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  1. Well if we adopt the 10 year rule (I'm not saying I do...) then Portal on the Switch. It's a bittersweet experience these days because while it's clearly still a bit of a miracle of atmosphere and tight puzzle design, you can only have the impact of that reveal once. It's like watching The Usual Suspects for a second time. I think this is playthrough number four over the years and I should probably retire it afterward and leave it at peace near the top of my mental top 10 list like I learned to do with RE4 a few years back. Otherwise I'm belatedly discovering the Saturn through Radiant Silvergun and Panzer Dragoon*, also both on Switch. Less than £20 the pair, who'd have thought that in the early 2000s? Absolutely adoring the former - potential new favourite shmup material - but need to devote more time to the latter before I have a solid opinion. At the moment I like it but playing it on that OLED screen in the dark I can't help but wish it was Rez instead... *this is a fairly straight remake of the Saturn game with modern controls, is that right? I know the name hides a subtle clue but I have no awareness of the series and know there are others and maybe alternate versions etc
  2. Hooray! I was a bit late to loving Sonic properly too - like you when I was younger they were around, and I found them competent enough games, but no Mario. Turns out I was playing them the wrong way entirely and it's not just all about holding right as much as possible. Speaking of platformers that are an acquired taste - does anyone enjoy playing Earthworm Jim? Its addition today to the Switch Online lineup had me trying it again and being baffled by it again. Utterly gorgeous still but no fun at all to play although maybe it gets better after the first three or four minutes. I gave up when I died and restarted from a continue point which would spawn me right beside an enemy that would immediately attack me every time. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a David Perry game much - so full of animation and (admittedly wonderful) dated humour that they had no time to put som fun in.
  3. Yasawas


    I presume everyone’s first reaction to Radiant Silvergun is “HOW many fire buttons?!” Christ. I can’t imagine trying to learn this in an arcade. My initial impressions are amazement at how quickly a credit can disappear at times and how similar Ikaruga was as I’d no idea. The chaining and the early level design is striking in resemblance though.
  4. Ever the contrarian, I really enjoyed Zero playing it years after release. Clunky controls and pointless character-swapping mechanic aside I found the big budget cheesiness a pleasing throwback to the 90s.
  5. I can't speak to this but it's been on my shortlist for a while - Reggie's book is down to £2.99, possibly only for today. Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo
  6. I love the Sonic 3 special stages but for two massive* issues: That FUCKING sound effect The speeding up isn't synchronised with the end of a bar of the music. This is the most minor compaint I've ever registered against a videogame but it's a bizarre oversight in a game that has otherwise, hands down, the most magical application of music of the generation. * well, trivial.
  7. For all the kicking the Sonic Origins collection received I played through them all recently and loved the option to retry special stages - meaning I got all emeralds when I would never have come close otherwise. I thought that was a huge improvement over the original games. That was my first run of S3&K too (I had Sonic 3 as a wee man but could never swing the purchase of the Knuckles cart) and was really surprised how much it added too. Cynical, but a lot easier to stomach when it's not £40 extra.
  8. I have no idea what the retro community calls this game these days so I'll do a pic: Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest/Seiken Densetsu Mini Portable Gaiden/whatever it seems pretty enjoyable so far. That wonderfully early-90s Game Boy mix of quality work by talented people, but clearly on a smaller budget, and with a resolution and translation budget that enforces the wooden and abrupt conversations I love. Also! I got stuck yesterday and looked up an issue of Nintendo Power for hints and I felt like the 10 year old American I probably wanted to be back then. It was pretty rad.
  9. A big part of the reason I started collecting SFC (and was dumb enough to insist on boxed) was how pretty the aesthetics were - console/games/controller It was the perfect package.* * provided you don't want to sit more than 18 inches away.
  10. You’ve inspired me to try getting into Darkstalkers again since I have access to Vampire Savior on that recent Capcom Arcade Collection thing. I could use a training mode to practice though - does the Capcom Fighting Collection offer that?
  11. This felt epic to me even on a 14-inch portable running the PAL version with its absurdly small game window. Honourable mention to Super Street Fighter Ii with the Ryu silhouette.
  12. Yasawas


    Indeed. I'm personally delighted with how half-arsed the limited edition looks since I'm weak to tat generally. I picked up a cheap Deathsmiles 1/2 on Switch today. I didn't even know it had received a European release until I saw it, does anyone know if they ever patched the (non) slowdown issues that people complained about with the Japanese version? It didn't have any updates available so I imagine not but I have no frame of reference with the games. The first hasn't grabbed me after a quick go but I'll persevere. I have a real problem with shooters that have left-and-right mechanics which has denied me enjoyment of some genre fan-favourites in the past. Even Fantasy Zone I find hard to get on with and that only uses one button and is fucking adorable as a bonus. Hmm. Fortunately a copy of Rolling Gunner also turned up today so my weekend of horizontal Switch shmuppage might be redeemed yet. Woo!
  13. Can I get away with this since it’s the weekend please? ps check out the Boards of Canada ones on the same channel
  14. I never had a GameBoy, barely even played one, but all these customised ones are lovely. I’m starting to stick a toe in with the GB games you get on contemporary retro compilations and some light emulation via a 3DS but I can see me getting sucked in to the real thing before long. The innocent simplicity is incredibly refreshing, it’d be fitting to do it justice on the hardware side too. I’ve just finished Operation C, I am a Contra virgin no more! It’s really, really good too. Looking forward to trying those Turtles ones next since I have them handy on Switch, they seem to have reviewed well at the time.
  15. I can't believe you missed a chance to post this. From the promotional album release ffs Someone believed in this product anyway. I'm not convinced that's the single version I remember being released but I keep getting Muse in my results and fuck sifting through that.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if I've posted this before but it's worth it. Probably my favourite Neo Geo soundtrack.
  17. For some reason I can accept Bioshock being in without blinking, but the mention of Mario Kart DS was today's daily occurrence of realising how old I am. I didn't realise it was ever controversial to like DKC. I feel so edgy, and more importantly, right.
  18. I have finished Klonoa 2 thanks to a very quiet day of WFH and thoroughly enjoyed myself, in large part because of the sheer surprise of it. I tolerated the dated design of the first in places but this polished off all the nasty edges and is as good a platformer as I can remember playing on a Sony console. If it had infinite lives, or a way to stockpile them, I might feel guilted into being more completionist about it as I left a lot of the tougher collectibles behind but given how tricky they can be and how many other games I want to get round to I'm fine with stopping at the credit roll this time. Just lovely. Having a weird notion to play one of the handheld games they always add to retro collections now which I think comes from having recently beaten and loved the Game Gear Aleste titles. Either one of the Disney GB/GBC ones (from the Aladdin/Lion King/Jungle Book Collection), Contra or Final Fantasy Adventure is in contention.
  19. I am basically you and did this a few years ago - I don't feel it was worthwhile although at least I've ticked the box. LttP was always a huge blank spot for me since I love all the Zeldas I've played but missed this at the time, and didn't click with it either on my first goes with emulation or when I got into collecting. I just don't like it anywhere near as much as LA, or The Minish Cap, or Link Between Worlds and I've made my peace with that now. It's OK. If only I could convince myself of the same with Majora's Mask which I'm almost begrudgingly playing in bursts on Switch atm! In answer to my question of yesterday Klonoa 2 is a whole lot of fun and a big improvement over the original. I only tried it out of laziness (the cart was in the slot, you know how it is) and was promptly won over. Better controls, more variety, looks nicer obviously and the boss fights are split out to their own levels rather than being the end of a potentially gruelling regular one. Quite fancy finishing it now, which I hadn't foreseen 24 hours ago.
  20. I did not - I was in a bit of a huff after I beat the last boss I think you unlock those by saving all six wee guys during each level and there are a few of those near the end I didn't fancy doing again to be honest. Some of those later levels were a bit tricky and the idea of having to save them all and then beat a boss for it to count is giving me the fear a bit, bearing in mind how easy it can be to fall off a ledge or misjudge an attack.
  21. I just beat the first Klonoa. It was alright - definitely suffers from some of the era's platformer problems of unclear perspective, slippery controls and poor checkpointing but never got quite annoying enough to force me to bin it. Is the second substantially better or more of the same?
  22. Oh, Gitaroo Man! Loved it, shite at it. Only now I'm in my 40s and have lost all dignity and self-respect can I confess that I had to cheat to even beat that shark level (you can flip the Slim's disc cover open and let the timer run out which counts as a win IIRC!) and can't remember ever getting beyond the bee. I'd be scared to try it at all now. I did legitimately beat everything on the SNES Classic when it came out though so I think that qualifies here. Super Punch-Out! being the main one I could never do at the time - I always fell to either Nick or Rick Bruiser, can't mind which one. And related, I'm seriously considering starting FF7 on Switch today which I have never beaten and gave up on in 1999 at what must have been the very end when a Tonberry kept wrecking me in a cave on Disc 3. It was my first real JRPG after Mystic Quest and I'm sure in retrospect I had no idea what I was doing, it's probably piss easy.
  23. I have those too! Great speakers for the price but the lack of any visual representation of the volume level has led to some accidents…
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