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  1. Revenge of Shinobi (MD). Another one I've meant to play for years finally started on the MD Mini II. It's fun if a bit wooden for want of a better word (there's a lot of edging forward pixels at a time to bring an enemy into shuriken range before they see you) and if it weren't for the health bar it could be quite brutal. Biggest issue is the tight timing for the double jump though which is utterly maddening and guaranteed not to trigger when you really need that extra distance. GAH. Still, a killer Koshiro soundtrack cures all ills. I like to dabble with something more arcadey alongside games like that so currently poking around with Robo Aleste (MCD) too, although with no continues (!) I can see I've met a significant problem already in my mission to beat every game on this wee console.
  2. Is this digital-only? I'll get it regardless but I would hang out for the meaningless plastic version if it's known. Halfway through Shining Force II, I've dipped a toe into Tactics Ogre and just remembered from reading replies that Mario and Rabbids 2 exists so no great rush! Christ, I'll be lucky to get anywhere near it before Fire Emblem.
  3. I think FFVI is the only one I've ever finished, having played most of them and given up on at least two of everyone's favourites (VII and X) right at the death because I was under levelled and too fed-up to grind/learn. The end boss in VI is proper spectacular though so I'd be interested to read more if you do stick it out. The party construction is potentially quite non-linear from what I remember so that might go some way toward explaining difficulty spikes/troughs. I'm going to attempt to complete the Mega Drive Mini 2 because I'm a dope and have been watching too much Game Center CX recently. I like the notion of banging my head against old games I've never played to achieve a meaning less goal. Of the original game list I'd only beaten Ristar and Sonic CD so there are about 50 to go, most of which are new to me. Should be interesting. But not today: Bare Knuckle 3 (Mega Drive). Shit. Actually, probably above average but given the other games in the series this is really poor and I was playing the preferred Japanese version. Cheap trial and error bits, timed bits, bits on a conveyor belt, bits in a lift as enemies drop in groups from the sky - all here. I have started this several times over the years and given up after a few stages so it's nice to have an opinion on the later sections at least - and I did get to play as a boxing kangaroo which was undeniably fun - but even Yuzo Koshiro couldn't save it for me. Now onto Yumemi Mystery Mansion (Mega CD). An odd choice but I watched the GCCX episode on it recently and even though he finished it I had no idea wtf was happening, how it plays or really what to expect. I know it's short and odd which is interesting enough. Edit - and finished. What the honest fuck was that? Is it genius? Wow.
  4. I find something oddly touching about the idea that that in all likelihood we played the same Strider cab decades ago
  5. That looks tremendous - good find! Also my Retro Bit Saturn pad showed up today and if this is 90% as good as an original I completely understand why people go on about them. It feels glorious.
  6. Contra is the famous one but I’m not sure I knew that about Dynamite Headdy. That’s long been on my list so good to know. Perversely I sort of prefer the western release of Hard Corps. For as stupidly OTT as it seems at first it feels more like Contra and it’s a bit less obnoxious than the way Streets of Rage 3 gives bosses multiple health bars they never had before etc.
  7. On the subject of regions, are there any games other than Streets of Rage 3 where I’d benefit from playing the Japanese ROM?
  8. Reading your reply just now I was feeling guilty that you'd bothered trying to help, since I've logged in having just bought a Retro Bit Saturn pad, then saw your link below As a weak defence I do use Mac mode on my M30 anyway so it saves it for emulation on there. What a faff to save some faff.
  9. Can anyone tell if this Mayflash NS Lite would work with a Mini 2 and a Bluetooth 8BitDo? It seems like it should but I’ve been staring at virtually identical products for a while now and can’t see what the more expensive one actually does different. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0B4JTDZP6/?coliid=I1FPMIG0U7N3FO&colid=2BT0DXPKK9BN0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it&th=1
  10. Another seaside town kid here. My fondest arcading memories are from the turn of the 90s, peak SF2 years, and specifically one machine my mates and I found and basically inhabited which ran only the vanilla board with three-button sticks but at 10p a go. TEN PENCE! None of us had a SNES at the time so this was quite the find. I also have a strong memory of walking into the big arcade in Largs one day when it had one of the sit-down Champion Edition cabs facing you at the main entrance, and a crowd watching some dude utterly beast as Sagat, everyone too scared to go up against him. I really wish they had lasted longer around here. By Primal Rage (95-ish?) they were all gone. That's the last game I ever remember playing in anything I could call a proper arcade locally.
  11. Yasawas


    Any of you guys heard of this PC Engine console you can only buy in Japan? I suspect yes Bought a Mini last week rather impulsively and I can't really believe how much I'm enjoying the shooters. Every now and again I get obsessed by one (most recently M2's GG Aleste collection) but assumed most of this selection would be a bit aged, and either too basic or just 80s-hard to enjoy today. Wrong! I've sampled a few at random and been impressed by literally all of them so far - Star Soldier, Spriggan, R-Type (full disclosure - I have somehow never played this, despite being over 40) and completed Star Parodia which was just lovely. I noticed Compil's fingerprints on a few of them straight away having been so into GG Aleste recently so I will probably pick one of theirs to focus on but really happy with my personal discovery thus far. I wanted a PC engine since I was about ten, seeing one in CVG and now I can pretend I've made it. Related-ish - with this Mini being made by Konami, and so shmup-heavy and largely for an audience of fans of the genre, makes it even more baffling there's no Parodius. Is there a reason other than "Konami lol" they haven't done a collection of them, similar to the Castlevania and Contra ones maybe? Potential musical copyright issues? I had Jikkyou Oshaberi for the SFC and remember some wonderful rip-offs of KC and the Sunshine Band amongst others.
  12. Woo! Me who cancelled two pre-orders already and only really wanted one when they became unavailable! Ah well. Does a dongle exist that would let me use an 8BitDo wireless controller, does anyone know? I have the M30 (six-button MD clone) and love it for emulators, would be great if I could use it on the Mini.
  13. Not a return - it’s definitely “New” and sold by Amazon themselves. The delivery date is a week away even with Prime so I would guess extra stock has become available and is being sold as quickly as it goes up.
  14. Yes! And also, No! because DioField Chronicles and Tactics Ogre. I love them all but I begrudge having to do so much thinking in my free time
  15. Indeed. Rogue Legacy 2 impulse buy averted. Changed times and all but a little dispiriting to think it was just following an Indie World a few years back where I picked up both Hollow Knight and Into the Breach for the same amount.
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