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  1. If I say the words “Defensive Kromar” would it be generally agreed to be a bit of a spike/shit bit or am I just going to struggle with the way I’m building my party here? Almost gave up just then.
  2. That’s even worse! Bah. We need a new Mario Golf. It’s bizarre the Switch has been out over three years, taken over the world and yet the best two golf games on it are from the mid-90s: Turf Masters and Kirby.
  3. “Player one is having a baaad day.” I had a great DotEmu port of Turf Masters for my Android phone but it doesn’t seem to be on iOS for some reason. Was it incompatible with an update maybe? Boo.
  4. I watched a Jeremy Parish stream of Drill Land earlier and seeing him play it at about a tenth of the speed I’d assumed you were meant to made a bit of a difference when I went back to it. I’m still shite but I might end up getting it now. I’m weak to how bright and happy and Katamariesque the front end is if nothing else.
  5. I played an hour years ago and stopped due to text corruption, which I now realise I could’ve solved just by using a different RetroArch core, and it certainly made a good impression. But then Live A Live has a cowboy in it and Fire Emblem is Fire Emblem.
  6. I’m glad I’m not alone in being a little baffled by Mr Driller - it’s always disappointing to see a release like this where it feels like 95% of the forum is going mental for it and then when I try it I’m dead in a minute with no real concept of what I’m doing. I’ll play the demo a few more times obviously but I was expecting to be immediately on board and that hasn’t quite happened yet, beautifully colourful though it is.
  7. I finished Treasure Hunter G yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit despite some obvious flaws. I’ve built up a wee list of fan-translated Super Famicom games to follow it with, can anyone make passionate claims for the following or maybe convince me of others? Live A Live Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Bahamut Lagoon Dragon Quest VI
  8. Continuing through my exploration of fan-translated Super Famicom games, I just finished Treasure Hunter G. No bad! Hasn't aged well visually (pre-rendered sprites, think Super Mario RPG but even uglier) and the soundtrack is disappointing but it's one of Square's shorter RPG's at about 20 hours and the combat being a Fire Emblemmy tactics thing work in its favour. It can drag a little, the final battle is a war of attrition rather than skill but I'm still glad I got to play it and I could go so far as to say it's the second-best JRPG where you get to have a monkey in your party. Now Live A Live I think.
  9. That’s definitely annoying but you can always set the Switch version to give 99 holes for a credit and remove penalties. I think I prefer the Pocket soundtrack though.
  10. Does it contain Jar Jar in any way, however brief?
  11. I very nearly bought a NGPC recently just to play Turf Masters before it dawned on me I have the bigger brother on Switch already (albeit under a much less cool name since they patched it ). That system seems to be getting quite expensive now so it was probably a lucky escape. Is the handheld version actually better or different enough to be worth it? Card Fighters Clash was the one I was always interested in from the Pocket and presumably one we won’t get nowadays.
  12. It’s a wee bit footery in handheld but Invisible Inc is still a great thing. Also I’m shite at it.
  13. I feel a lot more comfortable spending £18 on Invisible Inc again having realised this is the eShop update that’s just added Burnout for £50 and two compilations of Darius for £70 or £80 total. Christ. Anyway Resident Evil 4 is now permanently reduced to £15.99 too from now so hopefully that ensnares some people.
  14. I've never really had a problem with small text/UI on Switch, even on games like Divinity and Civ, but I just had a weird feeling this could be problematic so that's good to hear. Probably because it just released with no warning.
  15. Perfect, thanks! I had it on PS4 and loved it but always wanted it handheld. I can probably justify a repurchase given I haven't had a PS4 for a few years.
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