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  1. I started a new playthrough of this myself this week having finished it almost exactly a year ago, it's still utterly brilliant. Easily in my top 10 of this generation. I don't remember the bee being that hard but the train, and that fucking robot were another matter.
  2. I started a new playthrough of this myself this week having finished it almost exactly a year ago, it's still utterly brilliant. Easily in my top 10 of this generation. I don't remember the bee being that hard but the train, and that fucking robot were another matter.
  3. I only glanced at it but Bioshock 2 shows a filesize of about 10GB on the eShop with a blurb saying something like "a 25GB download is required". What. There's no way I'm buying it anyway but that alone would probably have put me off. Make up your fucking mind.
  4. I had assumed the Bioshocks were available individually so that I’d eventually buckle and buy the good one (2, obviously) but the Nintendo Life eShop update only lists the bundle. Is that right?
  5. Thanks both - I had another wee shot but I think I’ve forgotten so much about the plot I’d be doing it a disservice to plough on with it at the moment. SNES it is! And then when the lockdown eases - CEX it is! Holy shit, I bought CT on here for about £15 a few years so.
  6. Are you using any patches? It's my great shame as a JRPG enthusiast that I've never really played this, I got about six hours in on the DS version but booted it up yesterday (coincidentally without seeing your post!) and realising I'd forgotten so much I might as well start again. I understand the DS version is substantially better, although I'm not sure why, and imagine the internet has backported some things if they could. Incidentally I'm still playing Seiken Densetsu 3 which is pretty great, and Mega Man 2 which is equally so. Even if I have no idea how to fight the boss I'm on (Wily Castle 3) and it's the very first instance where dying sets you back far enough to be annoying.
  7. I’m buying Xenoblade Chronicles again because I’m a total fucking mug so I’m pleased not to be alone. Managed about 10 hours on the Wii and maybe the same on 3DS which was more than enough Reyn Time, but I did love XC2 so here we are.
  8. I don't use the touchscreen, how is it running on Switch now? Give me an excuse to spend pls.
  9. Indeed. Persona trimmed of the fat, I adored it. That said you can’t go wrong with Dragon Quest XI either. I think I’d put both in my top X of JRPGs with the latter probably occupying the top half.
  10. You’re not kidding! Having completed X2 and X4 recently I’m now playing Mega Man 2 and even with the buster I can’t believe how much damage I’m doing. I don’t think I’ve found a weakness yet but it seems already like you weren’t exaggerating. Trivia! One of the many times I didn’t get into Mega Man was with this game about ten years ago when I played Rockman 2 not knowing it was much harder than the western version. This is much more my level
  11. Aye, it is. It's not just the difficulty that's turning me off but it hasn't really won me over in other ways to compensate. It's got another serious go later then that might be us.
  12. I'm not feeling thread darling Valfaris after half an hour to be honest. I was so looking forward to it and thought it would fit nicely after finishing Blazing Chrome and a couple of Mega Men. I'm not calling on anyone to justify it, just disappointed
  13. I also finished Final Fantasy XII this week and loved it yet can't really disagree with anything @Mogster has put above or in the main thread. I think it's just what I wanted - the right mix of choice and freedom (the licence board, classes and hunts mainly) and brainless linear adventuring to distract me while I power through the miles on an exercise bike (the game). I did like the setting and characters waaaay more than any other FF bar VI though, although that's entirely subjective. Anyway - Mega Man X4! My late blooming as a Mega Man fan continues with my second X game down in a month. Not as good as X or X2, nor anywhere near as pretty, and with a difficulty sine rather than a curve but a lot of fun regardless. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who immediately loses interest in a game as soon as the credits roll and moves on to the next thing which puts me in a strange quandary here as I'm half-tempted to start a playthrough as Zero, but I know if I do that I'll feel compelled to complete it and I have so many other X, Classic Series and ZX games I want to experience too. I'm just excited to finally get into this series which I've tried so many times over decades now and never quite gelled with. And all along the key thing for me was to stop relying on save states and learn to actually play them rather than just travel through them, who'd have thought?
  14. I think I read they’re on sale in the US eShop, that might be it.
  15. Predictably after my moaning the other day, Mega Man X4 has got hard right at the end. The boss rush is fun and not especially tricky but the final fight is over so quickly it might take me hours to fathom. and I doubt I've even seen his final form. I like it. If I sounded a little disappointed with it previously I should also bear in mind that there are two playable characters in this one, I'd forgotten that, so it's quite a substantial entry albeit I don't like it as much as the SNES ones overall. Also started Seiken Densetsu 3 which is lovely. I liked the demo of the remake but I want to complete this first to have something to compare it to. Amazing to think it's 25 years old
  16. Is Wonderful 101 digital only? I wasn't getting it at launch anyway but I'm not convinced enough by it generally and would rather have the option to punt it.
  17. In what way? Were you playing a new game or an existing save?
  18. Indeed it is! ...and already multiple reports of it causing issues! I’ll hold off for now I think, I’d forgotten this happened the last time.
  19. Oh, Switch is getting that!? I heard it was coming but assumed we might see it in 18 months.
  20. And done! I didn't do all the hunts in the end because I start to get a bit anxious as I approach the end of an RPG - fear of difficulty spikes/bullshit bosses, the desire to finish and start something new and also in this case... they were so reminiscent of Monster Hunter that it was putting me in the mood to go back to that instead so that's what I'm doing. Still well over 60 hours of fun here all told. I've played almost every FF to some extent but only ever finished two and a half of them (this, VI and Mystic Quest) so it's in rare company and I have no more articulate summary of it than I loved it way beyond what I thought I would. Great combat, good (or at least not too irritating) characters in the main, and pretty different story wise. Yes there were princes and princesses with the usual moral quandaries and unexplained magical properties but nobody had amnesia at least and it was all enjoyably Star Wars/needlessly complex imperialist nonsense. What a time for JRPGs I'm having these days with this so soon after Dragon Quest and Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Switch.
  21. Great update on the SNES Online app thing. First time I’ve played Panel de Pon and I immediately like it and also my first dabble with the original Wild Guns which is just as good as I remember the Reloaded version I paid too much for being. No playable dog but still solid.
  22. The final MegaDrive release apparently, they definitely had the hang of the sound hardware by this point:
  23. I finished Kemono Friends Picross finally over the weekend. It's Jupiter, so not terrible by any means but I would encourage caution for anyone like me who just loves Picross and thought they didn't care what the image was. They're all so similar that the "patterns" make it feel you're doing the same few puzzles over and over with minor variations. On the plus side I'm appreciating Picross Lord of the Nazarick more now than I might be otherwise. Yes, the navigation is needlessly convoluted and the cutscenes totally unnecessary but the puzzles are a lot more interesting so I'm in. What's the consensus on colour picross? I hadn't done one in ages until earlier this afternoon and absolutely loved it. Like mega picross it requires a pretty different mindset and I think I like the feeling of doubting myself every time I place a square. So long as the colours aren't too numerous or similar it's pretty sweet imo.
  24. Yasawas

    Sonic Mania

    I'm getting back into this and doing a bitty task while I work from hom that gives me a few minutes downtime while it runs. I want to grind out the bonus stages while I do this (the Sonic 3 ones accessed from the stars over the checkpoints) - what's the most efficient way? Can I quit back to the main menu after I get one and is it cumulative across save files?
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