launched until earlier this week) but Tokyo Mirage Sessions is pretty brilliant, or at least exactly what I was looking for, after four hours anyway. In other words: Persona without the bloat that ruined 5 and a dusting of Nintendoness. I wish the Fire Emblem characters looked better but it's so bright and happy and the combat is the right mix of engaging but not overly-complicated and ooh I love it.
  7. Nice. I noticed this yesterday but didn't know what it had added. I'm starting to like it now but it does take a while to get used to, and I wish they'd spend five minutes fixing the obvious UI flaws, but for a fiver you'd need to be as much of a churlish prick as me to moan about it.
  8. Nice, I might be in. I've just finished AI: The Somnium Files which was putting me off picking it up but I think I'm ready now.
  9. What’s the ratio of picross to visual novel in Murder by Numbers?
  10. If you have 170 Gold Points on my.nintendo.com you can get Picross 3D Round 2 for £14.99. And you should. https://my.nintendo.com/rewards/8189e5b2e1be06ca
  11. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    Am I right in thinking Animal Crossing doesn't do cloud saves and ergo if I became a fancy Dan with a Switch Lite for commuting while I keep the original at home it would be impossible/a faff to have the same save game going?
  12. I gave up on Doom 3 this morning after about half an hour's play. Fucking hell. Walk into room, get jumped. Walk into room, get jumped, walk into room... press HOME, + and then "Delete Software". I should've known it wasn't actually a Doom game when I saw there was a button to reload.
  13. Yasawas

    Disgaea 5

    I do enjoy Disgaea and have a fair bit of experience with D5 from my PS4 days, albeit without finishing it, but I've played through the first couple of chapters now on Switch using the DLC characters and it's absurdly easy. Is it: The DLC characters are amazing The first few chapters are easier than I remember I'm just that good and all the Fire Emblem I've played in the intervening years has imparted patience and a keen eye for SRPGs I really hope it's not 1 to be honest. Having played so much with the other guys I wanted something a bit different this time through but with no challenge it's no fun at all either.
  14. Sold! By which I mean "bought".
  15. Do you have any imported US carts you can redeem the points from? LADS. I'm tempted by Final Fantasy XII at half price. Is the combat turn-based? I can't work it out. It looks a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - which I enjoyed - but could have done with being a little less complicated in that department.
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