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  1. I get confused with all the Star Wars games on Switch but is the KOTOR that was announced in the Direct that RPG from the original Xbox? I think it is but I’m too surprised and interested to accept it - always wanted to play it and very nearly picked it up on the XB1 but knew I’d never play it there.
  2. Yeah, I’m in for Broken Sword for a fiver. Speaking of shadow things though I’m annoyed by sitting out Cyber Shadow since launch waiting on a sale and it’s only 10% I know I’m pathetically cheap but with so much to play and it launching on GamePass I can’t bring myself to pay full whack.
  3. Yasawas


    No, but you can get it for about £4 quite easily. I just grabbed some credit here https://www.seagm.com It’s surprisingly alright. It’s more Ketsui than the DS thing in any case, and that cost me a lot more than four quid!
  4. Yasawas


    I've been playing that Ketsui mobile port on Switch a lot this week, thought I was a player then just fired it up on RetroPie and played the proper game for the first time in about 10 years. Nearly 1CC'd the first stage
  5. I see the NGPC Metal Slug games are out in a double pack now, was that announced? I saw them earlier and got all excited thinking it was that Metal Slug Tactics game at first but they’re well worth getting if you don’t have them. Cut down from the arcade ones naturally but with the welcome advantage of being made to be a fun and fulfilling product first rather than a coin-muncher.
  6. Yasawas


    Re: G Darius HD chat. I was just going through my Switch screenshots and reminded myself it has the best loading screen.
  7. Does anybody else see a game like this and just come away feeling incredibly anxious because there’s no way, surely, it could ever live up to their personal expectations? I desperately want to be wrong but I too have been burned enough times by now to dive in day one. There’s something about the nights drawing in that makes me want to replay Earthbound/Mother 3 though so I’d love to be very wrong here.
  8. Could be! I’m the prick who’s never really liked any of them, you knew there had to be one
  9. I realise I might need to turn in my gamer card here but in Sega Picross, is the main Picross BGM1 from a game? I feel like I recognise it but it might just be something retro-Segaesque.
  10. Wonder if he’ll split if I explain I have some of them on Switch already?
  11. Good grief that physical collection is a lovely thing. This is a system that totally passed me by, not just at the time but even during something like two decades of wanton retro emulation, until I got the NGPC Selection Vol 1 for Switch last week. The dozen or so games on it each have 3D models of the packaging you can rotate and play with and it’s all utterly adorable and it’s a measure of how good the games are that on a system where I can play the full-fat versions I’m still getting hours of enjoyment already from vastly cut down takes on Turf Masters and Metal Slug especially. A few too many fighters and I wish it had included Sonic and Card Fighters because I’m keen on those, but it’s a sound introduction nevertheless. My new found love for the system is tempered only by the prices of collecting for it now
  12. Me too, but while I’ve done the Tetris 99 and Mario Maker things I haven’t done the Twitch thing. What’s their deal, assuming it’s still available?
  13. I’ve started here and I’m into it, good shout. I notice that about half the staff would go on to MEGA which was always one of my favourite magazines for that machine. It’s so sweet to read about Flashback very early on, before its announcement I think, where they barely dare hope that it “might be even better than Another World!”. Aye, just a bit. Oh 90s gaming
  14. I hope this isn’t too frowned upon but I’ve finally discovered the Amiga via emulation at the age of 40. I always wanted one, and lusted over the reviews in CVG, the snatches of game footage on GamesMaster etc but went straight from a Spectrum to a MegaDrive and never really looked back. Trying it now it’s utterly unique being similar in power to the consoles of the early-90s but from a bizarro universe where the Europeans made all the games instead. It’s the most excited I’ve been with gaming in ages. My first question is a bit weird - what is the best magazine to load my iPad up with to wallow in the era? Maybe I just chose a bad example but I looked at one Amiga Format and it seemed a bit dry, and from my browsing on HOL for example there were a ton out there at the time.
  15. Does anyone have much experience with playing PAL stuff? Until now it’s a thing I’ve only brushed against with the odd exclusive on SNES or MegaDrive but I finally got round to setting up Amiga emulation yesterday and amidst the deluge of information I’m taking in about it (a completely unknown system for me!), I should probably look into this a bit more. I’m hoping it’s as simple as setting RunCommand to output in 50Hz for all Amiga stuff but anyone know for sure? I’m using lr-puae as Amiberry was intimidating, but while the latter had options I noticed for PAL/NTSC, lr-puae doesn’t have anything obvious I’ve noticed.
  16. Loving the early GamesMasters at the moment, I have about 10 and I need to get more. With it being multi-platform every page is reviewing a classic in the early-mid 90s, it’s ridiculous looking back. And so many jokes about pants! And then things like this Gordon out of nowhere
  17. I know we’re the midst of a Picross golden age with far too many to choose from but I would like to surface the Hatsune Miki game, Logic Paint, to keep an eye on in eShop sales. I’m playing through it currently and loving it despite having no interest at all in the source. TONS of puzzles as well.
  18. Thanks both, I think I’ve been convinced to invest in some manner of passive cooling case. The Pi might be cheap but the amount of time it takes to get it set up the way you like it much less so! It’s not worth the hassle of melting it. And @K? The on/off switch sounds handy but the Pi 2 I think is what made me buy some mega-cheap wireless socket adapter I still use years later on the Pi4! One more remote control in my life but being able to turn the thing on from the couch is the missing link.
  19. @K @TehStu either of you bother with a heatsink or other cooling? My Pi 4 came yesterday and first impressions are very positive coming from the previous model. I’m happy enough to keep it nude since it’s out of sight but I hear DC, N64 and PSP run quite hot even without overclocking. Incidentally I picked up an 8BitDo Pro 2 too and it’s magnificent. And I’m a picky bastard who’s always found their previous controllers passable at best. So comfy.
  20. I finished Ori & the Blind Forest (second time, this time on Switch) earlier and went immediately onto Will of the Wisps which rather shamefully I’ve owned since before Christmas. Put it on for ten minutes, got annoyed by the slightly too long prologue, then thoroughly charmed for about an hour. Just moving in those games is better than the entirety of most other games. Loving it. Also Resident Evil 3 (remake) and Disgaea 6, both of which are as fun as they are hideous-looking, albeit the former is intentionally so at least.
  21. Yes! Up there with the MGS2 Tanker chapter for me. They were all good games but my memory is of them becoming increasingly cynical with their DLC (wasn’t the video editing a paid extra in the sequels?) and the introduction of Jason Lee was a bit too reminiscent of how the Tony Hawk titles embraced Margera and the Jackass manchildren as they got increasingly desperate for relevance.
  22. It’s great when it works, I had it set up on Retropie for a while, but some of the games/emulators can be a bit glitchy which is incredibly annoying. Gives you a great reason to replay some old favourites in a different way if they’ve put some thought in though.
  23. I think @K may have sold me on it too. Which model do you have btw? I’m interested in DC mainly since the Pi 3 setup I have balks at that and would rather not go above the £50 4GB model.
  24. “Roulette” Not my first thought when I realised I was drawing a swastika if I’m honest. Phew!
  25. I hadn’t followed this but did it change about the turn of the year? I did notice about then that I never see it in the few local shops that used to stock it here.
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