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  1. I only really picked up Fire Emblem as a curio but it's actually really good once you get used to the spartan nature and the brutality. That's not supposed to be as snide as it reads back.
  2. It’s a dull argument to be honest (and I didn’t think you were being inflammatory or anything!) but I am just fed up of the “this is old therefore it should be cheaper” that keeps coming up with the Switch. I know I’m not alone in appreciating portability and convenience above graphics or framerate in some cases and it does seem to get ignored a lot as it’s an advantage and selling point for a lot of us. I own an Xbone too and vastly prefer joycons to the MS pad and thought GamePass was a waste of money so I’m hardly typical though, I know this
  3. It’s such a weird argument touting the graphical fidelity of other versions and putting a premium on that yet ignoring that for others the same can be true of what the Switch offers. Now I don’t care about Burnout but I’ve happily done the same with Civ, Dark Souls, any number of things. I don’t feel cheated about it, Digital Foundry be damned.
  4. Oh wow, I need to try that that! For as long as I've been playing Picross, turning off the BGM is the first thing I do, it wouldn't have even occurred to me. I finally bought Borderlands in the sale after all and I've discovered I loathe that cunting robot Immediate regret. I've played 20 minutes and had more than enough.
  5. Only the first one, at launch. I enjoyed it and it’s been a fair while obviously. I get the impression it’s quite dip-in/dip-out which would suit me if right.
  6. Torn between Xcom and Borderlands - more of a space decision than financial really. And tempted by Mutant Year Zero. Gnaaaaagh.
  7. I completed Gunstar Heroes for the first time last week and feeling like I could handle anything after that, no matter how shooty and mental, I want back to the laughably manic Contra: Hard Corps. Well I've only fucking done that too. About three hundred continues used, and obviously it was the Japanese version but I was quite honest about it and didn't save state my way through it like I'd feared. It's excellent. I've said this before but it's weird that for two series so strongly identified with Nintendo, by far my favourite versions of Castlevania and Contra are the MegaDrive ones.
  8. I thought so. I missed it at the time and playing it for the first time in the last couple of years I couldn't go beyond the opening few hours - it's really easy (which always worries me that I'm misunderstanding something that'll bite me later), it has the obligatory 90s JRPG translation, the inventory and upgrade stuff is terrible as you say and the combat is tedious as anything. I do think the combat scenes look nice and the loading screen is all Tintin and gorgeous but that's hardly enough. I'm still dipping into Gunstar Heroes (and am now past the dice level that had always put me off having seen the GCCX episode years ago and assuming I'd hate it*) and I'm in a horizontal shmup now. Yeah OK then! It's pretty great. I was never into run and gun as a wee guy so this is something else along with Contra and Metal Slug which has really reignited my love of retro in recent years. Is the GBA or GG game worth a look? * Cuphead does the same thing. If you explained the concept to me I would hate it (indeed, it's the principal reason I'm now playing Gunstar for the first time at 40) but it might be my favourite part of both titles. I don't know myself very well apparently.
  9. Well I’m glad it’s not just me. I put a couple of hours into this and it seems a very odd mix of simple platforming with really nice cut scenes, half decent dialogue and a general sense of slickness that completely goes to shit whenever combat is initiated. For as gentle an intro as the other mechanics get the fights are an overwhelming mass of barely-explained systems, and just when I was maybe thinking I was getting it I would get a new character, or technique or meet a boss who totally bodied me in one fight but I’d win the return with no sense of why. Disappointing, but at least it makes my backlog slightly smaller this way.
  10. Resident Evil Zero (Switch). I have owned RE0 in one form or another for 15 years now and after picking this cart up (last year!) I finally worked up the motivation to play beyond the opening half hour. Putting it on Easy because I remember it being hard made all the difference, allowing me to enjoy the daft dialogue, daft puzzles and basically all the daft without the hassle of being frustrated by the daft combat, and I regret nothing as there are definitely points near the end I bet are excruciating on Normal. I still found myself getting stunlocked against some bosses/birds/dogs and still died a few times in set pieces but overall it wasn't too frustrating. I absolutely loved it. Moreso than RE3 (original) and on par with Code Veronica for me, probably appreciated all the more because I know I'm never getting another tank-controlled survival horror with this budget in my lifetime. Good length, good (as in enjoyably bad) characters/plot, never frustrated in how to progress and even a bittersweet reminder of more innocent times upon completion as I unlocked new modes that would doubtless be DLC now. Now I have the ludicrous notion of playing Dino Crisis for the first time, I'll report back in a week or so
  11. After owning it in a few forms over the last 15+ years I’ve finally started Resident Evil 0, on the Switch. Even that version I bought over a year ago. I went into it in for the stupid reason that it was Halowe’en and it seemed like I should make some kind of effort to embrace a “holiday” I’ve never cared about. I… love it. Previous attempts (there have been three serious as I recall) never got further than half an hour but I’m now five or so deep and having a great time, doubtless helped by playing it on Easy so the frustration of the combat is removed. I want atmosphere, dumb puzzles, a sense of unease and terrible plot - the clunky aiming and panic as the camera angle changes at the worst moment is not the aspect of these games I wanted to revisit. And I honestly can’t believe how good I’m finding it. Playing it handheld in the dark as the rain batters and wind howls outside recently is perfect. I can see why it has the reputation for being “just one entry too many” it has, and given the bird/dog attacks (always frustrating) and unimaginative bosses I’m seeing it was definitely time for a change but what a time I’m having. Partly the fact I probably won’t see another with this budget again, partly it’s been so long since I played a tanky RE, and also it’s still absolutely gorgeous looking. Really. Obviously I’m going to put it on tonight and I’ll get stuck in a bit where I have to use the one character I use as a mule with no good guns now like I did with Code Veronica in 2000. (Fuck Code Veronica).
  12. Money-costing bastards (thanks!)
  13. Are Jenny LeClue and Paradise Killer better defined as adventure games or visual novels? I fancy both but I keep falling for games described as adventures or homages to point and clicks which have basically no interaction or puzzles.
  14. That was me until I bought a SNES Classic and played it so much I sold my PS4. I got priced out of actual SFC collecting a long time ago and didn’t realise how much I needed that narrow focus to keep playing enjoyable for its own sake. I love the feeling of discovering a game I missed from 25+ years ago that captures my attention over anything more modern. The early Mega Man X titles and Castlevania Bloodlines are up there with anything from this generation for me in terms of things I came (very) late to.
  15. I usually plumb the outer reaches of the 16-bit era for my retro fix, fan translations and NTSC exclusives I missed etc, but this week I’ve decided to finally play a couple of recognised classics in Gunstar Heroes and Lufia II. My sweet Lord. How am I ever supposed to tackle my Switch backlog when there are so many games from 25+ years ago still worth my time?
  16. That’s a great way of putting it, I was exactly the same. It’s a solid enough base which they didn’t seem to know when to stop adding more half-baked ideas to.
  17. I recently dropped it again, after 15 hours again. The party AI is just unforgivable. Managing it becomes the real combat of the game.
  18. I’m going to buy $10 credit just for this just because the full name is so pleasing to say. Seeing what else I can get with the change - any thoughts on the Deponia series?
  19. I don't get what's good about this but when I start I just can't stop. It's a Metroidvania (yes, I know) ostensibly, at least more so than it is anything else, but with very few actual "abilities", you just unlock more things to craft (that word alone has stopped me buying games) and upgrade your existing traits a little. Depth pressure seems novel but is just a straight analogue for keys to gate progress, I think the UI is poor and suffers for trying to be universal, combat is clumsy and frequently feels unfair when surprised and the physics out of water are... unhelpful, and yet it's absurdly compelling. There are save points all over the place and I keep falling for "I'll save here but then see what's just up next before I switch off" and then I don't do the second bit. Bizarre. Bafflingly good. No idea why. If it wasn't for this thread I'd maybe think it was just my penchant for games and media in general with oldey timey maritime themes but that doesn't explain you lot. Thanks I guess!
  20. Was Sega Picross some beautiful mass hallucination? Every week I’m pathetically checking the store on a Thursday for that, or more ACA Puzzle Bobble.
  21. Just started this. Hasn’t blown me away in the first hour but some nice ideas, we’ll see where it goes. Is there any downside to leaving the lamp on all the time? I don’t notice it running anything down, surely it’s always an advantage to keep on?
  22. Am I alone in finding the Lego expansion harder than usual? I’ve finished all the DLC for the previous games including the first one for FH4 but I just cannot scrape together enough blocks in this.
  23. It's good to hear they've put effort in there because the lack of it on the eShop listing put me off long before I got an itchy Purchase button. No video, no screenshots, vague description - come on lads.
  24. I was the same when I subbed. I don't really get the appeal, it's a service full of games I feel like I didn't pay for so the desire to play them just isn't there. I mainly used it to save me switching discs of stuff I already owned.
  25. Fucking Ni No fucking Kuni (Switch) Is there any other game with such disparity between the attention, time and money that clearly went into the presentation and aesthetics versus the actual fundamentals of gameplay? This isn't even the remaster, but the bog-standard release on a big telly still looks phenomenal almost ten years on yet the combat is a little muddled. I mean at first it's a little muddled - it's mashy, a bit uninvolved, takes too long to introduce new concepts (of which there are precious few for a JRPG) - but then after the best part of ten hours you get a second party member and the lack of I in the AI is staggering. "Trash mob? Fear not friend, for I shall expend every last iota of my MP to smite them!" And the stupid boot will still die somehow. I managed another five hours but no, no more. Fuck this game. I played more than this on the PS3 to justify my full-price purchase at the time and know it doesn't get better. Won't get fooled again etc.
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