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  1. I finished Ori & the Blind Forest (second time, this time on Switch) earlier and went immediately onto Will of the Wisps which rather shamefully I’ve owned since before Christmas. Put it on for ten minutes, got annoyed by the slightly too long prologue, then thoroughly charmed for about an hour. Just moving in those games is better than the entirety of most other games. Loving it. Also Resident Evil 3 (remake) and Disgaea 6, both of which are as fun as they are hideous-looking, albeit the former is intentionally so at least.
  2. Yes! Up there with the MGS2 Tanker chapter for me. They were all good games but my memory is of them becoming increasingly cynical with their DLC (wasn’t the video editing a paid extra in the sequels?) and the introduction of Jason Lee was a bit too reminiscent of how the Tony Hawk titles embraced Margera and the Jackass manchildren as they got increasingly desperate for relevance.
  3. It’s great when it works, I had it set up on Retropie for a while, but some of the games/emulators can be a bit glitchy which is incredibly annoying. Gives you a great reason to replay some old favourites in a different way if they’ve put some thought in though.
  4. I think @K may have sold me on it too. Which model do you have btw? I’m interested in DC mainly since the Pi 3 setup I have balks at that and would rather not go above the £50 4GB model.
  5. “Roulette” Not my first thought when I realised I was drawing a swastika if I’m honest. Phew!
  6. I hadn’t followed this but did it change about the turn of the year? I did notice about then that I never see it in the few local shops that used to stock it here.
  7. I really should’ve picked it up on sale but I hung off until it was too late. Gah. On the subject of completing 2D platformers with female protagoniststs, I finished Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World earlier. It’s so nearly recommendable but then shits the bed towards the end a bit with some frustrating boss/enemy design. That plus the high price, weak music and general “budget remake” feel that’s becoming a thing these days drags it down a bit sadly. I just wish they’d released the included emulated version on its own - it was a game I’d been interested in for years and never got round to, would’ve made a bigger impact as a Sega Ages release.
  8. I loved Zero! It was one of those games I must’ve started half a dozen times over the years but for some reason it clicked this time and once I got off the train I adored it. Maybe I was just in the mood for a right clunky game like they used to make.
  9. The biweekly Resident Evil sale is on again just on the off chance any new Switch owners haven’t made the obligatory repurchase of RE4 yet. I’m on a bit of an RE jag myself having just finished RE2 (2019), started REThreemake and finally beating RE0 not long back. Revelations 2 is pretty much all I need now but even at £6 I just don’t fancy it.
  10. Yasawas


    Not for about five years I don’t think F-Zero GX Time Trial runs are the Steve Vai of these events. Mind blowing for about thirty seconds and then keeps going for another hour and a half.
  11. No, and it’s decreased dramatically over the last few years too. I pretty much just keep up with Nintendo and add some retro these days because the portability helps but alsmot nothing released on PS/Xbox since about halfway through last gen has interested me at all in any case. I’ve shot my fill of terrorists/aliens/alien terrorists. I don’t watch TV or films at all any more but even so gaming is at best third behind books and music - particularly in the last year since any excuse to not be staring at a screen now I work from home with a commute of four seconds means picking up a paperback or a guitar just inherently feels more appealing.
  12. Yes. But two wrongs don’t make a right. More positively, Katamari Damacy and Mr Driller are £3.99 apparently! Quite a few other Bandai Namco too. Although not Dark Souls because it never is
  13. Yeah, couple of years back. Can’t find the video now but did find a 2019 Resetera post about it. Made some flippant comment in the video then went ham in the comments on anyone who mentioned being surprised/disappointed by it just to underline it wasn’t a misunderstanding. Arseholes.
  14. Love the Switch maybe, but they did go on a big anti-SJW rant a couple of years back that kind of put me off. It was so unnecessary and weird.
  15. I’m sorry! I didn’t want to dislike it but the obvious big problem with comedy in games is that if you lean into it and it doesn’t hit for the player then no amount of great story and mechanics (I liked playing it) can save it.
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